Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 31 - D.O.N.E.

Wow, I survived...I feel like I almost need a week of blog free writing! But I also feel like it was well worth it. I am glad I chose to participate!

I feel like some days the post really were done by the skin of my teeth. Do teeth really have skin? Where does that saying come from anyway? Oh my, focus, focus so 31 days and I managed to get a post up for everyone of them. Thank goodness I figured out how to schedule post cause that is .l.i.t.e.r.a.l.l.y what saved me! It's always a fun thing to do, but nerve wracking to me as well. This year I even felt somewhat more prepared and still had days I was grasping for what I was going to post. Nonetheless I had fun and I plan to participate again next year. This is something I really do do for me! And I have already named a file "31 Days 2013"! I know, I know! Believe it or not there are a few topics already listed in there but don't get too excited that is as far as it goes at this point! Though life choices will dictate which ones are able to come to fruition, which is exciting and scary all rolled into one!

Thanks for riding along with me on this journey no matter if you came for one day or ten or all 3; it was a great little ride and I know I will re-read some of these Day+# post and remember the exactedness of my life at the point of the post. I will recall how my thoughts were formed and what I was really thinking as I re-read some of the under the words comments, it's my life in this blog, myOrdinary Life and I like it. I am thankful I have the opportunity to live it. I am sooooo abundantly blessed, I don't always feel like I can write about how blessed and loved I am as it might taint it or feel unreal to others. There are days I am afraid of how good my life is. I do feel like each year into this whole docublogging I become more and more transparent with my posts, that excites and scares me all in the same thought.

So, Thursday Thoughts will be back tomorrow to make it's regularly scheduled appearance! Until then find the enjoyment in YOUR ORDINARY LIFE!

If you are reading me for the first time I've just completed a 31 day blogging challenge. If your curious there is an explanation here!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 30 - the BIG R

I have alluded it to it time and time again over the past several months and we knew it was coming but the reality is in front of us. The decision has been made, set into motion and it's all just a dating game at this point. We will be R.E.T.I.R.I.N.G from Life in the Blue in 2013.

I know I knew this time would come however it seems an untruth to me at this point...

When I say it's been shared I don't mean we have broadcast it, and we won't. Some have known for a while this was coming as the signs have been there. Others have asked straight out and since we aren't one to hide things we might have answered vaguely or put it out there, usually it depended on the person, the venue and individual circumstances; many have no idea. So what I really mean by shared is that MiBs boss knows, he had to approve it after all and honestly, I think he was relieved to get that task over, telling the boss...but most are not in the know. However, this type information will start to get around quickly  and many will know in the weeks/months to come. It sounds funny but I have been working on my answer, you know when I get the question "are you really retiring?" or "why are you retiring?"'s not easy but I hope I get it down pat and soon with that gracious smile. I want it to be positive, I want it to be unemotional, I want it to be easy, in my mind it will be, in my heart I know differently.

There is no better way to do this then on your own terms, That's the way it should be in MiBs opinion and not hanging around for the next better job, paycheck or even a solid civilian job offer (which he doesn't have, but am I worried, no...okay, maybe a little). It's bittersweet. Should we stay or should we go? That's a song and it's been the 64 million dollar question rolling around in my head for several months. GO, MiBs says, it's time to start a new chapter for us outside the Blue. I am not without reservations, this has been our life for over 26 years. I am not without disappointment, I thought this would be our life for a few more years with new opportunities still to come but MiB says no, it's time; it's been time, we need to go. I am not without satisfaction, this has been a great ride, I feel truly blessed by all that has been and those we have met. I'm just not sure what's to be on the outside, it's a little daunting to think of life not in the Blue and as many years as I have had to deal with the great unknown this time it is different. I'm anxious.

Let's be honest our time here in LA has been exhausting and rewarding and extremely challenging. We came in under less then ideal circumstances both at the base and personally. I think, I hope, we are leaving the Deuce better then we found her. My hope is that we have made some sort of difference and helped; that they knew we truly cared, that we were trying, doing what needed to be done and yet keeping balance. It was not and has never been a job for us. And us, well, we are leaving with some battle wounds, but never fear we have made it through much worse. It's honestly, been a real wild ride but I think it was worth it, I hope it was.

Our 2013 is shaping up to be quite a year...retirement, LilBlue's graduation and then her wedding. Course the retirement I'm not concerned with there will be no hoopla, thankyouverymuch. The graduation will be celebratory for sure but extremely low key. Then the wedding that's the biggie! With so many unknowns added into the mix it's going to be, well, I'm not sure what it's going to be but it's gotta be what she wants it to be so we will be concentrating on that.

