Friday, December 30, 2011

Time is just flying by...

After spending most of yesterday shopping, but also taking a movie break and having to say goodbye to G we have been out and about doing random things today...

One of the cute pair of new shoes from her shopping excursion yesterday!

Today we did some tourist stuff, we went to the 8th AF Museum and it's always a good choice for visitors and the outside static displays are always hugely popular.

Strolling the air park outside the 8th Museum

It was Olive Garden for lunch after we stopped off at Kohl's for a price adjustment on some undies LilBlue had got Tuesday that went on sale on Wednesday. I was not thrilled to learn this since I had asked if they were starting a sale and was told, "no, not that I know of"... Riiiight, we get home and find out a sale starts in the morning. They will be $3.00 cheaper and since she bought 5 sets I knew we would be going back to get a refund (or price adjustment as they preferred to call it... whatever I just knew I was getting some money back). Lunch was with a high school buddy from Omaha that LilBlue knew and I blogged about earlier this month.

Then we did a few more shopping stops and on to get more surfboard plans printed before making it back home for pizza then on to a night of bowling fun...yeah, I said bowling! What a hoot, the four of us are not good bowlers but we had fun!

The BUD and I had the lowest scores for BOTH games!

 Second game scores...

As we made our way home we took to looking at the Christmas lights around the base. Many have already taken theirs down and some that were still up just were not lit. Kinda bummerish, we always leave ours up til New Year's.

 MiB loved this house!

It's late and I need to get on to bed, if you haven't checked in lately you won't realize I just made some catch up post...if you have checked in and thought I had dropped off the blogging world posting bubble, you were nearly right, I just had not had time or wanted to take the time away from LilBlue to post, but tonight we are sitting here, she playing with her iPad and me doing catch up blogging! Life is good, but I am tired and I have a pulled groin from you really needed to know that, but now you do :) Night!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


It's been crazy trying to pack in a lot of doing, loving, living in the time we have with LilBlue, I feel the minutes are flying by and I hate it, so I am trying to focus on enjoying and not thinking about the time slipping away. But I am constantly aware of our limited time with her and want to take advantage of all the moments, it's hard, she is a sleeper inner and we want to wake her at the crack of dawn to be with her. Did I mention we are trying to restrain ourselves? Geez it's hard!

So since she has been here we have done a lot of shopping, movie going, eating and just hanging out playing with all the new toys we have all gotten. I think the iPad is a huge hit along with the goof board.

G had tried it out before he gave it to MiB so he had a bit of an advantage!

 MiB playing on the GOOFBOARD!

Truth be told the BUD is probably the best at it of everyone! But he is also the youngest so we are blaming it on that... LOL
 Playing on the iPad!

  • We are soooo blessed!
  • We have so much to be thankful for...
  • We are so thrilled to have LilBlue here!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas

I know Christmas was on the 25th but in our world it was today...we waited until LilBlue was here, she arrived, FINALLY, after a delay getting out of Dallas and after stopping to eat Mexican on our way back to Shreveport last night but we finally had our girl at home with us!

The BUD came out wearing his new long 
johns from Uncle G!

This morning we did stockings, then had a great leisurely morning of opening gifts, eating, more gifts, more eating, more gifts, movies, snacking (which is eating if you are wondering), more gifts and playing with new gifts. If was awesome, we laughed, we nearly cried, we ate too much, we laughed some more and then went to bed so we could have another big day together! We are thrilled to be together again, ALL of us and life is good!

Stockings were a big hit, lots of NEAT things!

 Uncle G is surprised with a new coffee machine!

MiB really gets surprised with a new goof board!

 Lil Blue helped with the handing out gifts on the second go round!

We had so much fun playing with MiBs goof board, there is also some GREAT video floating around on FaceBook. They also did multiple riders at one time, personally I am just very, I mean VERY thankful we did NOT end up in the ER. I was soooo thinking this would not end good, but again, thankfully, we did not make an ER trip! Whew, course there is always tomorrow!
Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! We are so thrilled we were all together and have enjoyed every minute and know our time is so short we are trying to pack a lot in and so far so good!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

This time next week all the wrapping will be ripped off, the turkey and ham will have lost it's appeal and we will be thinking more seriously about fighting off the holiday pounds that have crept on. Maybe this isn't true for you but for most it is.

This week has been full and fun. I am glad that we are receiving our first house guest tomorrow and then LilBlue will arrive soon too! That is what I am looking forward to most. I hope I continue to live in the season, to really enjoy the season, to continue to believe in the season, to not ever take for granted how very fortunate I am and to not ever lose sight of the real Reason for the Season...

My Thursday Thoughts this week:

  •  I want less...
  • I am so not creative
  • I am sooo not a shopper.
  • I do not receive or give well...
  • I so enjoy the neighborhood WW.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The Barksdale ESG gathered this week for a great time of fun, food and fellowship. There was also a little cookie exchanging going on along with an ornament gift exchange (you know that kind you draw a number then pick a gift and it can be stolen three times then it's frozen type thing).

