Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Almost 2-1-12

Can you believe we are almost ready to close the books on January 2012? It's been a quick month. So with January closing out that means the snowmen get put away and the Happy Heart Month things come out. I am not a big seasons decorator, but since I have started shopping my own space I find I can make up some pretty decent seasonal settings. That's exactly what I did today. I really do not have that many Valentine's decorations but I do have several red things and by bringing all of it together it looks pretty good I think!

 In the center of the BIG table (and yes that is my same plate from Christmas and my BUNCO winner candle AND those are beads from my Christmas tree)!

This is just a little area that I am never quite sure what to do with...I like it!

These are from two areas on the buffet. I took a picture of the who thing but it wasn't very good so I used the closer ups. That note is from 1984. MiB sent me flowers at school and this was the card with them, I know right, alltogethernow, "ahhhhhhhh"

Speaking of MiB just got a text and he has landed outside of St Louis for the night and then on to the BigO tomorrow. I know he will glad when he arrives back home, it's been a whirlwind for him for sure. I hope he is home long enough next month that we can move. You did know I'm moving next door, right? Oh, well, in due time I am sure I will post about it but yes, we are supposed to move in February RIGHT NEXT DOOR. I'm thrilled, NOT.

Are you ready for the new month? Well ready or not it's here :)

Monday, January 30, 2012


I returned to the dentist today...my teeth hurt now...I hope it is temporary!

MiB is now here having a very swankydanky time and I am home with miserable molars, you DO NOT want my life tonight! He blogged how good the digs are and I am having soft foods for dinner. Who knew?

I do have lovely new heavy duty sealants on my teeth again though and for that I am happy. I just don't remember my teeth hurting this much last time.

I do have to say that I popped some acetaminophen a little bit ago and it is already helping. I also have already googled it and found way more then I did not want to know about sealants. I know there are different schools of thoughts on EVERYTHING. Got it, but I have had sealants and I think they have been instrumental in keeping me cavity free; so I got them again. I personally like not having had cavities, even if there are some drawbacks to sealants, for me, at my age, I feel the benefits outweigh the risks. Thankyouverymuch.

I'm going to have a little dinner now. It will not be the lovely egg salad I made earlier since I loaded it up with celery and onions and biting on those crunchy things is not going to be conducive to my somewhat tender tooth situation. Looks like perhaps a bowl of vegetarian chili might be in my future sans crackers, I don't need the extra calories anyway and I think crunching saltines would be hurtful to my molars as well. I think I sound like a wimp, sorry!

Have a great night!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flippin' Awesome

Warning you may need a napkin so your don't drool on your keyboard...

OMG this was amazing!

You see I had this avocado that was sorely in need of using and I definitely was not going to let that wonderful little gem go to waste. I also had a few grape tomatoes that were past their prime, so I decided to smash up the avocado and combine it with the grape tomatoes that were very finely diced and a bit of chopped onion. I added some salt and lime juice and made a a sort of guac dip. Oh yeah, it was extremely delightful, like why have I never done this before? I don't know but I can tell you I will certainly be repeating it because it was flippin' AWESOME! And before you say, it's just guac, ah, no, no it was not, but it was good! I have had guac many times and it never tasted like this, this was not so smooth and creamy, it was smooshy and very tart, again I liked it but it was not traditional guac. All right enough...

In case you were wondering it is just another low key day here in my world...and I am loving it!  MiB is visiting here today. Can you say jealous? J-E-A-L-O-U-S, yes I am, just a little bit anyway! He did send me a text last night and tell me that they were going to be able to stop at the PX while there so I am hopeful he will come home with something neat for me...t-shirt, sweatshirt, local something or another? Who knows...but I'm sure I will let you know when he returns!

In other news I have nearly finished the Vegas book, I have to print a couple more pics for the last page and do a bit more journaling and it will be done. On to Hawaii next I think. But not sure if I will do our book or LilBlue's, decisions decisions!

