Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend WrapUP

Once again we have had a fun, full weekend! The fun started Friday at neighbor's promo! Congrats MAJOR!

Promo at Hanger2

Then we went on to a function at the club came home to a little round the table time. 

Saturday was rainy but not as much as today. We got out and got our errands done before the neighborhood gathering. That was a Mexican feast complete with The Machine in full operation. We tried our hands at strawberry daiquiri's. IF we do them again there will need to be tweaking but they were acceptable for a first time batch! 

 The Machine is filled and ready!

Good time was had by all! There was even some football watching amongst the eating and visiting! Go Game Cocks. Would you believe that until last night I NEVER new there was a team that had such a name? We had a very faithful avid Game Cock fan in the house I learned much!

 Game Cock fan!

 Football fans!

 Today has been a lazy day as the rain has continued to fall and it is steady unlike yesterday where it was sprinkling mostly. On and off for most of the day with smatterings of steady falling rain coming late in the evening. Today we woke up to semi wetness and then pretty much steady falling rain has commenced. We toyed with the idea of a movie but did not follow through. It's just been one of those nice, slow, relaxing days, though I had thoughts of being productive I pretty much just stayed right next to MiB in our favorite chair all the day long! Watched a little golf and a little football and did a lot of snuggling! Life is good :)

NOTE: The opening of the 31 day challenge will open I'm really trying to get my act together and get linked up. I am not going with my with Day 1 posting. I'm just going to link up the one I talked about the challenge a few days back! I sure hope I can figure it all out as I do not want to be late to the party...

Friday, September 28, 2012


 I'm gearing up to go 31 days...hold on it might be a wild ride!

I think I made that button up there correctly...if I didn't you could see it change. Making a "button" once over a year ago does not make me a proficient button maker!  

So I'm playing again this year...yes, I'm committing along with the Nester to posting the entire month of October and it's going to kill me be so much fun! REALLY, really, really it is; it's going to be fun! Last year I did it for the first time and it WAS fun and hard and exhausting and rewarding and crazy all rolled into one. I really did plan to have a better 31 Days planned out this year. I even made a document and named it 31 Days 2012 during the 31 Days last year. I even put down some thoughts and ideas. However, I JUST opened that up and looked at it last week. No since getting in a hurry or anything :)It is a good start, I just need a little R&D or more like T&C (TIME & COMMITMENT) and it's good to go!

Anyway, my 31 Days will be simple, I hope! I'm just going to be documenting my ordinary life and know the normal everyday ordinary daily stuff that most do. I may find out that the title is not really spot on but it's what I'm going with! There are lots of other way more talented, creative bloggers participating in this challenge but I am still signing on and plan to enjoy it! I will be linking the Days below as we go along, enjoy!

Day 1 - Exercise
Day 2 - Morning Coffee
Day 3 - The Scales
Day 4 - Calendaring
Day 5 - Celebrations
Day 6 - Eye Wear
Day 7 - Prayers
Day 8 - Laptop
Day 9 - Voting
Day 10 - Cooking
Day 11 - Cars
Day 12 - Friends
Day 13 - Neighbors
Day 14 - Reading
Day 15 - Favorites
Day 16 - Blogging
Day 17 - Purses
Day 18 - Shoes
Day 19 - SBC
Day 20 - Movies
Day 21 - MyFamily
Day 22 - Bare Escentuals
Day 23 - Fall
Day 24 - Military - MiB
Day 25 - Notso
Day 26 - Temptation
Day 27 - Wedding
Day 28 - Football
Day 29 - Death
Day 30 - the BIG R
Day 31 - D.O.N.E.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Thoughts!

Howdy! Thursday has crept up on me again...ack!

So it's been a normal week, going to and fro and living life in between. It hit me yesterday in a meeting that OCTOBER is almost here! Wow, I am in a wee bit of shock. I have much that I would like to do and had intended to have some of it done before October 1. We'll see.

I also think I want to do the 31 Days again...but I had thought I would do better planning this time. Guess not...

Off to the Attic this morning and then ALS graduation this evening.

  • Running & walking :)
  • Good to talk to family this week!
  • Looking forward to neighbor gathering :)
  • We are still having nice and warm temps!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend WrapUP

Seems like I was just going TGIF and here it is Sunday evening...These days pass so quickly!

Friday evening we enjoyed dinner then headed to the movies, since we needed to make a quick stop (read that two stores looking for "something" but not sure what) we were a little later then planned getting to the theater so the nice lady selling tickets told us it wasn't sold out but wold be very crowded; we opted out. Took the scenic route home and enjoyed a neighborhood walk before turning out the lights!

