Monday, April 30, 2012

What SUP = What's Up?

MiB got a SUP...Stand Up Paddle Board for you non water types. And this board is B.I.G. It did not come UPS or Fedex, no sir, it came 18-wheeler. A very nice guy named Mandy made the delivery. I cannot pronounce the company's name to save my life. What I do know is they are a motor freight company and they deliver B.I.G. stuff.

 Delivery Truck :)

The delivery was last week but tonight finally MiB was able to work it so he could get it in the water...and I use that term loosely as we just went around the corner to the "lake" that is right near our house. I would actually classify this body of water as a pond...a pond that has a lot of things in it, namely a B.I.G gator.

 Unloading and Unwrapping

 Getting it wet...

Getting started...

 Headed out

 REALLY pretty clouds on the "lake"

 Paddle MiB, paddle!

 Coming back!

So now it's been wet and he is thrilled. He is really looking forward to taking it to the river. I will keep you posted.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Retirement...or just reassigned??

I liked the term "reassigned" as soon as I heard fits. Because while Pastor is stepping out of the pulpit at SCBC he is still going to stay active. He is not really retiring!

 Last sermon at SCBC

Today we were honored to have been able to be in OK for the retirement of our Pastor. This was our first church home inside the USA. We loved our Azorean Baptist Church family but coming back to the states and finding a church home was huge. Especially after coming back stateside and having such let down on the military. Being overseas is so very different. Since our first assignment overseas WAS awesome and challenging, getting involved and having a church family and military community was necessary in my book. Then to return to the states and be sorely disappointed about the military family part would be putting it mildly. The whole mentality is different, the camaraderie was not there, I was heart broken. I get it, we are in our own country we all speak the language we can do our own thing, etc, etc but I was just all out of sorts over this. So getting right back into a church was even more crucial for us, we wanted and needed that instant kinship. We found it at SCBC.

The Wednesday after we visited on that Sunday the Pastor himself came to visit us, we were not really sure what to think about that but we went back. We went back again and again and gradually just knew this was going to be our new church. It was good, I felt instantly connected to the more seasoned group and never looked back. They adopted me and MiB when he was home. The Pastor and his family always welcomed us with open arms. They lived life in front of us and usually for this family that meant one adventure after another and always a good laugh. N O T H I N G ever was routine in their household, it was truly a riot. I enjoyed the times I was in their home. I learned it didn't take the shiniest toilets, most vacuumed rugs, gourmet meals or perfect children to host people, just a willingness, openness and PBJ if that's all you had!

I could go on and on about this family...they are quirky, they are genuine, they are hilarious, they are talented, they are humble, they are not so domestic. Although Ms Linda makes the very best ugly dip and fudge sauce. She is the reason I still like to put celery in my spaghetti sauce and why I will on occasion put brown gravy on my rice (well, that is more Gran, but she is a whole 'nother post if ever there was one). This family is one of a kind. They are unique beyond measure and we love them beyond measure.

SCBC will miss them for sure, but I am exited to hear what happens with their new reassignment.

 MWC firefighter bagpipe band!

Since Pastor is a Chaplain for the MWC firefighters they came to show their support, some spoke and then the biggest, coolest thing was the bagpipes being played!

 Almost all of the McD clan!

Many more blessings and Godspeed in the coming days, weeks, months as you find your reassignment shoes and may they be comfortable and fit well!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I'm back in OKC :)

What a great day to be in OKC. Drive up last night wasn't too bad, but Dallas traffic was raging, of course, what did we expect on a Friday evening? Still, made for a longer drive after an already full day and actually week!

Today we hit one of our favorite BBQ pits, looked at cars with G, bought car with G and then ate at our favorite pizza place. It's the little things!

Life is good :) Looking forward to being at SCBC tomorrow for the bittersweet retirement of our Pastor. It will be awesome to see our church family. This is where LilBlue was born while MiB was gone and these folks a.r.e. family to us. They saw ME through waaaaay too many deployments to count, numerous TDYs, the birth of our daughter, loss of my grandfather, a move from off base to on and a whole host of other things, They are real people, not perfect, but available, and that's what makes them so special.