And no, I did NOT lick the bowl! LOL But I did run my finger around it and lick my finger! I just could not let any of that green goodness go to waste!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Slow Saturday

I love days like today, well, for the most part I do. I like it more with MiB around but since he is off playing on a very important work trip it's not quite as lovable. I am still in PJs, I have piddled, I have eaten two bowls of lima beans, I am enjoying doing nothing. The TV is on and I am not watching it but it's on for noise, as today silence is not what I feel. I've caught up on all emails, gotten my calendar up to date and think I will soon take a shower, maybe. I may not. Who will know, who will care? Uh, NO ONE.

 My beans! They were awesome! Little fresh chopped onion with them too!

And a  few days back I said I hadn't been cooking much but since then I have. I did a lovely roasted cabbage yesterday. It was a "pin" I did from that web crack site pinterst. If you have not been there I am just warning you to stay away unless you have a bazillion minutes to spend oogling all the eye candy cause it's so addicting you will forget you have a real life to live and find yourself sucked in for waaaaaaay too long. Not that I know this first hand, I'm just sayin'

 It was tasty!

I'm off to find some more things I'm not going to do today! And the dental receptionist called to ask me to come in on Monday rather then Tuesday for my new sealants. I am also getting a military discounts since our insurance does not pay for sealants for adults and I don't want cavities EVER cause I have never had one and I don't want to start now. I love military discounts!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Marriage Choices

A FaceBook friend posted this link recently and it caused me to take great pause. I have some really strong feelings about marriage (not that I have ever voiced them on here). Ha, yeah right, that is a joke! You also know I have some very strong feelings on divorce and have blogged that subject as well. So when my FB friend posted this link, the title made me click because I have already married the one I love and I'm like wahhhaat? So I read it and thought hmmmm. Now I am sharing with you and wonder what you think...

I'll tell you the title gives my mind a challenge from the getgo! I mean seriously then why would you marry if not for love? At least that is what my brain is saying...however, some of the points she makes, make sense to me. Like I said it made my brain go hmmmmm.

I am linking the entire article and I am cutting and pasting the entire article is as well. I hope this isn't against any bloggy copyright rules. If it is and I am informed you will see the content disappear but the link will remain. And just to be safe the author of this piece is NOT me it is Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D. I want to make that abundantly clear, this is not me, it's something I read from a FB post and I am sharing because the whole think was extremely thought provoking IMO. Without further ado!

For many young girls, being a bride is the closest thing possible to living out childhood fantasies of being a princess. The wedding industry and bridal magazines collaborate in spinning the myth. Find the perfect prince, put on the perfect wedding pageant and live happily ever after. It’s an alluring story for almost everyone. How could it not be? For the unhappy, the alone, and the lonely it can be an intoxicating idea. Getting married can seem like the end of all a girl’s problems. Getting married can seem like a way to get a new start.
It doesn’t work that way. Marrying as a solution to painful circumstances almost never leads to a good and lasting marriage. Marriages that are a conscious or unconscious way out of a difficult situation don’t have the staying power that comes with mature love, shared values and a commitment to the future by two mature adults.
Here are my top five mistaken reasons that people marry:

1. To escape the family of origin.
Jackey’s parents are brutal. She hasn’t felt loved just about ever. Her mother is constantly critical. Her father scares her, especially when he drinks. Her younger sister seems bent on setting her up to be the target so she can fly under the radar of parental chaos. For Jackey, marrying her boyfriend as soon as they graduate from high school this June seems like a way out.

Yes, some families are abusive. Some parents don’t know how to love and protect. Some are so toxic that the only way to survive is to flee. But flight into an early marriage with a teenage sweetheart or just anybody who is willing isn’t a good enough foundation for a marriage. The fear that spurs flight can cloud a person’s judgment about who would really make a good partner. It’s easy to romanticize someone who offers an alternative to daily ridicule and pain.

2. Because it’s the next logical thing.
 Tony and Melody have been dating since they were 14. Neither of them has ever dated anyone else or even considered it. They’ve been best friends and lovers through their teen years, went to the same college, and have been talking for years about what kind of house they’d like to have someday and what their kids’ names will be. Tony’s parents adore Melody. Melody’s parents think Tony is a fine match for their daughter. It only makes sense for them to get married. Or does it?

