Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankful for LilBlue!

Last, BUT CERTAINLY not least I am thankful for our LilBlue! I mean that is an obvious one but I wanted to take the time to state the obvious while in this series of thankful post!

She is our one and done! She is our sunshine! We have called her STORMY and stickgirl among other things. She rocks the hugs. She is indescribable on many fronts. She can dance, man can she dance! And she can sing, oh my!

We would not trade this girl for anything, she is a oneofakind irreplaceable best of both of us (okay, and worst ; /)! She has been and continues to be a MAJOR source of joy in the lives of many, along with gray hair! Can I get an amen on that? LOL

Yes, to be realistic she has also been the source of many tears, what child isn't? From hurt, frustration, disappointment and anger, that's the growing up part that is the truth of rearing a child, it's the part that stretches you to get through it. It's when you hurt as a parent...When you are all to aware that you are a parent as opposed to a friend to this soon to be independent person you are charged with raising. It's not easy, and some days it's not even fun and you wonder what in the world you have gotten yourselves into and how bad have we screwed it up? After all, she did go through her teen years... It was a time of growing and unbelievable stretching for all involved (cause I have mentioned maybe once or twice we were the involved parents, who asked lots of questions and didn't allow as much as others, some might even say we were strict...too strict...). She was trying to become her own person, become independent, have opinions, you know all the things we want for her, but we don't like so much how you get'em there and that she's "getting it" with an attitude! It was a hard time, those teen years, they are definitely not times I would want to live over again, I'm glad she is where she is. She is twenty now you know? Shikey's in just a few weeks she will be, uh, 21!

She has some great people skills, and she is still head strong in her thoughts, she is a solid moral person and she is way more intelligent then she gives herself credit for. She is right in the middle of learning "adult life" and I think she is on her way to the "good life"whatever that may be! And I feel like she is truly thankful for her family, she knows the importance of that even though she is not as physically near to us now she knows we are available to her and would move heaven and earth need be to be there for her. She is in the midst of life training and so far, so good. It's not been easy for her, EVER, but she keeps putting one foot in front of the other, even IMO when others might not of.

She has a pretty good sense of humor, but as with most (including me!) doesn't enjoy being laughed at...though she will laugh at herself most of the time! Oh, and surprise, she doesn't like to lose at anything (hmmm, wonder where she gets that from?), she has OCD, which sucks, but she has learned and is still learning strategies to work with it and we continually pray that battle will be won in her life! She is social, she is kind, she is beautiful. She likes to take LONNNNNG hot showers, she likes to sleep in, she likes to watch movies, she enjoys her seafood! She may not admit it cause I think she is thinking she will be in NE forever but she does have a bit of the wonder lust, she enjoys travel! She loved our HI trip earlier this year as well as traveling all over Europe with us! She wants us to take her here too!

So back to the original thought...I am, as well as MiB, so VERY THANKFUL for LilBlue! 143 :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thankful for music

I love to have the radio on when I am at home and I enjoy it on low in the car. I don't have a singing voice, but I love to listen to those who do. I enjoy all types of music from country, to classical, to big band (one of my favs!), to hip hop and I even like some rap from time to time. I enjoy the oldies, I love jazz, I like bluegrass. It's something that relaxes me, it makes me smile, it calms me. I discovered this fun place and even have it on my phone!! Love it!

As we unpacked the Christmas boxes I loved finding the Christmas CDs, can't wait to listen to them, but not yet, I don't do that til after 1 December. In fact right now if Christmas music comes on the radio I change it, it's too soon, I'm funny like that.

Personally I wish I would have been blessed with a "voice" and I really wish I would have stuck with the piano lessons and flute playing, but I did not. I had trouble with the whole reading music thing, I mean I really stuck at it and therefore grew frustrated cause I always felt lost. I loved the instrument but I was not musically inclined and so I just gave it up. I am glad that MiB has musical talents, I love it when he sings, especially to me, LilBlue is also talented, she definitely got vocals. I am thrilled and I love to hear her sing too! I wish she did it more!

I'm off to tidy up, it's been a full day and I was not at home so I need to get a load of laundry done and run the vacuum. I might even dust if I'm feeling especially bold! HA This morning in the bathroom, I threw the hand towel in the corner to knock down a cobweb...I think I need to do more then tidy up but I fear that's all that is going to happen for now!I have to tackle the Christmas boxes that need to be put away first!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankful for my experiences

I really am thankful for the experiences I have had, those that were good and not so good. These experiences have shaped me, made me who I am, good and not so good! I have thoughts, very passionate thoughts on many issues due to the things I have experienced. One of those is divorce. I hate divorce, I am a product of divorce, I have such disdain for the process, I have no doubt I will not change my thought process on this but I do understand it. Doesn't mean I like it, I hate it, but I already said that. It's how I feel due to my own personal experience. I'm sure you have your own life shaping experiences. And even with the negative experience I have in regards to divorce it has made me have a determination to not experience one in my own marriage.