We had very good years at Soldier Creek. Me, more so then MiB because frankly he was gone all the time. I am still so thankful for the people there. Though some have gone on and it is with a little sadness that we think on those...Mr Layton, Mr Riley, Mr Ervin, Mr. T, Mr Chris, Miss Hazel, Miss Jeannie and several others, Mr Johnnie, Mr Pete, Miss Mildred. These folks were "grandparents" to our LilBlue. She might have been a bit spoiled...especially by Mr Layton and Miss Jeannie...they helped a young mother, who felt like a single parent, make it. They were encouragers, prayer warriors, Godly examples and friends. It's the friend part that still means so much. And there are so many friends still there including our Pastor and his family who will be stepping aside tomorrow. Not to mention L.S., Rose's, Ms Celestine, Ms Beulah, Ms Jeannie, Ms Karen, Ms Norene, Miss Doris, Miss Pam, the list could go on and on and on. I know I didn't mention all by name there are just so many, it was our church family. They took this young military wife in without batting an eye. They watched out for me, they fed me, they fixed me, they were my lifeline. I am forever humbled and grateful for them and this church. And as I mentioned it as a bittersweet time as the Pastor leaves but they will be sustained and they will make it and there are new adventures for them. They will stay faithful, committed and seeking, they will move forward.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday full of photos

It's a busy day as we have lunch with the greatest generation and honor POW/MIAs and I hope to have photos from that, but I wanted to upload these at least from yesterday.

It was really great to see a huge showing of DIAMONDs for the honoring of the young Airmen yesterday!

 Waiting for the appointed time...

The honorees...

 The words of honor and encouragement!

 SrA G receiving his well deserved certificate!

 Letting all the volunteers know they are doing a fabulous job and we appreciate them!!

Then there was a going away and for the first time EVER at an event I have attended there was a guy in a squirrel costume doing the emcee...what a fun evening. The up to the hour squirrel count was 154.

The SQUIRREL aka Cobra

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Thoughts!

Again, I am up early and wondering where the last week has it really Thursday again?

The calendar tells me it is.

I must skidaddle this a.m. as there will be some well deserved recognition going on at the Attic today and I must be early. Two of our younger Airmen will be given the Diamond Sharp Award by the BAFB First Sergeants Council. While all of the Attic volunteers deserve "atta boys" this two definitely dedicate themselves and go beyond other airmen volunteers we have had. The are faithful and committed to the task and cause; it is good to see. These two are definitely the type of Airmen we want and need. They are our future Air Force. I'm proud to know them and contribute alongside them.

I should be able to update with a picture later.

Other events of the day will pale in comparison, this is the good stuff. Hope your day is bright and sunny and that you are being a contributor and not just a taker. Not that one shouldn't taker but one must also be a giver. Balance is needed, and even though you may never want to be a taker chances are at some point in your life it will just be how it works out.

  • Thankful for life itself...
  • Loving springlike weather
  • Another road trip this weekend!
  • Do not growing weary doing good...
A friend made that last statement a few days back and it has really given me food for thought. I know it's not overly profound, but for me it was powerful and I latched onto it. I have been giving it much thought. The days in Blue are numbered you know? MiB and I have had many discussions lately on this very thought process. WE just didn't have it nailed down to a catchy phrase. Maybe it is sooner then I thought for life outside the Blue...

Picture added:

 Theses two Airmen do an awesome job at the Attic!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

AirShow Day 2

Oh what a perfectly, beautiful day for an airshow! Gorgeous blue skies dotted with white clouds made an absolute perfect backdrop again today for the flying about that took place.

A RED BULL jumper brought the flag in for the National Anthem!

I was so sad the B-2 was unable to make an appearance but the B-52 flew again. It also did the "bombing run" as well. Kind of cool cause the B-52 that flew today was 008 which is also known as "balls 8"  and was MiBs short term commander on his year long tour. They really only passed in the night so to speak but each seem to have connected and made quite an impression on the other. He is a stand up guy and I love the humbleness I have always observed in him. He is also an Airman's Airmen which is of course the best kind and most impressive in my book.

The Black Diamonds were also back as well as the headliners, the USAF Thunderbirds. Again, it was a stellar show. Other impressive acts, which really they all were, but I loved seeing the Oakley plane hovering just above the flight line with his smoke streaming out and the Red Bull plane was also amazing!

 The really cool Black Diamonds!
 Thunderbirds were back and doing their thing as good as ever!

 MiB even sat a moment in the Commander's Tent area and enjoyed some of the show!

Today we also took time to take a little closer look at some of the static displays.