Neither Tony nor Melody has a clue about who they are without the other. They have never tested themselves as individuals; never been anywhere or done anything significant that didn’t involve the other. Sometimes couples like them can last. But often enough, the growing up that happens in the 20s means growing apart. As they enter careers that introduce them to new people and new experiences, one or the other of them may well begin to wonder if they would make the same choice now as they did when they were 14.

3. To fix the other person.
Joey and Maryanne agree on one important thing: He needs fixing. He needs her. He feels empty and desperate without her. He says he will die if she leaves him. He has even threatened suicide if she tries. She has an idea that she can rescue him and that she gives meaning to his life. That idea gives meaning to hers. 

Neither of these people has a strong sense of self or life goals they are passionate about. The intensity of their relationship consumes them and distracts them from finding and maintaining good friends or good work. They are each other’s everything. What they fail to understand is that by being so wrapped up in the drama of “saving” him, neither one of them is developing personally into the adult they could be. It’s unlikely that Maryanne can “save” Joey when Joey doesn’t really want to stand on his own feet. A marriage created on these terms is likely to be disastrous for them both.

4. To legitimize sex.
Angie and Nick both come from deeply religious families. Angie pledged she would stay pure until marriage. Nick agreed that it was very important to wait until their wedding to have sex. But a combination of hormones and alcohol overtook those good intentions. They had sex. They liked it. They rationalized continuing to be intimate but the guilt that came with it made them both miserable. To them, getting married makes going against their own values at least a little okay. Never mind that they each had some doubts about the relationship before they fell into bed with each other. Never mind that they each still kind of blame the other for what happened. Those seeds of doubt and blame are likely to fester and grow. Marriage may make them feel less guilty about having sex but it won’t resolve other issues that undermine their relationship.

5. To avoid being alone.
Robyn is terrified. She’s always had a boyfriend since she was 13. She has dated a number of guys but always had someone new lined up before she ended a relationship. Now 22, she’s just been dumped by the most recent boyfriend for being too needy. A demanding project at work has meant long hours at the office and no time to look for someone new. She hates being alone in her apartment at night. She doesn’t know what to do with herself on weekends. She feels empty and scared. She’s tried calling her ex but he’s put off by her tears. She’s running through her files for someone, anyone, who can fill up the hole in her life. She’s likely to fall into marriage with the first guy who shows interest just so she’ll never have to feel this way again.

Marriage does provide a partner in life but it doesn’t guarantee that the partner will be good at partnering. Sometimes people like Robyn luck out and find someone who is truly willing and able to be their best friend and companion. More often, they are terribly disappointed. In their rush to marry to fend off their fear of abandonment, they didn’t take the time to find someone who shared their interests and values.

Men can be as vulnerable to making these mistakes as women. Older people aren’t exempt either. Regardless of age or gender, the desire to marry, to have a constant partner, and to share a life is a healthy one. However, a wedding that’s a mistaken solution to personal or couple problems won’t guarantee a happily-ever-after marriage. That requires a union of two complete and whole adults who love each other deeply, unselfishly, and respectfully and who share a commitment to keep their wedding vows. Only then can a bond be created that withstands life’s challenges and deepens over time.

What say you? I know there are readers out there and you do not comment, you check in faithfully, sometimes you email me privately a comment or even comment my FB page about a blogpost you liked, loved or whatever, however, I would love to see some comments here on the blog itself. Come on, come out of lurker mode, it's painless, really! Besides I know you are visiting, I have blogtracker on my blog. Yeah, I know you probably didn't realize that. Sorry, it's just a way for me to see if people are reading and they are they just aren't commenting. I do that too on some of the blogs I read so it's not like it's not okay but I would like to hear from you, so check it! Just do it, okay? All right, good!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Thoughts!

You may or may not know that MiB is gone right now, has been for 5 days and will gone for 8 more, I know this is a small amount of time in the big scheme of things BUT I MISS HIM. I just felt like sharing that...