Another one for me is the military. I love the military and all that it means, and trust me I GET IT, what it truly means. After 25 years of being married to the military I'm pretty sure I can speak to the military lifestyle as far as from a spouses perspective. Those who have never served, or been impacted by someone who has served just cannot grasp this in my opinion. And since less then 1% of our nation's population chooses to serve there are many who do not get the concept of the military. This is through no fault of their own, however, I do wish more people would realize this is a great sacrifice and not take their freedom for granted. Still I love our military experiences and would not want to have it any other way!

I am also thankful I have had the honor of being a parent. It has not been easy, in fact it's been downright tough on many a day, we have had our portion of trials; we are not perfect parents, we did not have a a perfect child. The teen years nearly killed us, not to mention the couple years leading up to those teen years. However, God sustained us and here we are with a full blown legal to vote nearly legal to buy booze child. Scary isn't it? I know getting through the teen years was challenging and MiB and I never took on the parenting style of being your child's friend. In fact, we were the ones who were probably more involved and more accountability then most of our child's peers parents. LilBlue had a tough road, we did not allow her to roam free, we mandated check ins, calling in for change of plans, meeting dates before dates, chaperoned events, etc. Even with all this we still experienced some lying issues, a little rebellion, a lot of attitude, oh my, I'm thankful those days are behind us. However, I am also thankful we did not have a teen pregnancy, we did not have illegal drug use, alcohol incidents or trouble with the law. We have much to be thankful for and I would not trade the parenting experiences we have had though I would do some things differently given the opportunity.

So those are are just a few of the experiences I have had that have made me who I am...there are many, many more but I am going to leave it at's supper time and I am ready to sit down and enjoy a quite evening at home. MiB will be along shortly after a little ice breaker social for his conference this week. One nice thing is that it is a local conference so he will be home each night :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thankful for breakfast in my own kitchen...

I know I have lamented about the eating establishments around this area or more specifically the lack thereof that appeal to MiB and I so as of late every time MiB suggest eating out I counter offer, "how about I fix ya something special" or "nah, I just feel like eating in". This serves two purposes, it keeps us from being disappointed yet again with the local flare and saves us some $$ and who doesn't want to save some $$? Dontcha know I feel so smug :)

So this morning, we considered our options and our plans for the day and then we decided on a plan...we would make breakfast! We have some awesome ham from our day after Thanksgiving meal, we had a few hash browns left in the freezer from another recipe and of course we had eggs on hand and bread for toast. It was very yum, MiB utilized a leftover kaiser roll and made a sandwich with his hard egg and ham and added a nice slice of cheese. I went the traditional route and had a soft egg, toast (whole wheat even!) with jelly (sugar free cherry! YUM) and ham and we both enjoyed the hash browns!

Breakfast is served!

So in reality the thankfulness is for our breakfast this a.m. but in the bigger picture of this thankfulness season it is more about that...that I am thankful that we have food, that we are not in need, that we have a pantry that is well stocked, a freezer that is pretty darn full and a refrigerator that although at times it does not always contain what we want, it does hold things that will sustain us, we are not wondering where our next meal is coming from, that is what I am really thankful for. 

We are fortunate that this is the case when so many are not certain where they will sleep tonight, how they will pay their bills or make their next meal. So many are needing jobs. It's a sobering thought and I know it doesn't always hit home how blessed we are, we have not personally been touched by circumstances such as this. However, volunteering at the Airmen's Attic and seeing the gratitude on these young ones faces that we offer food as part of our program and that we increased the limit from 5 food items to 10 this last week made me realize that right here within our own blue suits times are not easy! It's sobering...

I've said it before and I know I will say it again, it's all in perspective as to how you feel about where you are...there is ALWAYS someone doing better then you and ALWAYS someone doing worse The takeaway I get from this is to be thankful for where ya are and whatcha got!

So imma out of here, we are off to find an adventure today!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thankful for holiday decorations!

It may seem silly, but I am thankful for our holiday decorations. They are not designer, the are not all matchy, matchy, but they are ours, some are faded, some have had to be glued, some might even qualify as ugly...but they are all special in some way and they have great stories or memories to them.

 What to do with all this great stuff!

It's such a treat to bring out the boxes and boxes of our holiday decorations, to reminisce about when we got what and where, and how and why. It's so much fun, it's usually more fun with LilBlue around as she remembers things in such a way that always amazes us. But this year MiB is helping with the decorating, which is not usually the case. It's usually LilBlue and I or just me the last couple of years. Since LilBlue is not here to help it is a bit sad. But it's all part of the process of life. We are enjoying the memories of her anyways!

I have a few items on a list to look for to help complete the holiday decorating scheme. We have weeded out a few things this year, couple things were broken from this latest move and some things, well they are just too tired to use anymore. And as tired as they may be they cannot be gotten rid of, not just yet anyway maybe in another year or two but not this one!

The snowmen waiting to be placed!

In the dining room I am trying to have the blues and silvers of our decor and in the family room area the greens and reds. Most of the snowman things are going to end up in the entry and then there will be  the nativities scattered throughout. It's hopefully all going to come together. Right now we are taking a break to watch a little football after having had lunch. Holiday decorating takes time you know, you can't rush it!

 Ummm, yes, MiB was taking pictures! I was unaware...

So the fact that today's post has pictures at all is courtesy of MiB, thanks honey, you know pictures always make a post better in my book, even if the pictures aren't that great...LOL

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful for loooong weekends!

