Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ruskie Food

Today we had traditional Russian food prepared by the beautiful girl in the picture below; she is from Kyrgyzstan. Man, can she can cook! We have been treated to her cooking before, she made borscht for us along with some other yummy salads a few months back. Today she made Okroshka and it was awesome!

The Ruskie Cook!

Along with the cold soup we had onion beef, and fry bread, oh me, I was in heaven. It was soooooo good. And the cool thing is she sent us home with some. I know what I am having for breakfast tomorrow!

Getting ready to cut and fry the bread!

Just so your don't think we are slackers, our contribution to the dinner was dessert, yeah, I know, exactly what I don't need to be eating, but we rose to the challenge and got a nice sampler platter of cheesecake slices. Yes, it was purchased but it rocked (ummm, I know this because sadly I have needed to bring dessert to a few other events as of late and with our limited cooking supply situation it is just easier to get something like this rather then make it). Anyway, when we stopped to pick up the said cheesecake there were these cute little gingerbread boys and girls in the bakery case and I really thought this little girl would like one. I was right, she smiled really big when we gave it to her :)

I don't know any Russian but if I did I would so say, "THANK YOU" since I would need to be thanking them all the time for the yummy food! I did say thank you in English but I think it would be cool to know it in Russian...I will work on learning that so I can say that next time. I will ask the gingerbread girl eater since she speaks fluent Russian!


Frizzy and Bird said...

Hmmm I can answer that for you. My dad worked there for a little while. SpaSIba is how you say thank you. The I is pronounced with the hard e sound like in Italian.

Now, you should know that's not at all how it's written in Russian.

My keyboard doesn't even have the right letters/symbols to write it the correct way.

Mrs. Blue said...

Oh cool, I will try it out on her when we see them again on Tuesday for dinner! THANKS :)

Susie said...

Sounds like a great event:-)