Other Thoughts:

  • Enough memorial services...
  • S P R I N G  B R E A K...I'm ready!
  • I think I am ready whenever MiB is :)
Not been cooking much with MiB gone and I have to say it is helping my poundage reduction plan. I know I should not focus so much on this but I so do. I am not where I want to be and that causes me to be not happy being me. I do not like my pants to fit too snug. It's just how I am, sorry. I am hoping I am removing the snugness however I find it is my constant battle. Ugh! Of course the red velvet cake last night did NOT help!

Today I am back at the Attic, fun day as always when I am there. However, I am getting out the dooe EARLY to the dentist. Yeah me, I finally made a dental appointment! If only I would decide on the eye doctor and get myself in there and get some new glasses...

Hope you have a great day as well :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Mrs Marine!!!

It is WW and we are celebrating Mrs. Marine's birthday.


Mrs. Munsey made a red velvet cake, it was super yummy, I even had a little sliver. 

Each week we come together. It's not like we solve the world's problems or anything but we have a good time trying! It's a great group and we are brought together by a common thread, our husbands, who defend out nation. They have answered a call that not all do or can and we are proud military wives. We are instantly bonded. It's awesome!

It is always a fun get together on WW; to see what's new, who is doing what and when, plan the next neighborhood gathering, dish about the latest and share our life. We all come from very different walks of life but for a few hours each week we connect and I love it! These are some awesome women, I am learning much from them, not all good, but I am still learning! LOL

Happy Birthday Mrs Marine! Thanks for sharing a little bit of your busy life with us :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I won!!!

Oh yes I did, I won! WooHoo!!!

Hold on though it's not like I won the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes or anything. I didn't even win PowerBall. But I did win! It would have been really cool though if it had been the Prize Patrol showing up at my door...

I won at Bunco tonight. If you have never played Bunco then you are missing out! Seriously, it is one of those really fun games. So anyway, I won, I had the most Bunco's and that means I was the winner.

The prize was a really nice candle, I like candles a lot, even though fire scares me, I do like candles and I especially like ones that smell nice. This one is aloha vanilla, which made me smile.

So that is all for me, I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is WW and we will be celebrating Mrs. Marine's birthday. There will be red velvet cake and hopefully I will remember to take pictures. I wish I would have remembered to take pictures at Bunco, but I did not. There was lots of good food and snacks that I resisted with the exception of one chunk of pineapple. The other 11 ladies and I had a great time! Oh course, you would expect me to say that since I was the WINNER :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

TMI - read at your own risk!

Back in December MiB and I both had doctor appointments and each had labs ordered. It just so happened we went to the lab the same day and I told them NOT to mess up my blood with his. They thought this was funny and so did I. We were both having our cholesterol test among other things.

For the record I DID NOT pass out when they took my blood. I have been known to do that ya know, so I'm always happy when I do not. The tech did, however, use the "butterfly" and I did not even ask him too, he just took a look and decided to on his own. Since I do not look when they do this I didn't know he had actually done it until we were done. I told him that was nice; sometimes they do not and I am usually bruised before I ever get out of the chair.

Anywho the reason it might be TMI is that Ima tell you our results, if you don't want to know, that's fine just look away NOW! For the rest of you noisy people just scroll on down for the tantalizing results! LOL


Total = 229 (target <200)
LDL = 142 (target <100)
TRI  = 81 (target <150)
HDL = 71 (target >60)
Mrs Blue
Total = 211 (target <200)
 LDL = 117 (target <100
  TRI =  51 (target <150)
 HDL = 84 (target >60)
Now I'm not sure either one of us have really WINNING results, but I am declaring myself the winner between the two of us and that's all I have to say about that! Well, except that we will be putting the oat bran and apples back in our diet cause one can always do better with lower numbers in this arena!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Neighborhood Progressive Dinner

Oh what a night...the neighborhood group decided to do a progressive dinner so four homes, 10 people,  5 hours and full bellies later we think we will do this again, it was sooooo much fun!