Retirement it's part of ordinary life...I have been blogging everyday about my ordinary life and you can read about it here!  I am trying to decide IF Adventures in Blue will continue after life in the Blue is over...I'm perplexed and not in true decision mode but I am mulling it over. I may or may not continue with this blog, or blogging at all; I may continue to blog but open a new blog since the name of this blog will no longer seem appropriate, hmmmm much to consider in the coming days, much indeed.

EDITED: I did start a new blog, you can now find us HERE!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 29 - Death

It's not a part of life that is enjoyable but it's still a part of ordinary life.

A man who played a very significant role in my formative years and remained a close confidant, spiritual mentor, financial adviser,all around be there for me kind of guy has gone on to be with his heavenly Father. He was my own father's best friend and since I was raised by my dad we spent a lot of time together with his family. He was a rare gem and he will be missed.

Some of my favorite memories are meeting for coffee. J.C. had a sweet tooth and he loved his treats. Donuts were definitely a treat and he always made sure he had one and me too! He knew my favorite kind and I knew his. In addition whenever we were at his house there was ALWAYS, always, always candy, usually boxed Russell Stovers. The chocolate with nuts or caramel were my favorite and he always knew which ones those were and would tell me which one to pick. He also always had divinity candy at Christmas too. The kind with walnuts or pecans were my favorite. His sister made it, it was the best! I also remember many a chicken dinner with him, he loved chicken, especially fried. Yep, we shared many a meal over the years.

J.C. was NOT just about food, oh my no. He was about life. He was a real guy who lived through some struggles, he was genuine and honest. He told you like it was but with so much love and compassion. He was truly one of a kind. His wife often said they broke the mold after J was born. He served in WWII, didn't talk about it much, but MiB did some research and helped locate some of his citations and awards, he had the purple heart. He flew over 30 combat missions, he was a belly gunner, that's no easy job and many did not come home! We made him a shadow box with his military items, it hung in his room in the Good Samaritan home! He was very humble about his military service.

When we were in Italy, he would say if you ever get to Foggia look up my laundry lady and tell her hi! He and A had hope to make it to Italy to visit us but their health was declining at that time and it just didn't work out. He was a character for sure! He was also a vocalist. Yes, he could sing and sing well. He was the song leader in my childhood church for many years and no one could lead the song service quite like he did. The two I remember the most that he really brought it for were Victory in Jesus and Up from the Grave He Arose. Those two songs hold incredible memories for me! I know he is singing them still. In fact he was singing still last time we visited him all from memory! Truly a joy to hear!

 R. I. P. my friend...

There is so much more I could say, in fact I could go on and on and on about this man...he was truly a man like no other and we lost a good one when we lost J.C. I'm saddened beyond measure but also rest in the assurance of knowing we will meet again someday and oh what a day that will be!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 28 - Football

My name is Mrs Blue and I am a football fan...

I am originally from Missouri and have always cheered for the Kansas City Chiefs on their good years and not so good years! I also loved the St Louis Cardinals and was sooooo VERY sad when they moved on to Arizona and secretly still like them lots! However, in high school I was also a pretty big Steeler's fan, now, notsomuch. My team of teams is the New England Patriots, I've liked them best for a number of years. I think it's the red, white and blue uniforms that sucked me in earlier in my more adult life stage. However, I like a number of other teams and will cheer for them when they are on like the Minnesota Vikings, there is something about Minnesota that I like, I also like the Houston Texans, a little (it's those darn red, white and blue colors that get me every time).

Sadly, there are teams I do not ever pull for like the Dallas Cowgirls, not sure what it is I just don't care for them nor do I like the Oakland Raiders, nope, I don't like them at all, no way, no how! I am not a Denver Broncos fan either. But since it's a personal choice and fans are pretty loyal I am never ugly to any other team fan, I think that good rivalries are awesome but ugliness to others based on their team choice is just nasty! A little jib jabbing is okay as long as it's in good taste!

I am a college football fan as well, BOOMER SOONER baby! That's the team I really enjoy and almost equally so the Auburn Tiger's, yep, that's right I do NOT Roll Tide. NOT a Cornhusker fan either, seems no matter the day I cannot Go Big Red. Of course, I am a Mizzou fan since MiB spent some time there as well as two of his siblings and it is MY home state! And let's not forget those Air Force Falcon's! You gotta cheer for your service team...go Air Force!

Believe it or not we also enjoy and find ourselves at the occasional high school football game. We were especially proud of the T-Birds in Bellevue, NE and always cheered for the Stanhope Mustangs when we were in AL and then our own alma mater those Nevada Tigers are always close to our heart!