I am so thrilled to have an extra day with MiB. That's a big bonus in my book! It looked at first like we were taking a road trip, which would have been fine by me. One direction would have taken us south to the beach, but then the "wave outlook" changed and it just wasn't going to be worth it to drive there without waves. Then we were going west and well, that just didn't work for any number of reasons, so we ended up just hanging out right here in our own area. And NO, we did not do Black Friday! In fact we did not contribute to the success of any retailer today with the exception of a grocery store stop. You couldn't pay me enough to partake in that madness. Seriously, I am not a shopper anyway and to shop on this day is just not in my plan EVER. I get it, great deals can be had, you can have my portion! For me, it's not worth it in any way, shape or form, period. I will pay a little bit more, IF there is even anything I want, which I couldn't even tell you! I don't know because I did not even look at the ads. Usually someone goes to buy a paper just to see what's available, but we didn't this year. I am not feeling like I missed anything.

Now part of this could be that I am not shopping for much in the first place, I mean our one and done will be 21 and what she is getting has already been got. And remember I am not a shopper! MiB and I are pretty low key in our gift giving, in fact most of the time we do not exchange gifts. We do, however, do stockings. Then there are the nieces and nephews that we buy for and our parents and a few others and that is it. So it's not a big list and it's not a big deal and I am 90% done with the shopping. The other things I need, I need MiB to weigh in on and then finalize a group gift that we are participating in, so it's easy low stress holiday shopping in my world and I am soooo okay with that. Hence, one of the BIG reasons I enjoyed the day with MiB and we just took a little drive, went to a movie, made a grocery store stop on our way home. I just enjoyed awesome leftovers and now we are going to watch a bit of football as we enjoy the rest of our day together. It's been a great day.

Looking forward to a replay tomorrow...not the same things we will do, or maybe we will, I don't know, but I do know we will enjoy each other and whatever we do and continue to love the long weekend!

So, yeah, for long weekends! I am thankful for them!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


It's a day I love, lots of food, friends and family, or just friends or just family and NO presents! I am sure I have mentioned that before but I think it bears repeating cause it's one of the things I love about this holiday season! It's a great gathering time and there is no pressure. It's one of those you can pull off as a potluck or totally formal with name cards and all, you make it your own, you can change it up each year or you can continue with those traditions you love yearly. It's a make it your own sort of thing in my book and no two years have ever looked the same for us. That being said there are some standards. We have certain traditions that no matter where we are we try to keep.

 Breakfast...Nutella filled croissants! These are not a tradition, but it may become one! These brought back memories from our time in Italy. Especially staying here in Rome!
Serving at the dining hall is something we have done for many years. In the early days we served Airmen. Since times are tough, the dining hall has opened it's doors to the public (those who hold id cards in some form) and now we mostly serve retirees. I mean where else can you get a complete Thanksgiving dinner for around $5.00?!?

 Ready to serve!

 MiB helping the ladies with their trays!

As far as other traditions go a lot of ours have to do with of those for us is NOODLES, hello, can you really have Thanksgiving without NOODLES? I think not. Turkey, yeah, you CAN have Thanksgiving without that at our place, in fact it's been happenin for years that way. We are ham people and this year we are not even that! So take that Porky and Tom! Simply put if you the have noodles, you need mashed potatoes, so we have those as well. Then you must also have SWEET POTATOES, the kind that you bake in the oven with mini marshmallows on top, after you've candied the potatoes in butter and brown sugar, oh yeah, those are the ones we really love. Then there is the matter your choices you gotta have pie. For us the traditional pumpkin is a must. It's LilBlue's fav, MiB loves it too and I am very fond of it as well so it's a big seller in our world. Lastly there are the ROLLS. Rolls are big for us, we have our favorites, we have our "those'll do" and we have our "absolutely not". I used to always do the frozen ones that you thaw, let rise and bake, but after a couple not so great turn out pans I have moved on to find other brands that will work. Right now this is this year's winner. I hope they work out for us! We had them at a friend's house and thought they were great.

I am seriously thankful for many, many things today. For LilBlue and her schooling going so well, for MiB and his contentment most days in this assignment, even more importantly that he has a job in this economy, I am really thankful for that! It's a tough market out there on several avenues and I feel we are blessed to be where we are. I am thankful for the looks like it is sold house deal! Thankful for solid running cars with no car payments, for family that we have a relationship with and even those we don't, never know what a new day will bring. I am thankful for the unconditional love MiB continues to shower on me, I know I pale in comparison in return but we are still working daily at our union doing what it takes to sustain and make it solid, I am thankful we are still committed to our marriage. I am thankful for the relationship with LilBlue that we have as well even though I still wish she were here with us...

My favorite INDIANS! LOL

So Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope you have much you are giving thanks for today (and everyday in your world). I think we take too much for granted, I know I make a conscious effort to be thankful and I miss the mark often! I am trying to invest more time and effort in what matters, to shed the superficial, to purge the excess so to speaks, it's tough, but it's a work in progress that I am happy to working through. I hope it is helping to prepare me for our next chapter, whatever that may be...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful for ...