We started off at the MUNSY house with some soup. The corn chowder was delicious, but I thought the tortellini soup was da bomb. After soup we headed to our house for salad, the wedge salad with the homemade bleu cheese dressing was a huge hit, but the tossed salad with the homemade ranch was also very tasty if I do say so myself!

The guys after salad...

The girls after salad!
It was then on to the GSC House for the main dish. Pork with balsamic vinegar, I tasted it and though it was indeed yummers. However, my favorite was the twice baked potatoes and green beans, dem be real good :)

 A Marine contemplating what he got himself into with all these USAF dudes!

Lastly, we went to the Marine House for the MOST AWESOME dessert ever. I love white cake, it is the mostest in my book, but this was white cake with strawberries and a bit of a not too sweet but yet lovely yum frosting. I am telling you it could easily make me happy ANYTIME to eat this cake! I loved it, I wanted to eat two pieces but I did not, cause ya know I am still fighting too tight jeans. YUCK! And it was in celebration of our GSC ladies birthday so we did a little birthday celebrating as well! I savored every bite! I love white cake, I love strawberries, it was heaven!!!!

THE Cake

 The Birthday Girl and the Cake Baker AKA Mrs. Marine

It was a great evening and we are planning to repeat it soon. But in March we will schlep to MAIN base and enjoy the hosting of Ms Speech Writer, however, we do have February to plan first and who knows what we will come up with on that!  What I know is that we are an unlikely group, but a group that works, it's quite fun when we get together and you never know what will happen at these gatherings but it will always be interesting for sure!

 Hmmm, what can I say? She writes speeches....


My LOVE and me :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts!

Hmmm, this week has been a wee bit down for me, I think it has to do with LilBlue having a birthday. And thinking about MiB taking off for a 3 weekish trip and finally scheduling my long overdue dentist appointment for a checkup and cleaning Yeah, that's my exciting life! LOL

The weather here has been unbelievable, it was over 70* this week and now it had dropped to cold temps again. It's those cold days that I wear my Uggs even in the house! When we first got here I thought they would probably just stay in their box, I am pleasantly surprised they are getting use!

I have had made the time to work on my scrapping lately and it has been AWESOME, I have completed the 1999-2010 years in the new CM books. I will be starting 2011 in the even newer 12x12 format. However, I still have to finish my Vegas trip mini album, do the two Hawaii mini albums and finish MiB CMSgt Promo mini album and I want to get those done first before I tackle 2011.I also plan to do a couple projects digitally. After I see how that goes I am contemplating switching to digital for this year...it's a tough choice and I'm not totally sure I will like switching, but I am giving it a go. I will do a small project to see how I like it first. I love that I have been able to play with our pictures again, it has been too long! I am also planning to get our early year albums into better albums. That will be a huge undertaking and I will be getting the replacement albums at Hobby Lobby as funds and sales coincide to complete this huge task! That is not to mention I need a sale on the pages and protectors so I can procure the new 12x12 size supplies since I have none. Did I mention I am trying to SAVE money...yeah, well, I am, it's new year's plan and so is getting the scrapbook albums done so I guess those two sort of work against each other, hmmmmm.

I also have a couple sewing projects  I would like to work on/complete. I am waiting til after this weekend then I am getting out LilBlue's sewing machine to tackle those. I am setting it up on the dining room table and I anticipate it could be there a few days, okay weeks, as I snatch moments of time to work on the the projects I have. I'm so glad she let me bring it down to play with :) Love you LilBlue!

  • Spring Break - what to do, what to do??
  • Couple more "home" days would be nice...
  • My ice dispenser  in the door is still not fixed!
  • I need a haircut or at the very least my bangs trimmed!
  • Neighborhood progressive dinner this weekend, oh yeah :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthday LilBlue!

Oh my, can I just say I am having a hard time believing you are 21...it just DOES NOT seem possible! Let me just say I think you are ABSOLUTELY amazing...I mean seriously, you are incredible. You have faced so much in just 21 short years. You have braved many a path, crossed several bridges and literally jumped hurdles to get where you are. When I say, "you is kind, you is smart, you is important" I hope you believe it deep within you.