Football is definitely a part of oh my ordinary life! Cheer on your favorite team today, you know you have one!

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 27 - Wedding

In just nine s.h.o.r.t. months we will be at a wedding. That's right our own LilBlue is getting married to the Bud. It's not going to be the easiest day of our life but it won't be the hardest either. There will be joy and sadness.

Because I know you want to know here is what I know. There will be an intimate ceremony at a tiny little church south of the Big O where the Bud's grandmother attended. When I say intimate I mean only immediate family will be at the actual wedding ceremony. The church has nine pews. MiB and I got to see it when we were in the Big O over Labor Day. To find out how many we could seat on those nine pews MiB & I sat bum to bum and came up with the very scientific figure of 54. Which works well since the count for this part of the day is looking like a potential for 45ish. I just hope the AC works well and that it's not too much of a scorcher.

There is only one area for dressing so we are supposed to come up with some sort of room divider. Yeah, not sure how that will work or if it will happen. I'm thinking she will just have to let whoever needs to do their thing do it first then she will take over the area. All others will have to stay out.

Wedding party you say? Notsomuch, just her and the Bud and potentially some Little people. I personally have no issues with this aspect but I'm surprised that others have sort of frowned when they heard it. Hey people, it's HER day so whatever she wants to do I'm trying to do. So I really do feel as though it's all her day, well and the Bud's... so who, what and how she wants to do it is pretty much okay with me. Unless you are going to be an investor- read that pay for it, which MiB and I are, I say you have notsomuch a say-so, she does and that's how we're rolling. I don't need her stressing over this, she has to get through this last year of school successfully and plan her wedding how she would like it be, period.

The reception which will be later in the evening is going to be a little bit of cake, punch and finger food affair. Family will partake in a meal in between the ceremony and reception. Nothing fancy just basic nourishment. LilBlue loves chicken fingers so that's what we are having. At one point I thought she was going to do pasta since the Bud seems partial to that but she said too messy! LOL Come on let's just do pizza and call it good I mean they both love that and so do I!

The reception will be at a hall in the town we used to live in. Mostly his/her friends, little cake cutting, little dancing and call it an evening. Decorating and doing the food for this will be the big job. I think we have nailed down many things but we are still working on some of the finer details. Cake maker is not secured nor is day of help. Hoping the hall comes through with the ceiling decorator (she wants lights and lanterns hung). It's hard to coordinate a lot of this so far away. And because I think I should not plan to do so much myself we will have to have help.

I have to say we have had much success with finding things on Craigslist, I have been uber pleased about that! Table linens and chair covers were picked up this way for way cheaper then renting. Hopefully, she can re-list them to help someone else out. We have also scored some other items in the most unlikely places, which I love! We are still scouring regularly to pick up other items. It's been fun and challenging.

I don't quite have her vision for the ceremony, but I do have a good feel for what she would like the reception venue to be. She has sent me a floor plan and we know the basic table set up and such but we are still acquiring table decor. I love that she is open-minded and the tables don't have to be matchy-matchy! That makes it easier right there. We have been gathering vases, candle holders and votive cups along with some frames. We have been sale gathering items from Michaels and Hobby Lobby with weekly coupons.

Colors are for now sage and eggplant. Nothing settled on exactly what flowers but there is still plenty of time. I do know she is leaning towards lillies and roses I think. Roses would be somewhat symbolic, I think she will go with white ones. Many other things remain to be seen, but again we are chipping away at it every week. I know it will all come together for her day and all is well!

And many things can and will evolve in the coming days and months and that's fine, we will make it work the best we can with what we got to get it how she wants.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 26 - Temptation

I hang out with a group of ladies who decided to participate in a little fall festival at a local elementary school and do an upscale bake shop. We signed up, forked over some $$ and are setting up for business.

While fun, it's been REALLY, really, really tough to not sample the products. Okay maybe NOT that hard, but hard. We have some awesome bakers in our group, I am notsomuch one of them, but I can come up with a solid item or two to contribute and I did! Can you say yummy pumpkin cookies, dipped pretzels and little pain in the bum acorns along with gingerbread and regular rice crispy treats? Yep, that's me!

 Working on the acorns!
 The very labor intensive acorns!

 A few of the dipped pretzels, which were kind of fun to make :)

We went with a fall theme so our scrumptious items included pumpkin spice cupcakes, turtle, caramel apple and pumpkin cheese cake, pumpkin bread, pumpkin and snickerdoodle cookies to name a few. It's going to be fun and since the weather is changing to a little bit cooler temps it might even feel like fall and that's gotta be good for business, or at least we hope!