We enjoyed the evening with lots of talking, eating and a little business. We elected a new President, and a new Vice President. At this point in time we have a full slate of officers. It will most likely be short lived but we are enjoying the moment. I am not usually one to be involved in the basewide spouse group, I'm more of a group or squadron girl; however, it is necessary and needed so here I am doing my best...

 Conducting a little business!

 More business talk going on...

 Ornament Exchange

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baking, baking, baking!

It was a productive day. There are many, many mini loaves of pumpkin, cranberry bread ready to be iced and delivered. This evening I will take some to my gathering, then others will go as needed and some will be shared with neighbors. It was fun to make the mini loaves and the icing was a new thing for me but we had gotten bread with a "schmear" of cream cheese icing and I thought it was divine, so I did cinnamon cream cheese layer in mine. Oh MY, talk about a bit of heaven, oh yes!

 I mixed up two full batches!

The cranberries were actually a last minute spontaneous add...
AND they were quite delightful, they were a nice little tart burst in 
amongst the cinnamony pumpkiny goodness :)

 First batch...

They are all now baked and cooled and the first batch goes out tonight to be delivered. I put that layer of filling in these and thought I was going to eat all of them, oh heavenly days I love me some pumpkin bread and cream cheese anything!

Ready to go :)

Monday, December 19, 2011


Everyone that decorates for Christmas seems to have "special stuff"  We are no different. There are some things that make me smile...

 The Precious Moments Tree

 Our first PM ornament :)
 The centerpiece on the BIG table, I love it!

And of course at our house decorating for Christmas ALWAYS includes snowmen...LOTS of snowmen, I love snowmen. Some are squishy, soft and cute, while others are just rotund with a great look to them. They are all fun to look at and I enjoy displaying them throughout our home. They are special in that they will stay out even after the Christmas decorations are put away, in fact they stay out continuously til early February when the Valentine's decor is brought out.

 Some of my favorite snowmen...ah, heck, who am I kidding, I really don't have favorites I LOVE THEM ALL~

Have a great night, I think we are home, first time in I can't even tell you how many days. Tomorrow I have an evening event, then we are entertaining on Wednesday, I think we may be home on Thursday but I could be wrong, since my calendar is not in view, but I hope it's another home night for us, I am ready for several of those! And that is going to happen soon, very soon, WOOHOO!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

More Party Fun!

The way they do Santa's in Blue was new to us but we liked it, in fact we thought it was pretty darn impressive. This program hooks up the foster children in the area with a really spectacular lunch, Santa visits, presents, and lots of attention and memories made. It was once again a reminder of how good we have it!

 Santa delivers a stack of gifts to a young man at SiB

Andy the Airman and I with my little buddy!
Sparky makes a new friend!

After our SiB time we headed for lunch, then did a few errands before making our way to yet another children's party. This one on the base for our Maintainers. WOW, what a party it was...they even had a PRINCESS! This was hugely popular!

 Cinderella with Princess Aurora, Cinderella's Fairy Godmother and MiB

There was also a Santa, I mean it WAS a children's Christmas Party so you know there HAD to be a guy in a red suit! And there certainly was, he wasn't very chubby and I seriously think his HO, HO, HO was in need of a little work but the "kids" didn't seen to mind!

 MiB w/Santa

There were snacks, popcorn and lots of activities to do, you could "ice fish", bowl, play basketball, drive remote control cars, make several different take home crafts and of course play "cake walk" and take home your own cupcake. There was a also a face painter, a VERY talented one at that!

Ms A getting her face painted...isn't she ADORABLE?

We left HH for home where we caught up on a few household chores...well one of us did the other did a little catnap! Then it was a clothes change to start the circuit of adult parties. Only three tonight, piece of cake! We started at a casino, which was very nice, the room was well appointed and quite elegant. Then we headed on over to a swanky place in downtown where we got to see one of MiB surfer buddies and met several great students and saw lots of baby bumps, oh my! After that we made our way back to base where we stopped in at a masquerade party. Some had a mask, some did not, some reminding me of the Venetian mask, some were party store variety, others just had the standard issue handed out at the door to help everyone join in. The one that caught my eye is below...

My favorite mask!

It was not your average is painted on...yes, you read that right, it is painted on, it was amazing. It was embellished, it was detailed, it was very cool! It they were giving a top prize I think she deserved it!

So that's it another nights of party hopping in the books, whew, I'm beat and heading to get some sleep, tomorrow we have one final hoohahaha. It should be great fun, it is not an official visit type function but the local chapter party. We are looking forward to it! Night!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Party Marathon!