Thankful for __________ (you fill in the blank)

It's been a productive busy day and I have so many things going through my brain right now! The pie is in the oven the sweet potatoes are candied, the noodles are drying. I am thankful my "to do" list got done. I have just a few minutes before the neighbors arrive for a chillaxin' evening. I am thankful for that.

Again, it's been a full day and I'm ready to sit down put my feet up and relax. Life is good, seriously, what are YOU thankful for? It's that season and time to make sure you got something poppin' outchu mouth or running through your brain; take a moment, figure out your thankfulness and be thankful. Have a great evening!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just Thankful!

I don't think I am always outwardly thankful, but inwardly I feel I am at least in the big picture kind of way! I am not always so verbal in my thankfulness, but I think I show it in other ways. How are you thankful? Some give gifts out of their thankfulness (not usually me), some verbalize (again, not so much), others show it (this is more me). I DO things, I might write a note and send to someone out of the blue cause I have been thinking about them and how thankful I am for them. I might DO something else for someone, an act of service (bake favorite treats, cook favorite meals, clean out car, mow lawn, paint, clean house, shop, etc) that I know they would do themselves or want done that they just haven't found the time to do or can't. I might hire someone to do what someone wants done if I cannot do it on my own or distance is an issue. I might endorse a purchase someone wants to make but they think they shouldn't (mostly with MiB even though we can afford it).

My thankfulness looks different depending on the circumstances, not only ours but theirs. I'm sure this is true for you too. Though I want to be clear it is not about just giving for me, it's also much about the doing and that doing is preferable what I personally can do. Me giving up my time or resources for someone else. It's that kind of thing. I am choosing to do this because I am thankful for them or my own circumstances that has allowed me to help them. Hope it makes sense...

Honestly, this happens more with those I know, and usually know well, but I also find thankfulness when doing for those I don't know very well or at all. Giving out of abundance for something or someone you don't know can be humbling. Not just writing out a check, but getting in the trenches to do. Bell ringing comes to mind since we are approaching the Christmas holiday and they are looking for bell ringers, but there are many other examples too! And over the years I am thankful we give even when it means we have to cut back in our own budget to do it (some call this sacrificial giving) or you don't know exactly how it will impact your own circumstances (giving based upon faith). It's kind of risky when you do that but we have never been disappointed in the outcome! Faith plays a pretty big part on us when we do this type giving.

I just pray you are thankful, that you have a thankful heart, especially if you are reading this...I mean if you are reading this that tells me you are able to be on the internet, that you live in such a way that you are free to do so. Make sense? It does to me...and I just want to make it clear I AM thankful everyday for the life I have, even when it might not appear that way, even when my attitude needs to be in check. I so know I am blessed beyond measure, I live in a free country, I have plenty of food in my pantry, I have heating and cooling at the flip of a switch, I have running water, I have transportation, I am clothed well and the list could go on and on in the material realm. I am also thankful in the human relation realm, I have family, friends and neighbors! Relationships. Those are all things I am thankful for as well. Honestly, I live in such luxury when you get right down to it it's almost embarrassing, so do you...think not? Seriously? You probably do...

I am thankful, just very thankful...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful for Twin #2

I have MiB, but did you know there are two? Yes, MiB is a twin. This amazes most people that there are two...seriously, meet either one of them and then find out there are two and well, most people just cannot believe it.

I originally met them separately. I actually met Twin #2 first, we became friends immediately and we are still friends to this day and would be even if he were not my brother in law. We have forged a relationship in addition to our now being related, I know I can count on him, he knows he can count on me. It's a good thing.

As of late (read that, since he got his big ugly DIVORCE) we have seen and talk to him sooooo much more. Sure it sucks he went through (and is still wading through the settlement muck of it) the big D but MiB and I were discussing it after a recent weekend with him that we have probably talked to him and seen him more in the last 3 months then in the last 13 years several years. We are thrilled! Just wish it wasn't under the circumstances it is. The relationship Twin #2 and MiB has is not anything I have ever tried to totally understand, I just went with it and instantly accepted it. It is. There is also an unexplainable bond between Twin#2 and LilBlue, she is his in a way that we all accept as well. Again, it is.
 Twin # & I in OKC not too long ago

When we were with LilBlue a few weekends ago I was thrilled to learn how up to date on him she was, I was proud! MiB was amazed. I think they are communicating more then ever, it is awesome to see and hear. I am glad for them both, I mean we are all family, we do not really have to like each other however, we do and that makes life good. It does my heart good. So if there can be a silver lining in the Big ugly D perhaps this is it...something to ponder for sure.

Twins recently at the MiBs office!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thankful for our vehicles!

Today and yesterday we worked on cleaning up our vehicles. They had gotten a bit in disarray and neither of us likes that. Little Red was still suffering from the trip to MO a few weeks ago with wedding transport remnants and some trash scattered all around. Those mums made a mess in my cargo area and needed to be cleaned in the worst way! The back seat was also just in need of de-cluttering as it had become the catchall for all things from the reusable shopping bags, sunshade, snacks, cooler and such to tissues and extra shoes! Now it is back in good order. It's been wiped down, vacuumed and washed. It's a nice sight! It's a pretty little red vehicle!