 My FAVORITE pumpkin cookies!!!

Happy Friday to you!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 25 - Notso

Things I don't like so much...or notso favorites!

Well, I don't want this to be a negative post so I will be sensitive to what I don't like so much! Really, I will and I will not bore you I hope!

Now this is not an everyday occurrence in my world, THANK GOD, but it certainly was notso much a favorite when I found it...

  DEAD frog!

I have NO IDEA how this frog got where he did, all I know is that when I found him I was notso happy. I was opening the blinds and thought at first he was alive. He was notso much, I don't know which is worse finding him dead or alive, but since he was dead I went ahead and left him there for MiB to see. YUCK : /

Hmmmm, this is harder then I thought...okay, well, I don't like gnats and flies, they are evil so are mosquitoes! Notso much! I also don't like litterbugs and people who toss out chewed gum. That' makes me a little bit angry. I know these are just little things but I don't like them. so yeah, notso much do those thing work for me.

Another thing I don't really like is people touching me as in getting a massage. I know people who love massages, notso for me, it is NOT relaxing, it tenses me up and yes I've had one and doubt it is anything I will repeat again. It's just notso much for me! I do not mind a hug though :)

Lastly, you may or may not recall that I don't like to drive, especially at night! The drive to my own house here in LA I'm notso much a fan. It's really notso much the drive as it is THE drive. I know I've mentioned this but for those who forgot we live on the East side of this base. So when I drive home from Main base which is nearly everyday sometimes three times a day and once in awhile four, it's those days I notso much like it eve less! I don't drive that far but THE drive is a little how shall I put it, hmmmm, well, the drive just stinks.

One of the 45 MPH stretches!

Let me explain, I leave main base heading home. I leave the housing area and it's 15 MPH. Then it's 25 MPH on the rest of the base until I get over by the static displays where it's a 35 MPH zone for just a short 1/4 of a mile or so you can whiz along at 45 MPH. The you drop it back down to 25 MPH for less then an eye blink to pass by the gate, then you are hauling again as it's back up to45 MPH for a little ways; then it's down to 25 MPH to make the ALS turn. Creep on up to 35 MPH while you blink then you get to cruise along at 50 MPH for a nice little ride until you have to drop it back to 35 MPH through the Cullen park area. From there it's 40 MPH for a good bit til you drop it down to 25 MPH to make the Shoppette turn. Once you get just past the fire house then you can sail on in at  40 MPH til the 25 MPH hits near the tennis courts for the duration, well until you drop it down to 15 MPH those last few blocks into the the driveway.

If you didn't count or couldn't keep up that is 14 speed limit changes, yes I did just say fourteen and all in about 15.5 miles or so. It's notso much fun on this drive to my house especially if you get behind someone who is notso familiar with the speed limits or say a GOV truck loaded with weapons, or a forklift or a lawn mower or a heavy equipment operator, yeah, that makes this drive even more loveable! (NOT) Oh, well, I am thankful for cruise control cause I use it on this drive and it could be worse, right or notsomuch? LOL :)

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 24 - Military - MiB

As you know, or at least I hope you know by now, MiB is my husband and he serves in the United States Air Force. It's a job that is a lifestyle and certainly not 9-5, it's 24/7/365. It's been that way since I can remember. It's our life not just his, that is just the way it is when you are a military family.

MiB at a neighborhood event with the littlest Marine!

I have blogged many of our experiences as a military family but thought I would hit on some of the ordinary things again. We have an opportunity to do many things and many things are just a part of this life. Promotions and retirements are regular occurrences. They are always happening usually weekly.
 Recent Chief retirement...

 Senior Master Sgt Promo from a ways back...

Then there are the community events, mixers, luncheons, dinners. Once you get to know folks those are enjoyable as well, this community as I have said before has some phenomenal folks who bring the support, they don't just give us lip service they back it up! It's incredible and we feel so blessed by these organizations who show up to GIVE and give generously to this base.

And there are military related functions too, some are unexplainable and you get so much more then you realize out of them. Recently, our base hosted a handful of Wounded Warriors. They came to hunt on the thousands of acreage here. The night before their hunt was a dinner and we met the guys. These were no ordinary guys...they were truly warriors and hero's. I was in awe. I was also a little bit embarrassed that earlier in the day I was complaining about my foot hurting. Yeah, being around these guys made me realize how petty my whining was. I mean I sat with JJ a double amputee who was a very upbeat young man who wasn't complaining or whining about his "feet"! And then there was Thomas our other table mate. I've gotta tell you this guy was a poster child for living life with an attitude of gratitude, he was amazing. I just loved his spirit immediately.

