Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Thoughts!

Holy cow! Here we are on Thursday again and I just don't know where the weeks is amazing here in that we are feeling a little bit like Fall and I LOVE IT! Fall is my favorite season of all, I love all the colors associated with fall, I like to think of them as the jewel tones, which are also the colors I enjoy wearing, so I hope they are good colors for me, hmmmm...well, that is another post so we will just leave it alone!

  • Be thankful for ALL that you are
  • Be thankful for ALL that you have
  • Be thankful for ALL that you will be
  • Be thankful always to God our Father


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fun Friend Creations

I am soooooo in the presence of creativeness...yeah, I know, it IS incredible! I have such creative friends, what happened to me. Okay, I know I have my little bursts of creativity but they feel few and far between as these women I have been around lately well they are off the charts creative!!!

She makes these incredible book covers. Or she can do a pad holder...or whatever she has the whim to do she does...yeah, I know, exquisite! They are all so neat and so much neater in person, trust me! It's amazing, really, amazing! And she has them in all shapes and sizes, done in all sorts of ways, it's truly a sight to behold!

She also makes panels that will become bags or purses, yeah, I know, incredible!!!!

She also cross stitches, not just on that regular counted cloth, oh no, she goes to town on linen...I know, she is AMAZING! I mean I KNEW this, but when I look at her things I know it all over again!

 THIS is going to be n incredible Spring wall hanging! (RIGHT? I mean we set a deadline on this being finished, so by next spring this will be hanging in her home)
One of her many pieces of fall decor!

Another beautiful cross stitched work of art!
 Fabric that is just BEGGING to be worked with and turned into something extremely wonderful!

This has been such wonderful treat for me, it's been inspiring, I have been truly awed by the works. I am even thinking of trying my hand at quilting again. I think I am going to attempt a wool applique project (a kit, this time). I am excited, I hope I find something doable because I HAVE been inspired and I want to act on it!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Dinner w/Mr and Mrs G!

While we were stationed in Aviano with Fun Friend we were honored with the privilege of meeting Mr and Mrs G; last night I had the pleasure of having dinner with them. What a delight, they are just good people, we had the most pleasant evening. Fun Friend made a most tasty lasagna, like really yummy and I would have like to have had two pieces but I only had one cause I'm soooo tryin to be good, we had a very yummy salad with lovely black olives and garbonzo beans in it as well, just go ahead and put this in your lovely evening folder cause that is what it was. Great conversation, wonderful good food what more can you ask for. My goodness how blessed I am.

We toasted our men and women serving at undisclosed locations :) including my MiB!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


It was such a wonderful day...four friends reuniting, we just were, we walked, we talked, we ate, we were. We loved, we hugged, we laughed, we were...we still are, we always will be, friends, it's who we are, we are friends, no time barrier, no mileage barrier, no nothing, friends, that's us.

Colonial Williamsburg 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back in the Sunshine State!

My road trip has come to an end, I am safely back in that Nice town in FL after roughly 1900 miles or so of driving the past 8 days(actually, I did not drive, I navigated thank you very much!), it's been awesome, but I won't deny it we are tired. It's been wonderful and I would do it all over again but I am thrilled to be sitting in Fun Friends family room drinking Assam tea.

We are going to have a low key evening with steaks on the grill and caprese salad, what's not to love!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Thoughts!

I know third post in one day, that has to be some sort of record...for me anyway...

  • Good friends are THE best!
  • I think I will take up quilting again.
  • The military has given me some great memories!
Short and sweet, I'm done, night!

And the plates go on...

I know, I know, enough already you are tired of the vanity plates, I just can't help it...these are from today, again, I tell you, I missed many others!

FYI: Leavin VA tomorrow...

Yes, the Quilting Diva is MY friend!

We have had so much fun catching up with the Quilting Diva over coffee but getting together for dinner at her house this week was over the moon fantastic! We laughed (almost til wine came out our noses a couple times), we reminisced (Italy was awesome together!), we shared, we nearly cried (in the kitchen, raising's tough sometimes), and we hugged as much as we could (and pray we do not get FFs cold). After dinner Fun Friend could wait no more she had to see the Diva's latest shall you! This woman has soooo much quilting talent (among many others!) and oh what an eye for color....ENJOY!

Fun Friend takes copious notes for later...

What a blessing for us to be able to see each other again!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And the plates just keep on comin'

These are the ones I was able to photograph today...mind you I saw way more than this!

And my personal favorite of the day...

In addition to seeing more plates we also took in downtown Hampton today. After we wandered a bit we ate at a neat little place called LaBodega where we enjoyed a tasty cup of cream of asparagus soup along with a nice sandwich.

The restaurant came highly recommended by the Hampton Stationary lady. Which if you are in to stationary shops this is most certainly one of the better ones I have been in. They had really awesome stuff that you can't find in the big chain store that starts with WAL and ends with MART.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Virgina is for ...

lovers. Well, yeah, that IS what I thought until yesterday. I now think it is VANITY PLATES. Seriously, everywhere I look I see them and now I am taking pictures so you can see them too. Trust me I have already missed several so this is just a smidgen of the ones I have actually seen with my own two eyes! I am utterly and totally amazed at this phenom here!

Since it is only a mere $10 "extra" to have personalized tags I guess I do understand why Virginians love their plates...