Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Thoughts!

We are just now back home from Alabama...short and sweet will be this weeks Thursday Thoughts!!!!

It's been a fun and busy few weeks, we have been on the road for two weeks with a couple days back at home to swap out dirty clothes for clean. I think we are home for a few days. At least I am, MiB travels again week after next to DC.

Sadly, our time here is growing so short, but we are still trying to wrap up loose ends, enjoy the moments and get to the beach as often as possible!

  • It snowed in AL yesterday!
  • I didn't remember AL being so cold.
  • Love, love, love southern hospitality!
  • Road trips are so much more fun with MiB!
  • Tucker Pecans are worth the cost in my book!
Night all, I am very thankful and happy to be headed for a night in my own bed!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sweeeet Home ALABAMA!

This week we are spending a few days in Alabama. We lived here once upon a time and I knew when we lived here a few years back that it was like no other place we had been. There is just something about the south and Alabama is truly the south. The people are true, genuine, fierce, friendly, loyal (specially to their football!), kind, hard working. They are colorful, hospitable and all about family.

Last night we went to dinner with a friend. The dinner was at said friend's sister's house. We thought we were "going to dinner" as in out to dinner...see, when the invite came in it was for MiB, unaware that I was along, but the invitation without a second thought was extended to me as well. So off we go to where we thought we were meeting for dinner and it turns out we are going to the home of the sister, she is preparing the dinner for us! Talk about feeling a bit out of sorts for adding to the dinner party.

True to form of a southern hostess she graciously welcomed us into her beautiful home, served us a most exquisite meal and allowed us to linger into the evening visiting and laughing, sharing and making memories! The evening was just fun! We even found we had old friends in common! That was such fun. Then we discovered her husband will be deployed to the same location MiB is going to be at.

Now I would like to hit on the very yummy meal she prepared for us...starting with the Caprese, of course, she had no idea this is an all time favorite at our house but it is and it was a great way to start the evening! We moved on to a great salad with mixed greens of romaine and baby spinach, mandarin oranges and red peppers, simple, yet loaded with color and tasty especially with the poppy seed dressing! The kicker was the Parmesan bowl that she made to serve it in! Yes, she made them, they were delicious, and yes, I ate the whole thing! The main dish was a nice lightly sauced spicy pasta with shrimp. It was delightful; she also served us a great little crusty french bread. It was better then any restaurant we would have gone to I'm sure of that! And the fact that she was just so overwhelmingly hospitable to us, took us in without a second thought just really brought back the memories of the south I hold. The people, as I said before, are true and genuine once you have been "introduced" they make you feel a part of them, just like family!

Off to the hotel gym! Ciao!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hurling, not curling...

CAUTION: Discussion below may not be tolerable for those with a weak stomach...

Did that get your attention?? In honor of the Olympics I mention curling, an under known sport that I enjoyed watching very much the last few days. I was pulling for the USA team to win, but it didn't happen.

On to hurling, that is me the last 24 hours...yeah, I have some sort of sickieness going on in my world. I have no idea what it is except a stomach bug and let me just say it is not pleasant and there is a serious headache involved along with some of that hurling previously mentioned. To top it off, I am not at home.

My thoughts for today:
  • :o(
  • Sprite is my friend
  • Tylenol is my friend
  • MiB makes a great nurse!
  • Being sick on the road is challenging
I think I am going to try for a little nap, I am now feeling somewhat feverish, which has not been the case since this started on Tuesday evening with an upset stomach. I am in hopes that there will be no more hurling, but IT certainly could happen if we go with how my stomach feels right now. I would love to just be rid of the intense headache, at least I am not feeling totally yucky with all over aches but I have been told that stage may come. That is certainly exciting news to hear!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy HEART Day!

It's one of those days that I think is terrific to remember but I also think it has gone sooooo over the top. I am not a good gift receiver, and truth be told I am not a real good gift giver...but I do enjoy doing and getting things for others that I am certain they will enjoy and it does not have to coincide with a day or event, it's just how I roll. In fact when it comes to gifts I would rather skip them altogether and just spend time together. If you are familiar with the "Love Languages" I lean towards quality time.