Words cannot convey how touched I was from this event.

Not all events are as enjoyable as the one above. There are times I feel like we are a display, almost like a zoo exhibit. This happens inadvertently I'm sure but it still happens, it's awkward and we just move on. Some folks have never had the experience of knowing people in or affiliated with the military and they just don't think before speaking. It's nothing really but it's something that often leaves me feeling odd. I've probably done the same in some other situation.

Military life to me is as ordinary as the air I breath. I know this is not the case for many. Even some of my young counterparts as they are just entering this blue world and are learning to navigate the waters are soooo lost. I hope they just press on and embrace it, it's not like anything else but it's worth the efforts of learning this world/culture; it really is!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 23 - Fall

Since this little challenge happens in October I think I will let you know that FALL is my absolute FAVORITE season. Even though fall officially started 22 September I think of it being more fall like in October. I love the fall. To be fair I also like Spring and Summer, hmmmm Winter, notsomuch. Sorry Winter. I don't mind you so much when I am located where you are mild or where I do not have to get out in your big elements (wind and snow). But I think liking one season a little more then another is part of anyone's ordinary life!

But let's get back on the subject of fall. I think I like it because I really love the jewel tones and those are after all the colors of fall. That's probably one of the reasons I am more partial to fall. I am also a lover of the pumpkin so that just makes loving fall all the better!

Some of the sights from my area that say fall to me...

Little tree with beeeeee-u-ti-ful red leaves!!!!


My own cranberry wreath :)

Unfortunately, for me, the sights of fall have to be sought out. This area does not have the gorgeous trees that change colors readily available, mostly there are pines here. There are not the rolling hills with the majestic fall colors but it's still all good we didn't have that in FL either. However, the bestest place we have ever lived for fall, other then the Ozarks in my own home state of MO, was VA with the gorgeous Shenandoah Skyline area. CO was a close second sporting the beauty of the mountains with their aspen trees. Yep, I love fall!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 22 - Bare Escentuals

I am not what one would call a girly girl. I am one who does like to feel put together and look as well as one can without spending a fortune. I am a low maintenance type girl. I have a fairly simple routine that is pretty basic. I do not begrudge those who do more or less I just do what I do and call it good.

My BEFORE (sorry, it's a bit scary)

I can count on one hand the number of mani and pedi's I have had. I don't like having strangers play with my feet. I don't mind manicures but I usually screw it up and then feel it's a waste of good money. I also think they cost too much and that I would rather spend that money on something I really find more enjoyment in. But I have family members who absolutely love getting pedicures and that's great.

I put on makeup 365 days a year, okay, okay, there may be a day or two I don't but for the most part I "put my face on" everyday, I just feel better, even if I don't put it all on I most always even out my skin tone with my foundation and wee bit of all over face color. I am a Bare Minerals girl, have been since 2003. While I am not so loyal to any moisturizer brand, I am to the Bare Escentuals line. I love the Bare Minerals foundation and True All Over Face Color. I also prefer their brow color, nude beach eye color, bisque concealer and mineral veil finishing powder. It works for me and I have been very happy using it for going on 10 years.

 My little makeup basket along with my brush mug...

So the moisturizer I am currently using, I do like it, is from of all places one of my favorite grocery stores...ALDI. I know right? But it's good stuff and I like it and when it's gone I will switch to something else. I do that, I like to use something different every time I run out. Very rarely do I use the same thing twice in a row. I think I am going to get Aveeno next time but we'll see!

The eyeliner I love best right now is Almay, the mascara I like at present is Maybelline Illegal Length, I bought Almay I-tense Color but it is clumpy so went into the garbage soon after it came home with me. I most always have a coupon for my eyeliner and mascara and try to catch it on sale to maximize the savings. I usually ebay my minerals. I always get it cheaper then going to Ulta or Sephora since their coupons almost always exclude certain brands which Bare Escentuals is one of those brands!


I personally think my make up enhances my look. I don't feel I over do it and I again I feel better about me when I have a bit of color on. I don't think poorly of someone who chooses not to use makeup it is a personal choice. Part of my ordinary life includes my make up.

Before and After sided by side...

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 21 - MyFamily

We all have them, I happen to like mine! Most everyday anyway! I don't live so close to them so maybe that is why I like them so much. However, I don't think so. I miss living close to LiLBlue especially. It's not easy being so far away from my parents either, especially as they age. Doctors and even hospital stays are hard to navigate through on the phone. We do manage and I try to make it home often but seems like life is in the way most of the time. And I do mean L.I.F.E. cause I am living it!