SMARTIE was in just as bad shape if not worse...MiB is hard on a car. He tosses everything in it. It's his home away from home and it gets ahead of him quickly if we don't take time to undue all the clutter he accumulates regularly. So we got that sorted out and straightened up then wiped her down inside and out as well as vacuumed her. He loves using this product on her and she shines just like new after every application! She still houses his needs but she is more put together and squeaky spiffy clean now!

So today I am not only thankful for the vehicles that allow us to get from point A to point B but for the fact that they are now all shiny nice and clean. I am thankful they are paid for also, that they are in good solid running order, that they are not gas hogs that we have to continually visit the petro station for and that they are reasonable in insurance premium costs. All those things are great in my book of thankfulness! I am glad we are able to utilize such nice modes of transportation, we are blessed. I am very thankful to be able to ride instead of walk or bike to get where we want to go. I am grateful they are road worthy and we do not have to think twice about road trips. Again, it's not one of those things I give much thought to on a daily basis, but it is something I am thankful for as I am sure you are too if you take the time to think about it!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thankful for...well, the little things!

Today, I am keenly aware of the little things. I am thankful for them and I am glad that I have realized I should be. You know putting the ole "take time to smell the roses" philosophy into practice more then just for the big things. It was an easy saying to modify when we lived in Colorado several years ago and we said it a lot when we knew life was getting too full...we would say take time to look at the mountains.With all the busyness of a college setting, so many experiences available and lots of opportunities to succeed (read that lots of working hours to put in) we made sure we took time to look at those mountains. Here there are no mountains...

So in LA I am learning to take the small and I do mean small things as in little bits of time that aren't relegated to "duty" and not dwell on what isn't but to live with what is. To be sure I am living in the here and now of the amount of time we have and what is. That is tough! MiB works loooooong hours here to be sure, (he always has, but it seems more so here or maybe I'm just getting older and less tolerant!). I see him more at official events and functions then I do at home during our waking hours. He is constantly on the go, I know it comes with the territory, this is a BIG air base and there are many, many needs with so much going on. I am not complaining (well maybe a little, but I am making more of an observation for the time we are in). So as I am reflecting on my thankfulness for the little things this is what comes to my mind. I am  right now happy to have the little bits of time that we are able to carve out. Like today! It's important and I try to take every little bit that we can find and make the most of that; I am acutely aware that we need to make sure we are not letting life keep us from living. Yes, that sounds a bit strange dontcha think? But read it again, say it out loud even... Make sure you don't let life keep you from living!

 And WE DID enjoy the fireplace last night, it was cozy! We also had a lovely dinner together after he made it home, it was a great evening, even if we were in bed exhausted by 9 PM!

Hopefully, we have an uneventful weekend, so far a BBQ for tonight and then a few other loose ends to be tied up for the job and a meeting this evening but praying for many little moments together...heck, even BIG ones!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Brrrr...I'm thankful for heat!

Oh my we have some COOLER weather here in LA, like low 30s, yes I know, unreal since it was near 80 earlier in the week and will be high 70s this weekend. I am not so fond of the coolness, yesterday I had a scarf on with my lightweight jacket with my ensemble. By mid afternoon I needed neither (but I was still wearing my blazer) as it was gorgeous out. I love nice days. I wish I would have felt like being out in it more. However, after the lunch I was pretty much wiped out and came home to a hot tea and sitdown kinda afternoon! At this time of year mornings often roll in cool but by lunchtime it is my kind of day!

This morning I did cave and flip the switch to heat!

 Bit nippy in here at 65* this a.m. brrrrrr

Not sure what my attire will be when I venture out did read that right, I am venturing out. I am feeling sooooo much better, not totally over this but definitely feeling better and have things that I have put off all week that I would like to have done before the weekend. Just a few errands that I really would like to get out of the way, stop at the commissary AGAIN, geez I feel like I go there EVERY time I am on main base, BBB, Ross, Michael's or Hobby Lobby, you know the mundane little things.

 My best friend this morning until the heat took the chill off!

Can you believe we were still using the AC merely two days ago! CRAZY!!! But the silver lining for me anyway is that the SUN is shining, yes, that makes cool (or even COLD) weather waaaay more tolerable in my book! So I am thankful for not only heat in my house today but for the sunshine!

I think that if at all possible, we will be firing this thing up now that they "fixed" it and enjoy some cozy time together right in front of it! I know, right, you're jealous again? Don't be! Go make your own thankfulness today, tomorrow and the next day, it's a choice you know?!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

I am still a bit under the weather, I have been "out" only once this week other then to go to the doctor on Monday. I felt I should attend an evening meeting yesterday, so I went, I left, I came home, I crashed, cause it "took it out of me" so to speak. Which speaking of speaking, my voice is sort of kind of back. It's not 100% but it's getting there. However, today I am went out again, went to a fancy smancy shindig, I hope I am germ free...I feel much better, but I know I am still fighting this mudbug!

MiB and I attended a luncheon for a really neat lady we met soon after we arrived LA. She is a retired Chief's wife, she is also a widow. She is quite spry, she is always smiling. She is an advocate for ALL things military. She works with the local Military Affairs Council, she works with the Chamber, she attends lots of events, she financially supports many, many things, she also leverages her employer to support Airmen and other worthy causes as well.