Holy Moly it was the great party attendance marathon to match all others! We hit seven parties tonight and had a great time at each event. It was a touch and go all over the city and we shook many hands, gave out lots of hugs and holiday wishes, many of which were MERRY CHRISTMAS! We were honestly ready when we arrived at the last one and the name tags came off!

Believe it or not and ima not saying this in the complaining way but it is work to do this...I mean I really am not the outgoing person most of you think I am. I am the one who'd rather be the wall flower that no one notices; I have had to learn to embrace this smiling, howyadoin thing, it does not come naturally. I do think there are some people it does come more easily for then others, but maybe I have that all wrong... So why do I do it? Cause I know what it's like to be on the other side, I have been the only other spouse there and it's always made me feel so much better when there is another spouse around no matter. I am most certainly what I call in tune to "the new girl" or the one who needs to be encouraged a little to join in, and the inclusive attitude. Now, I do not always get it right, it's easy to see those you have already met and immediately be drawn to them, but we always try to make sure we find new ones and get around to the ones we have not met! AND trust me, it's OKAY, really okay, to come up to me and say hey, I say you at XYZ, or we met at ABC, how are you or anything else, cause I do try to remember you and your name but sometimes it can be great for you to approach me and remind me we met and usually I remember you and the encounter, but sometimes, I am sorry I do not... but trust me it is nothing to take personal, it's just we see and meet A LOT of you and we love to do that but we do forget some names and faces, it just happens.

So if you really do know me and you think I make it look easy (and I appreciate that you tell me that, really I do) but it's not easy no matter how I make it look!

No to share several photos from the Party Marathon with you!

 MiB with a DEFENDER and Red Sox fan (this was for RocketBoy from 3DD)

 Not the best shot but this ELF was hilarious at the BS gathering...

As we headed on over to party #4 we were still going full steam and ready to meet and greet maintainers, we were not really prepared for this crowd. They really party...

The winning play-doh sculpture...

  The losing Commander's hair cut!

This group had quite the evening of entertainment and games on tap. They had a competition to see which tables would eat first, then before the evening was over they raised money to "MoHawk" the Commander's hair. What a good sport, I saw him the next day and he had it fixed into an acceptable military cut but was sporting a hat :)

MiB w/ Lt Newcomer LOL

The funniest thing that happened at this event was while we were standing near the door getting ready to take our leave and a young man engaged us and continued to tell us how much he enjoyed the casino and that he often visited to play poker and how good the help was, etc, etc, etc and I whisper to MiB, "he thinks we work here" MiB says no he doesn't I said, uh huh and about 8 minutes later while he is still singing accolades of the place and telling us waaaay more then we should/wanted to know MiB finally gets it that in fact he does think we work here and let's him know we do not and we are from the Wing. He felt pretty silly, but he said I saw you were wearing name tags and just assumed you were the managers! LOL THAT WAS PRICELISS...

Me with the ROACH who thinks we are managers! 

Me with the EXTREMELY TALL emcee. 

This is TINY, LOL! He was a hoot, I walk up to him and look like a total midget, and say wow, you are pretty tall, he dead pans and says, yeah and you are incredibly short :) It was priceless, but I did go on to say I was vertically challenged, and he said yeah, so am I. He was hilarious!

From one maintainer event to another and sadly no pictures from the second one, don't know how that happened...but there was some happening stuff going on to say the least and shake weights, hoola hoops and marshmallows were involved and that's all I have to say about that! 

Finally home and over to the neighborhood gathering, which I so thankful for because there was a lot of yummy food. We were starving as we had not eaten all evening, but we did leave the house at 5:20 with a bowl of soup in our bellies, but at 9:44 we were ready for some party food and party food we did consume! The spread was phenomenal...was to go Maj GM!

I had to take a picture of these shoes for SS, she would have thought they were AWESOME :)

MoHawk Commander eventually stopped by this gathering as well!

Night all hope you had a great Friday night, we did and tomorrow is a brand new day :D

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

I am getting sooooo excited for LilBlue's arrival and it still seems soooooo far away, I hope I can make it til then! Life this week has just been plain full. Full of GOOD things but full nonetheless and I am looking forward to MiBs return.

Since I had a full calendar this week, I did not get to accompany him on this latest trip. I am sad and I miss him and I am ready for him to be home. We have a graduation this evening so he will get in, change into his Mess Dress and we will take off for that. Then home again to rest up for the weekend which is jammed pack with Christmas parties and then more Christmas parties on top of that! I think we have 6 to stop in at tomorrow! Can you say marathon touch and go? LOL I am going to try to take pictures this weekend of all our partygoing! Last weekend I did not carry a purse to most of the events so I did not have my phone available to snap any shots. The few I did have are from MiBs phone so at least I had something!