So today, I have told my love that I do indeed love him, more now then yesterday and not as much as tomorrow, we will share a great meal together and enjoy each others company and it will be a wonderful, comfortable, time together. I am enjoying this chapter in our life. He is not worried about disappointing me by not giving an extravagant gift, I am not concerned about having some "thing" to give him. Though truth be told he did add a new board to his quiver through Craigslist yesterday! But it was not a Valentine present, it just happened he finally found a board that was the style he was wanting and in the price range he was willing to pay.

At church last night the pastor talked about relationships. It was a good message filled with reminders of how to love your mate and protect your marriage. What struck me was that his words were full of the same wisdom's that had been shared with MiB and I when we married. They are not things that society puts any value on and that hit me square in the face through this message. I know I have different values/morals then the world, I am called to by proclaiming I am a Christ follower, but the stark reality of how different I see our marriage and the things we do to keep it intact are not at all societal friendly. I think it is fact it is more then that it is a downright shame.

The top points shared from the message on protecting your marriage...
  • Move away from the edge of evil
Just because "something" is not WRONG, it may not be wise.

Things happen... "it" doesn't "just happen" we make choices.

  • Pre-decide your boundaries and choices
Stay away from "risky environments" with the opposite sex
  • Chatting online
  • Work projects
  • Meals
  • Recreation
Watch yourself at Ladies/Guys nights out type events

Preventions are more important then intentions...
  • Run away from compromising situations
Just some food for thought swirling around in my brain this morning and so thankful that we took the time to commit to these things early on in our relationship. Thankful that we continue to work on our marriage and continue to guard our hearts and minds from things that could/would erode what we have. Don't be fooled into thinking it cannot happen to you, that is, in my opinion, when you are most vulnerable. I have witnessed my own parents, some of my very best friends and other close family members go through the big is ugly, hurtful and devastating. I hate it, but it can happen to anyone, so please be on guard, protect yourself at all cost, do whatever it takes to keep your marriage intact, do not become complacent because as I said, it can happen to anyone!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Thoughts!

Trying to launch a rocket here on the SpaceCoast the last couple of days and so far not sure it is going today either. I am in tune to this website as I try to keep up with the latest. I went to the Cape yesterday in hopes of seeing the launch up close but the winds were too strong so it was scrubbed. The folks in the 45th Launch Support Squadron were outstanding host, they had a great room with live NASA feed and awesome windows that provided a phenomenal view for the launch. I am just really bummed it didn't go! Today, I wanted to return to the 45th LSS but different circumstances have prevented that so I am hoping for a nice view from my own patio on this beautiful clear blue sky day! This week also marked the last night launch for the space shuttle as we know it. We went up for the launch and it was scrubbed, of course, we didn't go the next night and it went! It never goes when we go up so I should just know that and not go. Again, though, my patio provided a nice enough view as the night sky turned into day for a few seconds as the shuttle went up. Very, very neat to see no matter where you are! The space business is changing, how, no one is really for sure, but it is changing. There is a another shuttle launch on 18 March, I am planning to see it!

Tomorrow marks another milestone here at Patrick as the change of command passes from one to another. The weather forecast is for rain and the ceremony is scheduled to be outdoors...that will be interesting, I will keep you posted! Speaking of weather, we are having record lows. I wore a "heavy coat" for the first time since being here, it's kind of weird and neat all in one!

Well, my thoughts this week are still jumbled, as if that is news! Many of the same things are still tumbling around in my heart; however, a few new concerns have crowded in. . . I know it's all under the control of our God, so why I am somewhat out of sorts is weighing heavily on me. I am usually so much less emotional and at peace with "whatever it is" I am not sure why this is feeling so different. But goes nothin'!

  • Life is what it is
  • I already miss him...
  • Does drama ever end?
  • I am a master soup maker : )
  • It is good to have good friends!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thoughts on Thursday

It's been a pretty intense week...thank God for caring people. It was the kindness of others that helped LilBlue and the kindness of a stranger that assisted MiB. So thankful that the goodness in others is still alive and well, no matter what we see and hear in the over sensationalized media coverage that bombards us 24 hours a day.

Sunday evening as LilBlue was heading back to school, she had tire trouble and thankfully there were people to help. Now, this is not to say it didn't come without a price (think BIG towing bill) and some lessons, hopefully, learned. She knows our thoughts on frequent weekend travels and also what we consider to be the smart way to do it. While we feel she disregarded both, no matter the tire would have most likely been a problem eventually. So we are moving forward and again, hopefully, feel it is a lesson learned. Growing up is called "growing" for a reason I suppose.