Today she was being honored for all of those things and many more that I have not mentioned. She invited us to the luncheon. We are honored she chose us. She is a true gem!

 Thanks Ms Helen for ALL you do!

  • I love soup on a cool day!
  • Follow up calls sometimes annoy me...
  • week away, what to do?
  • Losing your voice makes talking on the phone tough!
Oh and these are my new red shoes, aren't they just too cute? I love them. I have already worn them twice and then again today. I love that they truly are that POP of color I needed to feel all pulled together and trendy. Even though I was skeptical of getting them, I think it was $ well spent. Now if I could only find a pointed toe flat that has that same POP quality, I think my fall winter wardrobe would be in pretty good shape.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankful for FACEBOOK!

Really, I am thankful for FB! It's a craze I know and I kept up with it much better in it's earlier days, but I still love it. It's such a neat avenue to keep in touch.

I have to admit I have defriended people, I know, I know, but I'm still a pretty nice person! It's just that after we are friends I see that your posts are pretty raunchy for me and my world so I hit DELETE. I have also just ignored friend request, seriously, I have! I have sometimes felt kind of bad about that, like if I know you or I just don't know you well enough to be my friend or if I just think it's awwwkward. So if we just met or you know my husband don't friend me cause I'm pretty sure I'm not going to confirm you! Other times I have just honestly not known you. I have even messaged some of our "friends in common" to try and find out who you are and still been uncertain. I feel good about having some parameters with FB it works for me.

Oh and I have totally been defriended as well...yeah, I know, GASP, right? Earlier this year my, at the time, SiL defriended me. She has since become my no longer SiL. I wasn't really sure why at first I was defriended then it became apparent it was an across the board defriending as she defriended all things Mxxxxm. When the whole Big D started going down I had thought there might be some sort of neutral contact/relationship but once the defriend thing happened I guess that pretty much told me/us that option was off the table. Not to worry, I still get messages from her..yes, you read that right and I personally find it totally, well, awkward. I mean you defriend me then you wish me Happy 25th anniversary and Happy Birthday, I just don't get that. But then again I always did have a hard time wrapping my brain around her inner thought processes. I felt we had much to agree on, we were after all married to Mxxxxm Men, but when push came to shove it is my belief she never fully committed to or trusted hers. Enough of this though! The post is not about that it's about my being thankful for FB.

So anyway, I am a FB fan, it's been a wonderful way to stay in touch with those who we have been closer to at one time or another. It's a neat way to see into the lives of those you once shared so much more with and do to time or location that is no longer possible. It's awesome to sit and read up on what's going on with those you enjoy. I am thankful I have that. It's the little of my friends had this post recently and it sums it up pretty well!
To every single one of you who are on my friends list --I enjoy catching up, hearing
about you and your family, sharing jokes and news, along with getting and sometimes giving support during good times and bad times too. I am not only glad
to count you as my friends, but also as my family. Thank you all so very much for being part of my life!!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankful for her...

Honestly, I am very thankful for all my nieces! Even the ones I don't really know...but that's another post, maybe. But since HER birthday is today she is singled out for some extra words...

She was born while I was away at college. However, when she was just over a year old, I got to spend quite a bit of time with her since I was "home" while waiting to join MiB at our first duty assignment. So we hung out lots and we had a great few months in those early years. Then I came home to visit for an extended time period the next year and we again re-bonded and spent lots of time together. She's a quiet one without many words. But there IS a giggle that she still has to this day. She doesn't ask for much ever and she is somewhat last minute on things, usually important things too...but she is who she is and we love her! She is the mother to "the Littles" as well!
She's the one in the wedding dress :)

Today is HER birthday, so Happy Birthday to SLC-M!

"You is kind. You is smart. You is important!"
The Help

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thankful for Health

Wow, I have had a crummy feeling weekend. It was made worse because we had great company and I felt so yuck. I still was able to function pretty well, though I feel like I napped a lot. I did cook some good food and we laughed a lot even though my voice is gone. Now I think I might have pink eye, exactly, HOW did I get that? Not sure but I googled it and it says it will go away on it's own in 7-10 days.. I went to bed with a red left eye Saturday night, had a real red left gooey eye on Sunday along with a slightly pink right eye and well today, both are reddish eyes. And it was the right one that was gooed up this a.m. The left eye I can feel, it doesn't really hurt, I can just feel it. Sounds strange I know but when you think about it do you really feel your eyes in your face/head? No, I think not; I know I do not feel my eyes on a daily basis. I know their there, but I don't feel them, today and yesterday I can feel the left eye.

I had yet to navigate the "appointment line" here, I was sort of dreading it, don't know why, it was painless minus the 12 minute wait to speak with a TriCare representative. I got in, 10:40 today, not with my PCM but who cares! I'm in! I know I still need to make some follow up appointments that I have been putting off so I will be calling back to do that later. As Monday a.m. is just NOT the time to get your routine appointments taken care of especially when you have no voice. I mean the lady didn't even grill me as to why I needed to come in, guess she assumed! I really have to make these other appointments as I have exhausted the wait until we are settled excuse, ugh, did I mention I just have this thing about NOT LIKING TO GO TO THE doctor? I will have to act...and soon.