I have blogged about your birth already, and I have another post to share my thoughts of that day you were born, and then last year when you entered the 2's I made mention of that big milestone. So this year as you enter the age of what many refer to as "adulthood" I will once again share my thoughts...like there was any doubt that was gonna happen! And you may or may not be thrilled about that. Some may think you are a little old to hear this but I think most of these things bear repeating...so here goes! (And I did get the inspiration for these thoughts from another blogger, but I did not bookmark the page, I cut the info into a word document, so I apologize in advance and if you read this too and remember where, send me the www and I will link it - I am now starting using pinterest for saving many things and I have also started to paste the weblink into the things I save in a document not on this totally addicting website!)
  1. EVERYONE is NOT doing it - you have heard this your entire life and it does not change ever...it can and will relate for the rest of your life. But I hope you know now that you are the legal to buy one that you will not succumb to any pressure to do things you know will forever change your life. Trust me, you are not the only one who won't and the sad thing is the ones who are, are most likely thinking and wishing they wouldn't of. And if all else fails see #7
  2. Do not pretend you are dumber than you are...this is pretty self explanatory but it is worth reminding you on. I know that being the "stupid girl" can and often does have it's perks but it's a short street; so don't be dumb it's not cool!
  3. Do modesty it IS classy - Cover yourself up appropriately always. Showing the world what you have is why men your fathers age are looking at girls your age and it's just wrong! You have a great I mean impeccable fashion sense; keep it and keep it covered, all of it!
  4. Marry someone similar to your father...I know that sounds nuts but trust me on this. Your father is an absolute fantabulous husband. He loves me with all his being, he cherishes me and most of all respects me. You want someone like that...seriously! Also pay attention to how your potential mate treats his mother.  Lots to be said there.
  5. SEX - yes, I am going there! I know many of your peers believe that casual sex is harmless and the world makes no mistake in advertising this as true, but it's NOT true, it's a big fat lie. It might feel right and all that! But the bottom line is sex was designed for marriage...no one ever regrets waiting til they are married; plenty do regret that they didn't. You get my drift.
  6. Girls are mean - I know you know this, you have experienced it. So please don't be a mean girl, it's not becoming. You are still fresh enough out of high school and in the middle of your college life that this is still a player so just remember this. Remember to be the girl who let the drama roll and not be in the midst of it, starting it especially. Be the girl who treats others with kindness who rises above the meanness of others.
  7. We can and will ALWAYS be your excuse, use us! We are okay with you using us as the reason you cannot or do not want to fillintheblank. It can get you out of many an uncomfortable situation and we DO NOT MIND being thrown under the bus, in fact we would love it. Trust me! We want you to be able to say no in your own right but you can always just toss out the "I can't my parents would kill me" or even "my parent's won't allow me to" or the one that would be spot on "my mom would have a coronary" it's sooo okay! REALLY! If it helps you NOT to end up in a bad situation that's the point and come up with whatever it takes.
  8. We love you! I know we haven't done it all right, in fact we have probably done more wrong, but we did what we thought was the best for you at the time. Looking back we know we were wrong in some situations, sorry! We also hope you will stick with your roots and trust HIM, who never fails. It's fact, He don't mess up, we do...He loves you even more then we do, look to Him. He will help you to be beautiful on the inside and it will carry over to your outside, promise!
So daughter, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know you are going to be an amazing adult, we are so so very proud of you, and we love you much more then you could ever fathom. And if you have read this far you deserve a little pictorial treat. So I leave you with the last 10 years of birthdays beginning with that most spectacular day ever, the day you were born!

 1991- Just hours after you were born! (OKC, OK)

1992 - Happy 1st Birthday! 
(Your party pictures are really dark and did not copy well)

1993-You were really into the blowers!

1994 - With your two favorite men!

 1995 - Hakuna Matata :)

1996 - Chuck E. Cheese was a huge hit!