While we were out doing post checks we ran across the P&Q girls...they are everyone. Seems to reason, they have to be everywhere so they can be minding our p's & q's for us, otherwise we might find ourselves in trouble :/ I might have mentioned this but they do have their hands full trying to keep us all straight all the time!

 P&Q girls, er ladies, yeah, no they are girls in my book!

Speaking of doing post checks we also ran through the parking areas, you know just checking things and people out, you'd be surprised the folks that show up for these events. Anyway, eagle eyes MiB spots this bag under a vehicle. I have my thoughts but you know Mr Official, he retrieves a Defender to make the call, safe or unsafe...they determine it is okay and we go on. 

I have a theory that they took the bag, which was filled with juice and kidlet snacks, got to the security checkpoint or read the guidelines of the security checkpoint and decided they wouldn't be let in or couldn't get in so someone ran it back to the vehicle and they had no keys to put it inside so they stuck it underneath. Makes perfect sense to me, but it could have easily been a bad thing in some circles. Best to be safe rather then sorry! We were!

 Suspicious bag under vehicle...

Since we did lots of post checking and went to the fartherest out post to make sure no one was being forgotten we had to gas up today. MiB did the honors and back on the circuit we went. I think our little mule got good gas mileage and if they would have let us I think MiB would have drove SMARTie around for the day but the little cart was fun too!
 Gassing up :)

 We also enjoyed fine food prepared by Superior Grill. Met lots of volunteers who kept traffic coming and going throughout the day, handed out candy and shared sunblock with those same said volunteers. I know they have had two very long days and while they may not think they did much they most certainly did. They were the work horses, the FOD walkers, the face of our base and they represented well.

Munsy Neighbor was there and she is all happy cause I brought her a drink :)

I have done a couple loads of laundry already and could do more but I am turning in for the night and praying for restful, peaceful sleep! It's another full week and I need to be ready to meet it head on! Night, all!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

AirShow Day 1

Oh what a day...started very gloomy and C.O.L.D yes, cold right here in LA. It was a wear fleece kind of day with hat and gloves. That darn wind was bad to the bone. However, the sun finally did make an appearance and things really did improve...but that wind :/ boo hiss to it.

P&Q ladies working the Commander's tent...they were very happy to see the sun!

All of the performer's were excellent and awesome and the folks that we spoke to (and there were many) said that had a spectacular time. There were a lot of youngsters who will be our generation of aviators in attendance today...seriously! You could see some with that spark in their eye - they want to go for it and be in the air. This is the type of event that can help a young one develop a love for flying or cements the want-to that is already growing inside another. It's good, really good for recruiting. It really was an awesome day.

The coolest flyover IMO! What a beautiful clear blue sky backdrop for these two to sail by on, it was a sight to see for about superior AIR POWER this is what we got, ain't NOTHIN' better, trust me!

 Barksdale's own B-52 and a Whiteman B-2

A few phone pics of our star performer's coming in after a very spectacular show!


It really turned out to be an outstanding day!

Oh and I am happy to report there were no accidents or injuries with the golf cart. Though sometimes I did witness the right conditions, thankfully nothing manifested! On other fronts it was really a low key day, nothing over the top to report, of course there were those few who tried to jump the barriers, or cut through were they shouldn't or wonder down in an unauthorized area but for the most part it was all good! And I think there was only ONE parent/child separation towards the end of the day so that was good as well!

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Barksdale's newest, uh, er, uh performers...

My MiB really wants to try out for this team...I think he can do it, he's got the moves but he will need to make time to practice more!

Then at the end of the day as we were about ready to go park our golf cart I got to see closer then ever THE Barksdale plane land. I have to say that while my favorite all time plane is still the B-1B (and it is here this weekend at the airshow but sadly they are not doing rides) the B-52 is a mighty bird. I see her flying overhead on most days and I am always in awe that this big girl can do what she does, it's a great feeling to know we are in good hands when this girl is in the air! So to be right there on the flight line when she came down...that was pretty much a storybook ending to an already spectacular day. She is an undeniable beauty in her own right!

Safely down with chute out!

Tomorrow is another day, praying for warmth and sunshine...

Friday, April 20, 2012

No AirShow tonight :/

It was very sad but the rainy weather and lightening did put the AirShow out of business for the night...yep, the flying part of the AirShow had to be cancelled :( but the Provider's Reception went on as scheduled. Since the flying part did not happen the MAC reception did not go on as planned...jambalaya anyone??????