Monday evening we were at a gathering and MiB choked on a piece of dry chicken...really, he was choking, as in, complete airway blocked, could not speak, not breathing type choking, it was quite an intense situation, thankfully, there were three nurses and a doctor at this event along with a bigger guy, named Paul, who did his best with what he knew to perform an abdominal thrust that helped move the chicken. Even then he still had trouble breathing and we ended up in the ER. My MiB is a very blessed man for sure.

Thoughts on Thursday:
  • Basic first aid training is way under rated!
  • Going away gatherings are uncomfortable...
  • WooHoo night shuttle launch this weekend!
  • I dislike dealing with car repair long distance
  • I love new recipes that turn out f a b u l o u s !

As a side note, there is some debate on the methods of how to actually treat a choking victim. The latest recommendations seem to indicate that five sharp back blows should be utilized first before attempting the abdominal thrusts. Either way, it is important to know what to do, so I say again, knowing some basic first aid is a great thing. Many employers require their employees to take these type courses yearly or at least refresher courses from time to time; many times people complain about it, but I am here to tell you, it is important stuff! So pay attention and learn it. You never know when it will be needed and you may be the only one who knows how to save someone elses life.

Thanks again to Paul! You truly are a lifesaver.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Three Cups of Tea

If you have a reading list, please add Three Cups of Tea to it. I have just finished reading it and it is an incredible read. I am now in search of Stones into Schools. It is my understanding that it starts up where 3CT leaves off. If our base library does not have it, I will purchase it and donate it when I am done. I am not sure if they have 3CT but I plan to check next time I go; if not, I will personally make sure they have it in the very near future. I am that moved by the efforts of this man, Greg Mortenson.

E D U C A T I O N is powerful! I have always been convinced of this, Mr. Mortenson proves it.

I am a reader...I read a lot. I can knock out a pretty good sized book in one day if I am really reading. I am not a speed reader, but I do read fast. So I will admit it took me awhile to read through this book. It is not what I would term an "easy read", but it IS a powerful read. Well worth the extra time and effort. So go on, borrow it from your local library, a friend or go buy it, it is a must read in my opinion!

If only we would all go out of our way to make a difference, what a different world we would live in...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down

That was the "what's on your mind" statement I just posted on FB a few minutes ago...really, it's not totally true, but it just sounded right since it is Monday, it is raining and I happen to be down today.

A late night phone call, lots of tears and more late night phone calls and a few texts later and it's a new day...

But the lingering thoughts of what is the outcome really going to be are swirling around my head this morning. I have been, as A would say, "close to tears" all morning. It all started with several phone calls from lil'blue last week who is stressing over school. So much so that she is emotionally overwrought during most of our conversations, so much so, that it rips my guts out to even answer the phone when I see that she is calling. She is as some would say, having a rough go. What can a mom do when she is 1400 miles away? Pray...pray without ceasing as we are told this in Thessalonians, oh trust me, I have been doing that, no question! Then I saw on one of my other FB friends wall this..."The Lord will keep you from all harm --he will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore." Psalm 121:7-8 This applies to my child, too. He will keep her from all harm, he will watch over her life and he will watch over her coming and going now and forever. So I find comfort in that, but the reality is I fear for her, for her loneliness, for her dislike of college, for, well, for a lot more reasons then I shall write about to protect her privacy. But let's just say, I would desperately covet your prayers for her, as I feel so far away and unable to physically lessen her worries. I pray that you would remember her as you pray that she finds comfort and an earthly friend to help brighten her days at school. That she would continue to seek out friendships and not retreat to the solitary space of her room; that she see God in the flesh through someone who she crosses paths with, that she is able to spot His hand of mercy, that He radiantly shine upon her today and each day with His favor in her classes.

She is 19 years old, I have to allow her to make choices, to do things in her own way, she must. I cannot always step in to solve things for her, to make her choices. I soooo want her to make decisions (good ones but I know there will be some not so good ones as well), it is part of the maturing process, right?, it is part of the whole becoming an adult. However, it is NOT at all easy to see and especially through phone calls that are tear filled. So thank you for prayers said from a mom who loves her child and is watching from afar as she struggles to successfully find her way on a road that seems to always be uphill,