Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursday Thoughts final debut

Thursday Thoughts final debut:
  • No regrets...
  • Sooooo blessed!!!
  • It's starting to feel very real

If you noticed there have been no new post lately and evidently some of you have cause you have called, texted, emailed or ask me in person about that very thing....sooooo I wanted to tell you that I have opened a new blog. And while it is a bit early namewise it is the blog for the next chapter in our life and it's up and running.

So farewell to my loyal Adventures in Blue fans...if you are wondering about the new blog it's out there and if you ask me I will share it but I decided not to post it on the page. You can easily find it should you choose! Or try HERE :)


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Hmmmm, lots and lots of decisions made this past week, my oh my this is fun...well, sort of. Actually it's a little scary too! But we are rolling on and rolling out. Life is going to be different soon. That BIG R word is not just a thought it's reality. How exciting, but how, I don't know, I don't have words for what I am thinking.

So here are my Thursday thoughts:
  • I think I'm doing a new blog...
  • I'm outta space on this blog for pics :(
  • Beautiful bright shiny moon lately is smile material
So, I am out of pictorial space on this blog and I'm very sad. However, since I was already considering starting a new blog this being out of space pretty much seals the deal there will indeed be a new blog. Just trying to sort it all out and make a few administrative decisions. May buy some space to finish out, we'll see, too many decisions coming all at once!

Saturday, November 24, 2012


We went to a concert tonight. Kix Brooks, he has a Shreveport connection and the crowd loved him. What an fun evening! Though honestly I wasn't even sure I was going to make it through the "opener" but I'm glad I did. The real deal performer did not disappoint, he might of Rocked My World Little Country Girl! Ha

So much fun, and free made it even better! We enjoyed the show. We also enjoyed the people watching, oh my, what a target rich environment; a treat for sure!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Too much food!
  • Yummy yummy food!
  • Pumpkin pie and noodles :)
It's a very thankful day and we have much to be thankful for! Hope you and yours count your blessings and enjoy the thankful season!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Hmmm, I've been pretty quiet lately. No real reason other then life and living it. I find that the holiday season starts earlier and earlier every year and this year is looking like no exception. I am quickly penciling things in my December calendar and even November is pretty taken up. I am also making sure I am keeping some down time I think last year I neglected to do that and this year I plan to schedule it!

We finally have been able to enjoy some cooler weather, it actually feels pretty nice most afternoons but the mornings are a bit nippy, I like it, sort of! I am not so big a fan of the the cold but I do enjoy the cool. The evenings have been so nice, we have really enjoyed that! I love sweatshirt weather as I like to call it! It's definitely got that crisp feel to it!

  • Thanksgiving - one week away!
  • Ready for some pumpkin pie for sure
  • Ham will be the meat of choice we don't do gobblers!
Hope you're having a great week and keeping it real in your world!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Marine Corps Ball

What an honor and a pleasure to attend the Marine Corps Birthday Ball with our Marine Corps neighbors! There were 10 of us in all and oh what a time we had! It was so much fun, we all got rooms for the night and enjoyed the entire event. There was a pre-party in 711 and then there was the social hour with the fancy boys along with a stellar cake cutting ceremony then dinner, dancing, clubbing, post party, post, post party and then we called it a night! Some went on back down to the casino floor and brought in the dawn, I wasn't a party pooper but I did need some sleep, and I'm good with that! I was happy to wake early, check out and hit a new to us breakfast spot. 


 The "fancy boys" in the really cool uniforms!

Posting the colors

They had a big birthday cake and it was extremely tasty...I might or might not have had two pieces...but in my defense that first piece was a corner piece, a very tiny corner piece that was very little cake and a lot of fondant at that. I did not feel bad wanting another and was delighted when the head Marine guy got me another piece :)

 The bringing in of the birthday cake was quite a ceremonial event, then cutting it was even more so with the big sword serving as the knife and the oldest and youngest present shared the first piece. Pretty neato! 
Happy 237th Birthday Marine Corps! 
Semper Fi!

 MiB & me

It's now three different service balls we have been to and what great memories of them all! Again, such an honor to get to participate in this event with awesome good friends!

Veteran's Day is today. I hope you pause to remember those who have given and continue to give so much for our nation. I hope you are thankful to your United States of America servicemen and women; they are the ones who afford us the freedoms we often take for granted, they are the hero's, they are the moms, dads, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers who do so much more then just a job! Thank a veteran daily, it does the body good!

For us it's a low key day and would have been even lower key had MiB not had a parade detail; but duty calls, in questionable weather and all. First it was supposed to rain, which for him and the others I am glad that at least the rain stayed to the west; however, we do have some major wind and just a little bit after he left they put us under a tornado watch. Let's just pray it's all good because what a great honor it is to be apart of these events that pay homage to our veteran's.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Oh what a day!

It started early and ended late. I have pictures to share of the most interesting part of the day...

Let me set the stage. The email said in part:

The activity will be "no skills required, no tools required" but may involve glitter.

It went on to say:

We will meet at XXX to assemble centerpieces - no expertise required just willing hands.


I'm telling you I am NOT the crafty one. I am a good worker bee with the right visual aid to follow! But creative, crafty talent  I do not really possess; anyway, I showed up to do my part! So TEAM DB was formed for the morning. We set out on the mission we were given... painting "bulbs", then we moved on to pine cones, and lastly sticks. We did end up doing our share of bottles since a few boxes were found undone towards the end and we non bottle painters pitched in so we could wrap this work group up for the day!

And personally, I think the email was a little bit misleading you DID need skill! But I think I was a quick learner and much was accomplished and we are looking good for the centerpieces for the holiday party.

 The BWBs
 Team DB painted pine cones! FYI the silver ones were classy!

 Our bottle stash!
 There were also wine glasses that got an Epsom rim dip.
 LODE takes us through the bottle blinging process
  • Spray the adhesive on the bottle
  • Roll the bottle in Epsom salts
  • Spray again
 After spraying the second time you can add glitter!

 J-Vet shows off the finished bottle masterpiece!

Miss LODE and J-Vet were bottle masterpiece creators extraordinaire. We have over 60 bottles done; I think that's about half way to our needed number. I can forsesee another workday in our future and I can tell you two things: I will wear older shoes and bring gloves! I will also pray for a non windy day.

 RR on bottle duty!

 There was a lot of washing up going on!!!

 Casualties of the day...

Thankfully, MiB was at home getting a change of clothes and was able to being me a pair of black shoes since I was on my way to meet him at the CCAF graduation. Thankful also that RR had goo-gone and I was able to clean up my hands to be able to at least be a little more public ready. 

The day ended well with dinner at a new Mexican place for us, Tito's. MiB did enjoy it, I had been there a few weeks ago and liked it just fine as well, so far we gave it the only thumbs up for a Mexican restaurant in this area.

I am hoping for a pretty great weekend, we will be attending the Marine Corps Ball tomorrow night with the ENA crew. Pretty excited about that. Pics will follow :) Have a great weekend.