Earlier this afternoon THE Thunderbirds came for a a meet and greet for a special group of guest. I certainly do think those guest were wowed...what a great event to witness! Just seeing the faces light up and the friendly competition to get autographs and pins was a pleasure to watch. I actually snagged a couple trading pins myself! I mean really they were just walking around and handing them out, so I obliged and accepted one. MiB traded some of his personal coins for pins, sort of.  and even some uh tattoos were traded for pins...the whole trading of things is pretty interesting and fun! Looking forward to more as the weekend progresses.

 The 5!

 I wanted my picture with the #5 cause he does most of the upside down flying :) I feel like I fly upside down most of the time so it was an instant bonding session! How cool is that and he has his number embroidered on upside down to represent all that upside down flying he does as well!

The Provider's Reception was not at all what I was sponsored by the Med Group, it was local area provider's as well as our Military Treatment Facility provider's. And, in addition, our Med Group had booths to showcase the different programs and services they offer; it was somewhat informational and certainly educational and it was also good to get to meet some exceptional Airmen in our Med Group. They do not have an easy job.

One of the mass casualty "victims"

Night, tomorrow is a B.I.G. day :)

My Arm Update and the Air Show

I just know you have been waiting for this update!

Actually I bet you have already forgotten they were going to cut off my arm to try and figure out what was wrong with it. That was sooooo last week! I am glad my MiB and WW friends were like, "NO" don't let them do that, get a referral. So I did. And today I went to said referral appointment and well, it's...wait for it...they don't know. I know! I was disappointed too. Like these ARE the skin specialist, the people who KNOW skin stuff. Even if the doctor I saw looked like he was in 5th grade! So I feel really great now, my arm isn't getting cut off and it isn't supposed to fall off anytime soon either! WOoHOo!

And seriously, they did not even suggest cutting off my arm...and they were glad I came to see them! They said that said arm should not be cut on anyway, they would most likely only shave it, so yeah, I'm overly excited with that option too! Okay, seriously, they were not ever going to cut my arm off, they were going to do a punch biopsy. It would have most likely left a scar. They really do not know what it is. BUT the good thing is according to these skin specialist people is that it is not any worse then when I originally noticed it and it's not spreading.

So I walked out with FREE heavy duty steroid cream to slather on it and make it better, or at least that's the plan. You know they do "PRACTICE" medicine. So again, hoping this three weeks I go back, we'll see what happens then. So stayed tuned this story is still being written!

 New picture; old arm and looking pretty much like it did...

In other news we are moving to the main base for the weekend. Did your heart skip a beat at the prospect of us moving again? It's only for the next two days while the BAFB Air Show is going on. It will just be so much more convenient for us to be over there. There is so much fun stuff going on and we will get to attend all the neat things they have to offer we won't want to come home anyway!

I will have internet and hope to post pictures each day :) I'm a little giddy as I have just read the event brief and MiB gets a golf cart! OMG, this could so end up being waaaay more fun then I even had imagined!!!

Over and out, I'm going to meet the air boss and some very special guest for today's mini show, weather permitting. It's sorta cloudy rainy, sloppy out right now, but Saturday and Sunday are looking way good!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts!

My heart usually does a little bit of a dip when I first realize that it is 19 April. That has happened in the years since that day back in 1995 ...a day many may have forgotten but that I shall most likely remember for my lifetime. I was working then and the building was in the downtown area...roughly 7 blocks or so from the Murrah Federal Building. Our office building had windows blown out, we did not have injuries. In the days to come many of us stood perimeter for the blast sight, it was what I imagine many of our military men and women see in the AOR. It was unreal. And the thing that still stays with me is the odor...

I am thankful that LilBlue was not so well that day; in fact I was en route to the pediatricians office that morning before the blast went off. We were in the office when they cut into the news stating that something had exploded in downtown. I am thankful her pediatrician's office was not in the downtown area. They had closed the interstate, back roads were also blocked in certain areas. Getting home was a long arduous process with a sick little girl in the back seat. I as well as many others were still really uncertain of what had actually happened. Once home, watching the continual news coverage and listening to all the speculation it was such an odd experience.We fielded calls from friends and family from all over the U.S. throughout the day assuring everyone our little family was fine. I remember trying to reach our parents for hours as "all circuits were busy"

Today is 19 April and I remember it well.