Saturday morning was gorgeous as we enjoyed morning coffee then stopped in on Operation Hero, where our military children get to experience what it's like to prepare for deployment among other VERY COOL activities. There was paint ball, obstacle courses, a firetruck with a hose out to shoot water, an ambulance with a "patient", SFS troops with their BIG guns, hummer and MRAP (which was uber cool) and bouncy house. Way cool stuff! I think everyone was having a great time and the breeze was awesome as it warmed up!

We headed to the BPCC100 after this and saw some "racing"! Neat stuff and great dedicated folks representing. Mighty Deuce LOA took 8th overall, way to go team! It was fun to get to mingle with the pit crews and meet the drivers! NASCAR fans can relate I'm sure! It was fun just simply fun!


 Pit support...official and unofficial!

 The Car heavily supported by TEAM BARKSDALE Car taking their timed lap!

We didn't get a picture of the Lander's car but the two drivers were military...we were well represented! GO TEAM BARKSDALE...

Since we were out we decided to give Whatabruger a try for a late lunch. I was pleasantly surprised. Honestly, I wasn't sure when we walked in but I did enjoy my burger. MiB enjoyed this one and I was totally impressed with the amount of bacon on there. I may have that next time! Yes, we will be going back!

Then we spent another evening on main base with the boss, his spouse and our MXG leaders. That's the last of the group socials, we have a little break until next month when we will gather again with the staff. I will be glad to have my Saturday nights back after a month of not. We do church on Saturday evenings so we have been out for the month of September with these gathers. Not that we don't have several things come up that conflicts it's just that this month seemed full with no break on weekends.

Today I did rise and shine and got a walk in then came home to coffee. Nice cool morning and beautiful start of the day. MiB and I headed over to the community pool so I could get on the SUP. If I do say so myself I think I did just fine thankyouverymuch! If was a bit challenging but fun. Not sure how I would feel about it in open waters but in the pool it was dandy :) MiB wants to get me in a kayak next...not so sure about that!

 Pool SUPing

Then it was off to the movies...yes, plural. Thought we were just going for one then we ended up seeing another! Started with that new Clint Eastwood one and ended with Hope Springs! Both were worth the watch in my book, though I would wait for the DVD on Hope Springs if you haven't seen it. Eastwood's Trouble with the Curve I would definitely go ahead and take it in while it's playing at the theater as we did enjoy it quite a bit!

After making it home, talking with the MO family and having homemade veggie soup we are now chillaxin'. LIFE IS GOOD! Would like to get a chat in with LilBlue since I missed her call while we in the movies and I do need to get a little bit productive before bedtime with laundry but other then that it's time to chill and catcha little football! Have a great week!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Thoughts!

Airport run today :) MiB will be back!

Going to the Attic, gotta make a commissary stop as it's Neighborhood Ladies Night Out. I have a couple other errands to do and that's pretty much it for today. Light, I like it. Looking forward to the ladies being over and just chillaxin'! We do that good on the East side!

  • Will he or won't he?
  • And when will it happen?
  • Ready for the weekend NOW :)
  • Thinking of being a homeowner again...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

His View / Her View

It's a crisp morning today in LA and I knew I would not be rolling out of bed early to get my exercise in. So when I got a call from MiB telling me good morning and that he was looking at a wonderful view of the harbor and that he had sent me a picture of his view I thought that's very nice.

And seriously, I was thrilled to hear his voice. He's only been gone since Sunday and we have of course texted and emailed many times but it is always good to hear his voice and hear those three little words that still make my insides swirl. Anyway, after hanging up I thought I have a pretty good view too :)

I'm having as much of a home day-morning as I can, which means not much cause my attend this and to do list are calling! But I did finish my book and the view was awesome along with the coffee!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy 65th BIG Blue!

It's the 65th birthday of the USAF...

Monday, September 17, 2012

And these made me smile...

I knew they had them done but I had not seen them...they made me smile :)


This one too!

 And should you not yet know the you do!

That's all, carry on with your Monday!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend WrapUp

The weekend was once again waaaay too short! Friday evening was spent with the neighbors enjoying THE machine, we had the proper supplies so it was a good mixture.

 Neighborhood Crew minus a few...

Then Saturday we took in the Dragon Boat races where I did not take one single picture...hmmm. And one of our very own 2d wing teams took 3rd OVERALL. Way to go AMXS :) In between boat racing MiB took me to lunch at Jersey Mike's, which I do enjoy, this time we tried a hot sub. It did not disappoint, the Philly cheese steak is way good but can only be a treat as it is very high in the caloric intake and we know I am trying to watch that :/ Then we had another evening of desserts where we took a lovely cheesecake with sweet strawberries on top. Again, sorry no picture :( I was just not in picture taking mode that day I guess...