Anyway, my family is pretty small, it's just me and my three second sisters. There are of course all my nieces and nephews and then the Littles along with a few aunts, uncles and lots of cousins. MiB has three siblings as well, one is his twin and then a brother and a sister each along with his parents, a niece and a whole slew of aunts, uncles and cousins.

My family is far from perfect, I actually come from divorced parents...I know, I hate it but I do still have the love and support of my parents. By parents I mean my father who raised me and the woman he married when I was almost 18. I call her my second mother, hence the three second sisters above, I didn't get them the first time around but I did the second. I'm sure glad I did! Honestly, in the beginning I know I didn't feel that way after having my dad to myself all those years but now I see the major part they all play in my life and I am so very thankful it is the way it is.

In my own little family it is just the three of us. The other two make my life complete and make some days worth it all. They are my heart. Family is incredible they are the heart and soul of life and they are what they are...warts and all. I can tell you this, I love mine, period, no question about it.


 Soon we will be adding the Bud to our numbers!

Family is definitely a part of my ordinary life!

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 20 - Movies

MiB and I enjoy movies...when we have spare time we try to take in a movie. It's just something we enjoy. We usually hit the early bird or matinee. However, for us with a military discount we can usually go to a primetime show and it's less then a matinee, now that's crazy!

The best one lately was the Clint Eastwood one about baseball. MiB and I really enjoyed that one.  I am not a movie buff and I don't remember lines or titles or even actors but I enjoy them anyway. I forget most of them but I still enjoy them, they are purely entertainment for me. Usually we do not even get popcorn at the movie we did a few weeks ago because we had a coupon for a free popcorn with a drink purchase. I believe it DOES pay to join the rewards programs. I personally like Regal Entertainment. We have gotten free drinks popcorn and admission since joining their rewards program just after the beginning of this year, I like it. Oh and we saw ARGO and it was really good as well.

I just downloaded the Cinemark app on my phone  a few weekends ago and am supposed to earn rewards with it but the jury is still out if I like it or not. I find out AFTER putting it in cinemode that I wasn't logged in and did NOT earn any rewards the first time I used it. I thought I had on my phone I logged it in to cinamode and thought it was good to go, nope apparently you have to log in every time so not sure I'm happy with this app.

Anywho, we are movie goers...we enjoy action adventure flicks the most. Like I said we usually hit the "early-bird" show at Tinseltown here locally or go to the Regal 9 where the hits come for a few weeks after being at the main theater and are cheaper (and we earn REGAL Crown Club rewards). We have even had neighborhood night at the Boardwalk where 13 of us showed up to go to dinner and a movie! And I even meet up with some of the girls and we take in matinee's while their kids are in school. Our latest meet up we saw Pitch Perfect, oh my how we laughed! I might of even gone to see MM with them and blushed for sure in that VERY crowded dark theater.

Going to the movies definitely qualifies as a slice of our ordinary life!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 19 - SBC

Shreveport / Bossier City is the area we are in now. Until we moved here SBC always meant Southern Baptist Convention in my mind! So seeing this reference around town and in emails always messes me up!

Anyway, the SBC area is quite impressive. The BC Chamber of Commerce is fantabulous, they absolutely love the base and treat us so very well and they advocate for us too. It's very nice to be liked! Shreveport also has a lot to offer, they have some museums that are worth a look and there are some impressive landmarks too. We recently went to the Robinson and had a really enjoyable evening there, I want to go back. There was a film showing there right after we moved here that I wanted to see but we didn't make it. Now I will be watching for their schedule so we can make it again soon! We are enjoying our time here. The northern part of the state is so very different then the southern. We have been down to NOLA a couple times and it's an enjoyable destination especially for people watching.

A little know fact is that Shreveport is a really big movie filming area. I mean who knew that? I didn't until we moved here! There are also a few shows that tape or have taped pretty close to here. Ever heard of Billy the Exterminator? Yeah, he's just right up the road and he used to be in the USAF as well, small world isn't it? Duck Dynasty is filmed right over in Monroe, LA which is only 60 or so miles away. Then there is that Bayou Billionaire show that films just outside of the downtown Shreveport area. I've never seen either one of those shows but they are local and the topic of many conversations! Further south you have Swamp People, my father really likes that show and so do the Littles so I know a something about it. We recently had a gator hunt right here on the base and they wanted Jacob to come but he didn't.

The Bossier City area also boasts a nice civic center and the CenturyLink not to mention all the casinos, oh my, are there casinos, LOTS of them. We aren't really casino goers but I have to say the bonus of these places is they provide awesome venues for big events. Their facilities are nice and they always work with the base to get acceptable prices and then they offer awesome room prices so it's a sweet deal! We will be attending another event downtown at the Eldorado and staying the night in early November so it's pretty awesome!

