Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Thoughts!

Well, what a week we have had...the sad news is that one of our own has lost her husband to that horrible C word, a young couple, just starting to live their lives with a great future in the blue. It so saddens my heart. I hurt and yet, I did not know really know them, yet they are part of our family and we grieve with them.

The time we have is never certain, love the ones you love deeply and daily. I am so thankful for life, a healthy one at that, I think I take too many things for granted but I think that is true for many.

My thoughts...

  • Be thankful
  • Live life daily
  • Never say never
  • Take care of the little things
  • Make life worth living, because it is

Thinking I have had some great moments this week, some down moments, some uncertain moments, but through it all I have trusted that He is in control. I pray that those I love trust that He is in control as well. I am so thrilled to know that even when life as I know it on this earth draws to a close I still have eternity to look forward to, and that is such an optimistic outlook that makes me smile to think of. And to one day be able to see again those fellow believers who have gone on before me how cool is that?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Well, yeah, it is Thursday...

Okay, it's been a tough week, looks like it's going to get even more tough as the minutes tick on, so my thoughts are this...
  • Trust in Him
  • Keep the faith
  • Prayer is powerful
  • Continue on for the greater good
  • Don't let things out of your control get you down

All good things that are easy to type up and harder to's looking to be a bit of a valley time here in the land of blue, hoping for an escalator up the mountain, but the reality is it could be a long road out. I am lacing up my hiking boots, filling up my water bottle, gathering my rations and I am ready to tackle that climb; one step at a time. When I do reach the top, or wherever it is I am going, I may or may not like what I see, it may or may look like what I thought it would, it may be a big hill or an enormous mountain that I am climbing. In all actuality I am not sure what I am climbing, but I know that I am climbing up and I am going up and I am going to do it one step at a time. I have such a wealth of emotions and reservations about blogging them at all, but decided, "go for it" and I pray you will pray for us as you read this, we are in need of guidance and direction. Often times things are not as they seem, this is one of those times.

To clear any doubts, the marriage is as solid as ever, the daughter is doing as good as ever, this is a blue thing and it's tough to think that the blue is fading...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

ER Visit for LilBlue

We had a very pleasant day yesterday, just a laid back chillaxin day, stayin' cool and out of the heat; then movies last night, all was well in our world. When we left the theater the day had cooled down so we went for a walk on the river. It was very dark since it is the turtle nesting season and all exterior lighting must be turtle friendly. That is a wonderful thing; however, turtle friendly lighting is not very bright. So LilBlue took a spill while going to fill up the water bottle and we ended up in the ER for five hours. Thankfully, her ankle is NOT broken, but very bruised with a good sprain and extremely sore!

An ICEE makes everything better :)
So we will be out of commission for the next few days and takin' it real easy, then we have to get some things accomplished before she is off to school...