Today was a nice relaxing start, then it was airport shuttle time.

 Smiling, before being stuck in Dallas for over three hours...

For some reason I did have an odd feeling about today's journey.Not a BAD feeling I just thought hmmm, I hope it goes smooth but I had that gut feeling it wouldn't, turns out my gut was right. There was a delay with the plane coming into Dallas and once it was finally there they still had plane part issues. After over three hours in delays they were finally off the ground. What's even worse is once he was in Dallas turns out he could of "caught a ride" with the higher up guy on the installation who was going to the same location. Gotta love communication and coordination or lack thereof. Such is life, he will be much later, hungry and tired but he will be. He will make the most of it and will have a great week as there will be reunions and celebrations for one of our own being named a TOP 10 :) It's all good. He has just safely landed in our nation's capital and hopefully he will make it to the hotel without any issues and sleep well! Though I know he is hungry so there may be a Mickey D's or some other food stop first!

Have a great week, I plan to. And while I had hoped it would be a little slower and quieter while MiB is gone looking at my calendar that is not the case. Oh, well, welcome to the third week of September. Can you believe that? There are only three FULL months left of this year...oh my, I feel time is passing too quickly.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Thoughts and TOES :)

Great day to you, temps are still warm but not so HOT, makes this girl smile. Love the coolness of the mornings as I am for my morning run/walk, it's sooooo nice! Today was Attic day, I was so excited to see the girls as it's been two weeks since I have been able to go. Life has been full as of late. Going to the Attic is something that I so totally enjoy. Even when I hear grumblings. But really I don't hear many, seriously. I mean there are somedays when you hear more then others about not so great things. And sometimes I happen upon circumstances that I can assist with and that always makes for a good day. Amazing, what a phone call can do when someone has been trying for weeks to get a pay issue straightened out or a housing maintenance issue that seems beyond ridiculous has been going on for weeks, it's good to be able to help out, I like that :) 

I also enjoy hearing about experiences by way of conversation. Today a young Airmen met an Airmen of the Month board for the very first time. Hearing about his experience was awesome, he was so proud and excited and was very complimentary of his supervisor who had walked him through the process "took care of him" so to speak. He actually felt sorry for the other two candidates as their supervisors had not given them insights into the process and they were nervous and ill-prepared, he was gracious enough to share with them what he could as they were waiting. THAT is a GREAT WINGMAN, This young man will go far!

Another perk of being at the Attic is seeing all the babies. Today there were many, some with painted toes, it was adorable!

. These are pretty toes :)
Those toes belong to New York...isn't she adorable!

More adorable toes!!!

Those belong to Wyoming :)

  • I'm gonna miss this...
  • Fall is coming, I know it!
  • Proper supplies have been secured :)
Happy day to you, I'm fixing dinner, black bean soup, yummy!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Sometimes I feel like we never have "real" meals. MiB comes home late, I fix food but it's not IMO or his a "meal". Sooooo Friday I made him ham n' beans with fried potatoes and corn bread. He was in heaven. Then today I fixed tomato steak with boiled potatoes and corn, he was again in heaven. Food definitely speaks to this man :)

Tomato Steak :)

Honestly, I think at our age we just cannot eat this way so much anymore or it starts to show. I have been trying to take weight off not gain and eating these "meals" is hard on my efforts!

Life is good! Cooler temps have hit for a few days there is a touch of potential fall in the air!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

It's been too long. I have not been so good at keeping up with my postings. I would say it's a combination of things, life and just needing to be quiet. I am sure at some point I will reflect on this time but for now I will not.

  • Need a slow down
  • Ready for the weekend
  • Life is full of many surprises!
In other noteworthy news we have an addition to the kitchen. Not sure it's the final resting place but for now it's at home. We have enjoyed it and hopefully will be able to gather the supplies needed for better things to come out of it. So far pickings here are slim, a Texas trip may be in order.

 THE Machine...

 THE Machine enjoyers!

So we have been on the hunt for a machine for quite some time. Just kept watching CraigsList and other online venues and finally one was available. Actually it was located in OKC, thanks Uncle G, for making this happen and for delivering enroute. WOW, it's amazing to say the least. Can't wait to put all three bays to use. Hoping to get our supply chain working for the right mix and get it going with our secret recipe. Also plan to develop some new recipes. MiB is definitely thinking frozen mocha cappuccinos and who knows what else we will come up with! Should be fun for sure!

We will be doing all we can to make sure it's ready for the next neighborhood gathering in October but might even try it out at the ENA (EastSide Neighborhood Association) ladies night out in a couple weeks and I'm pretty sure we will be using it at couple's night at the end of the month :)