1997 - Making cupcakes at school (COS, CO)

 1998 - Growing up right before our eyes!

 1999 - Requested homemade angel food cake this year!

 2000 - Oh gee, you are not a baby anymore! (DC)
2001 - Back to angel food and going double digits!

Happy, happy birthday LilBlue, we do most certainly love you...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

It was just that kind of day...

It wasn't cold here, it wasn't even close to being winter like, but it WAS a veggie soup kind of day for us. Yep, that's right we had a big ol pot of soup today. It was certainly yummy and we ate til we were too full. MiB also had ham & cheese croissants. I think he enjoyed them cause there were only 2 left and Ima not even going to tell you how many we started with and I didn't eat any...


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Thoughts...

Another week is nearly in the books, hard to believe. It's been such a full week and I will be ready for the weekend for sure. I do wish we were able to have pulled off the road trip we had tentatively planned but maybe next time. It's still all good.

Thursdays have quickly become my near favorite day of the week. I enjoy my time at the Attic. It's such fun to interact with the young ones . Today has a bit more then just the Attic since I will also be going to a MLK event this morning and then this afternoon there is a Shirt retirement. Good stuff!

I may stop in the commissary on my way home, but hopefully not! I'm trying to avoid all shopping, using what we have in the pantry and already own. This is not a new concept to me, but one I sort of got a way from and I want to get back to it. I want to really ask myself do I need it or do I want it. This is not really in regards to my food shopping, but more for our other buying. However, with the food shopping I want to ask myself is it good for me or do I just want it. I am still on that quest of ridding myself of those #'s so thought this mindset might help. We'll see.

Anyway, on to thoughts!
  • Do I need that?
  • Do I really want that?
  • I don't like shopping anyway...
  • Weekend plans will be low key!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another loss...

We have lost another member of The Blue...it's such a sad day when we learn of these things.

I had to get out and do life today...to feel the warmth of sunshine on my face, to see the beauty around me. To get my body moving, my heart beating and my chest heaving to know how alive I am; to feel invigorated, to experience living. I had to, as there has been too much death...

Seeing a bright blue sky with just enough clouds to make it picture perfect did my soul good.

I came across this quote and thought how appropriate it seemed.

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.
-Robert Frost

Friday, January 6, 2012

Very sad day in the Blue...

These are not the days you want to live through, but you make it happen and somehow do.

We have lost a member of Team Barksdale. One of our elite EOD troops was killed yesterday in Afghanistan, it was a young one, with a young wife. My heart breaks for her...

After our visit with her this morning she has been constantly on my mind as I imagine the things she will have to face over the course of the next few days, weeks, months, years. You never think it will be you, I am sure this was not in her life plan, she is going to have some rough days ahead, I spoke this to her, and I told her nothing can prepare anyone to go through a situation such as this, but to please know that she is not alone. We, your AF family, are right here with you, for you, to help you in any way we can as you begin to navigate this unforeseen situation...what else is there to say? My heart is so very heavy. I CANNOT even begin to imagine what she is going through, I pray, that's what I do and I will continue to do so throughout the days, weeks, and months ahead.

There are no more words that come to me. I am still so very thankful for those who serve and so sad that this is the reality of that service...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday Thoughts...

Oh, my here we are in the start of another year and what do I want to do? You got it, take off some weight, eat healthier and take time to enjoy life. Seems like that is the story of my life! LOL Yep, once again I am needing to reduce my poundage, maybe it's not once again, maybe it is still...hmmmm, a thought to ponder. I did really well until MiB returned then it was just way over the top with him wanting to eat and enjoy all things USA. Settled in to LA and then the holidays brought on some extra #s. So holidays are over, pounds are still here and they NEED to go. I have mixed emotions, I know I should be better on getting back on the exercise wagon. I am not thrilled that the gym is so far away.  I also know that the weather is really not that big a player here and I should just go walk right out my front door and take my exercise right here where I am. Hmmm, yeah, I just NEED to do it, stop ovethinking it, stop whining, stop procrastinating and DO IT. Okay, that's my plan, DO IT.

