Sunday, March 25, 2012


Well, maybe, I haven't gone to a doctor, I just Googled it. And we all know Google, which is run by the CIA is good for finding out ANYTHING.

So I did a search and I have a fungal infection! It's also known as ring worm. Yes, I know, I am also thrilled to find this out....what I was even more excited about was that it is really NOT A WORM. That certainly made me all sorts of better :)

Anyway, I now have an OTC ANTI-fungal cream that I am applying and also putting apple cider vinegar on it. I don't know why I am applying the vinegar. Well, actually, yes, I do, I am doing that because I read a link from the Google search that said that it can help. So I am.

So, you know how I like to have pictures when I post, right? Well, scroll down if you want to see them, if not stop reading now!!! There are two and they are self portraits as MiB is out washing his surfboard off!

 My lovely fungal infection on my left arm!

A little close up :)

It is a bit more red in the pictures as I have just vinegared it up. Usually it is a more dappled maroonish color. And should I be wrong on this diagnosis, I don't think I am harming myself. I have not even been able to find my Take Care of Yourself book since the move so you know to me Google is the next best thing and as long as my arm doesn't fall off I think it's all good. But should it not improve I will go to the doctor so no private messages telling me to go to the doctor please, I will if it doesn't clear up!

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