Anyway, I am still thankful for my health. I suffer from no major medical issues that I am aware of. I rarely am sick. really! I am in good overall health. Right now I have what is probably something viral that will clear on it's own. I think I just have not built up any immunity to these MudBug Cajun germs around here! I really have been blessed with great health; I go to the doc only when necessary, cause as you know, I do NOT LIKE TO GO TO THE doctor, in case you skipped over that point earlier! You know, I need that yearly female appointment and all that jazz. I am also due for an eye exam. In fact if I would have had a voice when I made the appointment I would have asked should I go to the optometrist or see my PCM? I mean my main issue are the red green gooey eyes. Not to mention I really am overdue for new glasses and it's nearly time for my next dental check up too! Yee Haw! Oh yeah, I am so jumping for joy, NOT, for all these upcoming needed appointments. And now I am thinking why did I wait so long, I mean, knew I should have scheduled some of these back in August and now here we are in November. If I would have already seen an eye doctor I could have just called there for this but since I do not have a doc yet I didn't think I would be able to be seen for the first time as a sicky!

Still I say again I am thankful for my health...that is the point! And since I am a bit under the weather I am thankful that I have it. I hope you can find something to be thankful for today and really everyday...because honestly, we do have so much to be thankful for we just need to make sure we take time to remember that It doesn't matter your circumstances at the moment take a big picture look, YOU DO HAVE things you can be thankful for I'm pretty sure of it. And well, if you don't, do something about it!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankful for Christ

I am so very thankful that I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This is something I am extremely happy about, something that I am thrilled to have had for a number of years. I did not have one of those life changing adult come to Jesus conversions. I know people who have, their stories are usually very emotional. I am thankful for them and the relationship they have found  but I am thankful God had a different plan for me.

I was a little girl who attended Vacation Bible School in the early 70s and felt a tug in my heart that sent me seeking out Brother Willard. He was a very tall man and he always had a smile on his face. He was the preacher at Calvary Baptist Church in my town. I told him I wanted to have Jesus in my heart. He took me into his office and talked with me and then we talked with my dad and I prayed with Brother Willard to ask Jesus to come into my heart. I know I was young, but I also know with everything a 7 year old knows that I made a decision and I have stuck with that choice. I am not saying I haven't had issues or sinned, but I know that there is not a question or doubt in my mind about the relationship that started way back when. I am forever grateful to those who prayed for me along the way, who discipled me, who held me accountable, who taught me and who loved. It's not always been an easy road, but it has always been a relationship, a continually growing one. And honestly, it has waxed and waned (only on my part!) However, I have always known that I am forgiven, known that I am accepted and I know without a shadow of a doubt that I have a place in eternity. It gives me hope, it helps me to have purpose, it's important to me. I do not find it always easy or enjoyable but for me I find it necessary. It does not make me perfect, I am far from it, but I have grace. If you do not believe in God, I am sorry, if you are offended by my post, I am not sorry, it's my blog, I get to write what I want. If you are not the believin' kind, I say to you, what do you have to lose? In my opinion not much really, but you have everything to gain. If you are uncertain you may want to "check you hold card" as BW used to say and I'll leave it at that.

So back to my original thought...I am forever grateful for Jesus Christ and the relationship I have with him.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thankful for the Weekend

With MiB off yesterday, having him again today is B O N U S! It's just so great to hang out with no agenda, we don't have a huge amount of commitments today or this weekend so we are able to just putter around, explore and have a great time! WooHoo :) This is so the life. I am really thankful for the weekend! Just wish I felt a little better, my voice is completely gone and I have a sore throat still, but nothing else except I'm really tired!

Hope you are having an awesome Saturday, if you are not, do something about it! Get out, enjoy the beautiful weather, if the weather is not beautiful then still engage in an activity that will bring a smile to your face or someone else's. Remember life is too short to not enjoy it.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankful for ALL those who serve!

It is Veteran's Day!

Today we take time to honor those who have committed to serve our nation, those who love our country enough to defend her with perhaps the greatest sacrifice of all, it's not just a day off, though that is a nice perk. I think we as American's should be thankful, forever grateful to the men and women of the armed services who daily suit up to protect and defend us. I have said it before and I continue to say it AND believe it, it is unfortunate that our nation does not fully even realize or care that we are a nation at war. We have men and women in harm's way 24/7/365. Our country is defended by the best and the brightest, we are fortunate that there are so many willing to voluntarily serve. There is no longer a draft, though MiB and I just had a conversation about the Selective Service Registration requirement for most males turning 18, but that's perhaps a whole other post on another day. The reality is we have people who volunteer every day to serve OUR nation...that speaks volumes. In fact, if I understand it correctly we are being pretty selective on who can come in, it's highly competitive. So booyah, we have the best of the best, and if there's a doubt, they get weeded out over time. If you can't, don't or won't you will be replaces by someone who can, does and will. So let's all take time today to remember those who have served already, those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and those who are serving today. They are not just a nameless face, they are brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, they are the world to someone, they are the defenders of our nation!

So Happy Veteran's Day to all those in uniform! THANK YOU for your dedication and service to our country, I for one appreciate you!