  • Easier to put it on then take it off...
  • Lots of decisions seem to be looming.
  • Excited we had LilBlue and G for the holidays!
I'm off to the Attic this morning! Lots of little projects have been accomplished this week already in the organizing, purging, decluttering departments and it feels good to have less in our space. I know one day we will live in MUCH SMALLER accommodations. I do not want to have too much to rid ourselves of when that time come so my thought was we we will start downsizing now. It's a new adventure some day and that some day may be sooner rather then later, one never knows. Just trusting in God to continue to guide us and give us the wisdom for our future. We shall see, it's exciting and scary all the same :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ima all alone (well sort of)...

Today we delivered LilBlue to the airport! So anyway, we snapped a few more pics, then said our goodbyes and off we went and so did she. This little airport is little I cannot stress this enough!

This was the absolute smallest airport I have ever been too, going through TSA was unlike any TSA I have ever seen... Keep in mind this is a little airport in Texas, there is no jetway, you walk to and from the tarmac... and that's really all I'm going to say on that :) Well, let me remind you I already warned you it's little, just sayin'!

MiB and I stopped for a early lunch, which was REALLY yummy, we had the BBQ. We had ventured in here on our way to pick up LilBlue last week. We had us a little snack after we used the facilities. The carrot cake was really awesome. Today we took a piece to go. Ima tell you that it was the WORST carrot cake ever...why? It was not made today that's for sure, awful, hard, stale and so not edible. I was soooo disappointed as I was really looking forward to enjoying a repeat of the piece we had last week. So when MiB opens it up and it's yuck, grrrr. On a side note, MiB let them know and we will have a free piece should we ever stop in again :)

 This was the BUDs first trip to TX; which was really last week when they arrived.

It was also his first trip to LA.

They are now safely back in the BigO and the big ole house is once again empty and we are all alone...it's okay, we are good, we are adapting well to this empty nest thing, I mean we aren't newbies to this gig but we do enjoy our girl and we certainly DO NOT get to see her enough...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

We spent the NYE day messing around, catching a movie, MI2, lunch, trying to get some pictures and a couple stops at the grocery store to pick up those last minute needed items for our part of the party food and then onto the party. We did a local in the 'hood party with our Munsy Neighbors hosting.

Downtown Shreveport picture taking!

 LilBlue totally wanted to disown us for being so silly!

 I had to stand on a little wall for a couple shots!

 This was hilariously fun!

On a side note, LilBlue is pretty stoked about the reported building of a Chick fil a in her area later this year, I think the BUD will like it too since they have asked to eat there like three times since they arrived :)

Anyway, on to the ringing in the NEW YEAR. Food was plentiful, lots of choices and yummy stuff to boot. LilBlue made us a dip to go with veggies, yeah, too bad it was totally off the charts calorie wise but still it was really good and I did eat it with vegetables! There was cheesecake bites, totally good, along with an awesome rum cake. I liked the black bean corn salsa a lot too!

Neighborhood NYE Gathering...

  EVERYONE had a hat or tiara...

 Playing one of the many games...
 the CRAZY couple :)

MiB and I

The evening got somewhat competitive when the spoons game was broke up. I was a spoon virgin and totally SPOONS first, so just call me a loser, cause I was...but it was a, uh, fun, sure, yeah, fun game, sort of, though I may need to wear gloves and a helmet next time we play!

 SPOON playing...this is where is got really nuts!

 There were even INJURIES!

If you are wondering about the LilBlue dip it is simply this: a large tub of cottage cheese, the big thing of sour cream, a small jar of Hellman's mayo and a package of ranch dip mix. If I ever make it and I think I will, I am going to use two packages of the dip mix, cause I think it would be yummier and I might leave out the mayo, but LilBlue insists that would be gross, we'll see...

HAPPY NEW YEAR...I think we brought in 2012 in style with party blowers, hats, tiaras and poppers~ Woohoo praying for good health, sustained friendships and new adventures along with tremendous blessings to all our family and friends.