That's it, that's all I got that can go is good, we are still livin' the dream and I'm going to get out the door to finish some errands before MiB arrives back home! Be safe and hope you are enjoying and NOT stressing over Christmas. I have said it before and I will say it again, it ain't about what is or is not under that darn tree, breath and take in the true meaning of the season... It truly hurts my heart to know that people are going deeper into debt, spending what they do not have to do something that is so not going to REALLY matter in the coming years.

SO my thoughts today are...

  • Love me some homemade soup!
  • I am ready for a sunny vacation!
  • Is is time to look at the next chapter?
  • And, what will retirement look like???

Friday, December 9, 2011

Dropping In...

Tonight we dropped in on two Christmas parties, one waaaay south of town here, which looked like a pretty neat place, though not very well lit and a bit hard to find since it is off the main road and down around the corner. But we did find it and then did some well wishing to the legal folks who were having a fine time and about to enjoy what appeared to be a fine evening. I think it is a place MiB and I might like to return to and try out for ourselves, they seem to have a nice menu with several different options that sound pretty nice!

Then we headed back to the base and hit the second party of the night, made the rounds and visited with some awesome Airmen along the way. The funniest thing we encountered were the USGs. What are USGs you say? Glad you ask, they are the Ugly Sweater Guys! LOL They were a hoot.


And I give them HUGE props for coming up with a great silly idea to peg the night's fun meter!I mean these gatherings are what you make of them and the fact that they took the initiative to make it a little more jolly was exceptional! Kudos to you USGs!!!!

Not only did you have the USGs, you have folks VERY dressed for the evening, I mean, we saw what was almost the equivalent to a tuxedo, seriously, there were also some really spiffy suits, some with suspenders and others with vest. The ladies were not being shown up as they had some knock out wear too! Cute dresses, holiday sparkly sweaters and some very nice jackets! It was a also a night for some tie wearing and there were reindeer, snowmen, jazzy Christmas patterns and some traditional ones too. Then you had this, well, I'm not even sure I can come up words to adequately describe it so I will add the other picture here...


Yep, I think we have one of the elves, and well, I'm not really sure who the other guy is or what I can call him...he leaves me speechless. LOL 
Goodnight! Hope you get to go to a Christmas gathering this year and that you look forward to it and that you have a grand time. I personally think they are a lot of fun and we enjoy going to all these around the Wing. We get to see lots of different gatherings that have had a lot of work put into them and for the most part there are some pretty neat ideas we see too, it's amazing what they come up with. I think most are having a really good time! I wish I had some of their energy, enthusiasm and creativity!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Booyah! It's BUSY, but I am making sure we are taking the time to remember the season, enjoy each other and keep it all in perspective! You gotta be your own monitor of your calendar otherwise it gets way too overfilled...


  •  Love, love, love pumpkin bread!
  • Looking forward to LilBlue's arrival...
  • Our lights look fantabulous, just sayin'! 
  • Must get some cards mailed next week!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Food for CHRISTmas thought...

I recently ran across THIS blog...I think it is a MOST worthy read.

However, you may need to put on your big girl or boy pants as it might make you bristle. As for me I didn't  have any issues with it, after all, we were and still are some of those people who just don't and never have really BOUGHT into the materialistic side of CHRISTMAS.

In fact our kid is one of those who did not have the Santa experience and so far she has not been in therapy for it and we feel she is going to turn out all right! We told her he was just a fat silly Christmas clown. She also gets three gifts and she knows why.

We try to keep the main focus on the real thing. Just our way, it's not for everyone, we know it and we are okay with those who hold to other beliefs. But I still felt like sharing.

So I did, again, my blog, my thoughts...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cookie Day!

Today is one of the FUN days! We collect cookies (preferably homemade) all across base for our dorm dwellers. Not only do the base folks give us lots of cookies we also get lots of cookies from the local community as well. In fact there were some really BIG donors that really helped us give to ALL our Airmen in the dorms!  Thanks so very much Barksdale community!!!!

We started with the packaging, a dozen cookies per plate please!

 Double Ks filling the plates!

 MiB filled plates with us, too!

 Lots of DIAMONDS there to help!

After the plates were filled they were taken to the baggers. We had a great group doing this and things went very smoothly. The baggers were busy that is for sure!

My neighbor and Ms MAC busy packing!

After the baggers bagged, then there was counting and sorting. Then came the delivering. That was the real treat. A contingent of myself, MiB, Chappy, KF and a few DIAMONDS and some dorm management personnel. It was a bit chilly here today which was perfect since we wanted to be in the Christmas spirit as we delivered the goods. However, I will tell you by the time we were done my feet WERE COLD. I was glad to get back in the heat to warm up! Anyway, some of the Airmen were in their rooms when we delivered and the cookies brought smiles to their faces. Others will return home to find them in their rooms! It was a fun day, one of those type of days you really feel good about! I like that, I liked today.

 Delivery Crew :)