So thoughts today...
  • Two words - Air Show
  • MiB not feeling good today :(
  • Springlike weather is awesome!
As for the rest of my is a luncheon, followed by a little Attic time then another meeting, amongst other errands and things so gotta run, catch ya later :) Take time to remember the bombing survivors and the family members today. I always think of Baylee and her momma, Aren, and how she must miss her so terribly. Praying for you today Almon family!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So long!

In the Blue Life I prefer not to say "goodbye" for it is far to permanent sounding, I prefer so long. Sounds less final and besides you may cross paths again; in fact there are many times you truly hope and pray that happens. We have met so many really outstanding folks over the years and for me there have been few that have been any kinder then the one we gathered to say "so long" to today!

The "so long" gal is third from the left...

A few thoughts on this one...she is kind, she has a beautiful smile, she is so very welcoming. I immediately enjoyed her company, I know the next year living the solo parenting life will be a challenge but she has a good support system here to help her out. She will continue to be in the community and I will enjoy crossing paths with her.

There are many more "so longs" coming up...they are not easy but we know they are part of this life in the Blue and we get through them. Then we welcome those who come in next. Part of the cycle! It's all good, but the days that we say so long are sometimes a little sad, today was one of those days. 

I'm already not wanting to think about the other "so longs" and I am so very sad I will miss KFs. It's a crummy thing. But life happens.

LilBlue will need me that day so I will be with her in the Big O. More on that another day...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Good Sport

The local AFSA Chapter 615 Spring picnic was may remember we also attended the Fall picnic shortly after we arrived. This is a very worthy organization that does AWESOME things for our Airmen. They definitely have a voice and they do a great job representing us on the Hill. I tell you this is one fine group!

I have recently discovered some interesting information about AFSA and Barksdale and will be hitting up some new members soon...I have to catch them in town though :)

Anyway, we stopped by the picnic Saturday before making our way downtown to set up, decorate and attend The Ball. It was a pleasant day and we enjoyed getting to visit with those in attendance! We also enjoyed a bit of some picnic food. They were serving up grilled burgers, dogs and sausage, local sausage I am told! There were some pretty good chips and beans too :)

MiB was a good sport and took a stint in the dunk tank...mostly the children in attendance threw and missed the target. Then they had a little help getting him to fall in. Once he went finally went down it was all over. I think there might have been a few dollars raised for a good cause!

Down he goes!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


So there has been a committee meeting every week for the past several weeks in preparation of this huge event. I have made many of these meetings, we have had fun. It's been a lot of work too. I have enjoyed it. I think most people don't realize what it takes to put this type of event on. It's an incredible amount of work, there are many moving parts and pieces that have to come together and it takes dedication to see it through. The folks that stepped up to be on the committee and took their roles seriously. We had a great event. I am glad it is over! But today, I am tired!!!

Before heading downstairs!

Initial food report..."It's good Chief"

 MiB with a P&Q Airman!

There was a a pretty good buffet, I had the tuna, it was okay, a little overdone for me, but the sauce was nice. The veggies were all really good IMO, that was a bonus, There was also a nice salad. I did take a couple bites of MiBs bread pudding and it was really tasty, though he didn't see the rum sauce and I heard it was uber yummy! He also had the chocolate cake which was okay in his book, not over the top good but okay. 

After the meal, the formal portion of the program began. This was our first year for this event so we didn't really know the drill. There were a few toasts, special remembrances to our fallen, POWs and MIAs and then a "parade of commanders". Not sure how I feel about this, except, well, it sorta felt like we were at prom again...and I better leave it at that.

There was an acknowledgment of a turned down invitation but a stand in was sent...

 Jamie accepts that Tebow is NOT coming!

 Jamie dancing with Tim Rebow!

With all the formalities over we were free to roam about. Fun to see everyone and connect with those we had missed earlier in the evening, especially those who ducked the receiving know who you are!

 This was truly one of the coolest dresses ever!

 Gen E shows what he's got on the drums!

Accidents not incriminate anyone, I will leave it at that!

Once we took our leave of the planned festivities we re-gathered for post activities in our more comfy clothes. Some of us even tried our hand on the casino floor. The guy I was with came out $10.69 ahead on the penny slots. Not sure how Bad Hand fared at the roulette wheel, but I think the Marines kept all their dollars in their pockets! It was a good time, too bad the "cheeseburger run" didn't pan out, maybe next time.