All in all we are enjoying our time in SBC living our ordinary life!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 18 - Shoes

I'm not a shoe shopper but I do enjoy shoes. I love my Uggs, they are the bomb IMO.

 My Uggs!

I have some shoes I really enjoy wearing, I have some shoes I wear only because they look best with the dress/outfit I'm wearing and pray my feet make it through.

I recently along with MiB got new running shoes. I recently posted about wanting some new running shoes a while back. I went to the local running store to get them and they didn't have my size :( So since they did not have the color MiB needed we ended up ordering our runners online. They arrived and my feet have been happier since! Online Shoes was great!

I'm a MIZUNO girl and he's an ASICS man.

I also have a couple pair red shoes which I love...these are the ones I wore to our neighborhood cookout, I thought they looked super cute!

 Red Shoes!

Since I am not what I would call myself a shoe person so to speak as I don't have THAT many shoes. I mean I know other people who own waaaaay more shoes then I. But I would probably own more comfy shoes if I could find them. MiB even has more shoes then I do! Seriously, he does.

My shoe storage areas...nothing fancy but definitely functional for me.

I do have a fancy pair of shoes though! Well I think they are :)

Ordinary people buy and wear shoes. Again, I am an ordinary person who has shoes, probably too many, in fact with this downsizing I'm doing I can see several pairs going to the Goodwill or Airmen's Attic since I will need to reduce the number I have. It's so hard to give up some of them as they are like old friends! Then others it's very easy!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 17 - Purses

Most days I carry a purse. That's a pocketbook if you are my father. Others refer to them as handbags. Me I just go with purse! I do not change purses daily but I do like to change it up every now and again. Sometimes for evening events I carry a little black number or my Coach bag. I also have a fancy little gold clutch but I have to wear the right ensemble to pull it that one off!

Little evening bags are a must for my world!

 The I saved up forever and waited for it to go on clearance Coach bag!

My daily carry is usually a Vera Bradly, I have several a few! Several would have been accurate a year or so ago no I have given a lot of them away as I realized I did have too many so I only have a few. There will be a few less soon as I am downsizing even more!

 Current daily carry...

 The Vera I like to carry on trips for it's over the body carry as well as a nice leather one I like!

Another Vera I switch to every now and again!

I like carrying a purse for the most part. I think most of us ordinary women do! It's good to be able to have things you need or your spouse needs, like readers! My purse has a lot of things in it. I like to carry a handkerchief  with me. I also carry tissues, lip balm, lipstick, pen, eye drops, name tag, wallet, gum, scissors and face powder. Sometimes I also carry MiBs wallet in there along with his military challenge coins in addition to my own coin. Once in a while there is a snack in there like a granola bar or nuts or crackers. You would also find my travel toothbrush, hand sanitizer, hair holder and clip along with usually at least one alka seltzer. Usually my calendar and cell phone are in there too! I try to keep a tidy purse but sometimes I find it messy and that bugs me so I clean it out and start again! I would love to be able to get away with not carrying it but I find I do better having it and all my belongings close by!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 16 - Blogging

Whew, this 31 Day Challenge thing is hard and I am so glad it is half way over! Woohoo! I hope I still have enough ordinary life to finish this thing!

I enjoy blogging, it serves as a reminder and record of our life. Our family says they enjoy it too. Sometimes I think I want it private, I mean
anyone can read this thing. I'm sure I don't have to tell you this but there are c.r.a.z.y. people out there. Even though I don't use our real names if you really wanted to I am sure you could find out who we are and hunt us down. Seriously, some days I think it's really nuts I put our life out there...but then other days I think this is awesome I am recording all this stuff. I only laugh when I think about the stuff I don't post, you know the "I can't make this stuff up" type things. Yeah, I have a rich garden of that and most of the time it doesn't get harvested.

So there are sometimes I wish I would hear from those who do read my blog. I know I have a few loyal readers. I also know people just cruise in from who knows where. Well, really, I do know where as I have a little tracker app on the page so I get an idea of who is where but sometimes I wish there were some comments. What I really don't get is those who read it and know me as in real life and in person know me and then they email me and say, "hey, loved your blog post today". Yep, that happens, and I think so why didn't you just comment on my blog and say that? But I don't cause it's a personal thing, I know I also read a lot of blogs and I
never make comments either but I faithfully read. That's kinda like the pot calling the kettle black huh!

Oh, well, I do it for personal reasons and not comments so that's that. Blogging it's fun and therapeutic maybe more people should try it!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 15 - Favorites

I like many things, but there are some things I REALLY like, I guess you could say I have favorites. Truly this is not an all encompassing list. My taste change, I change, my surroundings change and so one. Today these are a few of my current favorites!

Bath & Body Works Body Sprays

Vera bags for travel/meetings

Wine is a favorite and currently Chianti is what I'm enjoying!

Veggies I love them...pretty much anyway you fix them or not fixed at all!

 This is a two-fer, I love, love, love pizza AND the guy holding it :)
Chobani yogurt preferably pineapple but apple is nice as well! 
(And I do love whipped cream as well)

Hmmmm, seems I favor food and drink...yeah, no wonder my scales are not my friend :( I seriously cannot even begin to list all the things I love. there are so many. It's almost embarrassing so I think I should stop!

However, I will leave you with the RW&B...because I do love my country and am so blessed to be an American and military spouse. Life doesn't get much better then this in my world! Maybe it's not so ordinary after all this life I lead, in fact truth be told I know it's not...this life I am allowed to live is anything but ordinary but I tend to try and believe it is.
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 14 - Reading

I love to read, MiB not so much, but reading is definitely a part of my ordinary life. I read all things! I enjoy the newspaper, especially on Sunday. I love fiction, non-fiction, biographies. Believe it or not I enjoy leafing through a textbook if it is a subject I enjoy. I love to read cookbooks. I enjoy reading magazines. Reader's Digest has always been a favorite of mine. Since MiB has been bit by the surfing bug I will say he does read his surf magazines from cover to cover over and over again :)

Right now the easy reading book I'm totally digging is Ninety Days by Sam Yarney and I just got A Same Kind of Different as Me today from a friend and so it is waiting in the wings (by Ron Hall and Denver Moore). I'm also rifling through Nickel and Dimed on (Not) Getting By in America by Barbara Ehrenreich. And I'm planning to start looking for another copy of The Wealthy Barber for my own daughter and the Bud by Dave Chilton.

My current books...I love to read...wish I could just take a day and read, read, read!

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 13 - Neighbors

Neighbors are funny things, sometimes they are pretty darn cool and other times they are downright strange, once in awhile they are more than you could ask for. We have run the gamut with our neighbors over the years. Most have been friends and we have kept in touch with many of them even if it is only the yearly Christmas card.
In OK we had upstairs neighbors in our first apartment that we had a great relationship with. And in fact with the great timewaster invention of facebook we have reconnected. They are ones we kept up with years with annual Christmas cards. Moved on to the base and had stellar yard neighbors who again we do the annual Christmas card exchange; our wall mates there notsomuch. Onto Colorado and again facebook has been the most recent way we have kept in touch with our wall mate. Our cul de sac neighbors who were LilBlues best friends we have kept up with over the years through little care packages from our different assignments and we even met up in FL for a fun one day reunion a few years back. Another one of the cul de sac neighbors that LilBlue connected with we reunited with in NE a few years ago! That's the beauty of this AF world. Unfortunately in VA neighbors were not so friendly and while we were always cordial there were no real connections made. And the connections that were made in our neighborhood we did not keep up with! Part of that was us. We were in an apartment complex and our location while we loved it did not open us up to much neighborly interaction. On to AL and we did have awesome good neighbors. They have even called every now and again just out of the blue. I think they think it's fun to track us down and get in touch and say, "so where are you now and what are you doing?" LOL

In Italy our neighbors definitely win THE BESTEST EVER award...seriously, we loved them and I think they thought we were pretty okay.

Recent reunion with Italian neighbors.

The kids!

In NE we knew our neighbors but we were not all that close. However, LilBlue did enjoy that area and is still there. It's a friendly midwestern feel and she loves it. We always take the time to drive through our old neighborhood when we go back to visit.

In FL MiB and I had one doozy of a neighbor, just think whack job. But while not a true next door neighbor we had great on the street friends who were truly awesome. They were 3 Doors Down and we spent many a Sunday evening together as well as several mandatory fun events which were made way better due to the relationship the four of us shared. Moving on to LA and we have some great neighbors once again, in fact we are surrounded by awesomeness. It is neat to know the block or curves as I call it so to speak and since we are off in our own little neck of the woods it's great to be able to reach out if needed for a myriad of things!

2nd Annual Columbus Day Gathering--even though last year it was known as the New Kids on the Block Party!

Just a couple of the curves kids :)


  Queen B with her Marine daddy
 Our LA neighbors at our recent block party!

Ordinary life is made way better with good great neighbors (who are also friends)!

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