And the most special shout out of all goes to my own personal veteran, MiB!. So MiB should you happen to check in and read today's post, you should know that I am very, very proud, thankful and grateful for your service, you are a true American Airman who certainly does defend his country with his life. You have already willing put your life in harm's way and would do it again I know, you eat sleep and breathe your service to our country and I am so very proud of you, you are my H E R O!

Unfortunately, I am a bit under the weather today so I am very thankful for a hot beverage, a warm blanket and a hubby who is off to spend the day with me. I think I have the makings of something yukky. Headache on and off for three days now along with a sore throat. This morning I awoke with a snuffy nose and I also had a bit of a cough in the night, yukky is all I know to call it. I don't like it! However, I am not going to let it stop me from enjoying this Veteran's Day with my MiB even if we only stay home and enjoy the quiet together. Maybe it will be another pajama day...hmmm, I think I could go for that :) We'll just have to see.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

We are here at another Thursday, I am thankful that as of right now when I am done this afternoon I am coming home and we having nothing tonight. This makes me really thankful, it has been well over a week since we have had nothing in the evening. Mix that with the travel we have done lately and I need some at home time. I have a load of laundry going now and hope to finish it before I get out the door this a.m. I also have hopes of clearing the dining room table. My basket is there and all those things need to be put away! I still have some of the weekend travel remnants to stow away and I should do a bit of tidying up, you know those little things that just need to be done to keep a home in good order!

Ugh, I need to get off here and get moving and it's just now 7:00 a.m. I have been productive in the 30 minutes since I have been up but there is so much more so short and sweet today!

  • I have a sore throat :(
  • I am not going to be sick!
  • I really cannot be sick at this time!
  • I am looking forward to the weekend!
Nothing profound there, sort of feeling it's already the holidays with the craziness of our schedule, but I know it's not and it will get even worse...yeah, I am sooooo excited, NOT! LOL Oh well, tomorrow's another day and MiB is off and I'm super excited!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful for Charity Events

Today was the OSC Basket Auction! This is a worthy event that raises funds for the Hap House Christmas party! The BESG contributed so they invited some of us to attend. Wow these ladies have deep pockets, I did put some bids in early on but I was unwilling to keep up. Worthy or not I have my limits! I did end up with a was not one of the baskets I originally wanted however I did really like one of the paintings in this basket! It was just such an odd assortment with no real theme but no matter I was the winner and now I have a pretty cool fleur de lis along with another painting I may use!

I'm on my phone and I will add a couple other pics later!

Updated with a couple pictures!

 The only thing I wanted out of the basket!

I could potentially use this one...not sure.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thankful for New Friends!

Today was the November Girls birthday lunch. What fun we had, the food was good but the conversations and laughs were the bestest! I am glad to be included with such a neat group. We have been many places and served with many faces but these are truly some of the best. The cupcake was awesome yum and I wanted to eat the entire thing but I had one bite! Yeah for me :)

I am thankful for the many friendships we have forged over the years as MiB has worn the blue suit, it's been awesome and we are still in touch with so many of these folks. They are so much more then friends in so many ways; they are family. We are thankful to have been blessed enough to cross paths with such a great group. In retirement, which really isn't that far off, we hope that we can reconnect with others that we have served with. That will be so much fun! We are both looking forward to that!

Happy Tuesday to you and a BIG Happy Birthday shout out to my own father as he celebrates another year...he is 81 today! While he does face some unfun stuff he is blessed to be surrounded by the Littles on a regular basis along with other immediate family in the area and they certainly do him good. The Littles especially provide him with much laughter and stories to share. He is doing okay despite a few areas that he wishes were better, I think for 81 he is doing swell!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankful for myMiB

We arrived home shortly after 1 AM this was a great weekend for many, many reasons but that drive, which is 8+ hours no matter how you slice it is killer. However, we are safely back, LilBlue is safely back and it's all good. I noticed this a.m. that the post for yesterday went up wordless. I did it from my phone and there were words when I sent it but I have yet to figure out the trick to where the wording goes that it gets actually posted when I do it like that. So I re-added them this morning.

 The two I love the mostest :)

I sit here this a.m. drinking awesome good cappuccino sitting next to a great man who even though we made it back and could have gone to work this morning chose to stay in and enjoy a fuzzy, lazy morning with me. Going to a wedding always makes me recall our own day and how blessed I am to be married to this man, a man of great integrity, a man with a solid work ethic who provides so abundantly for our family, a man who has patience with me in my moments and love for my family, a man who takes care of all things. Thank you to MiB for being the man in my life who is just totally amazing; you are loved by your two girls more then you will ever know and we are so thankful for you.

Since we are back the job calls and we do have an event to attend this evening and laundry calls, uh screams my name! Amazing how being gone just a couple days can generate this much stuff to wash! I am glad I have time to catch up before the week gets rolling, it's a full schedule. What are you thankful for today? If nothing quickly comes to mind besides chocolate you need to re-evaluate...just sayin'! Seriously, chocolate is a lovely thing but there is WAAAAAY more to life then chocolate. Start living in the real world, get your priorities straight on the things you are thankful for and make your life count is way that matters to you and those things or people you are truly thankful for.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wedding...Thankful we could be there!

The Littles were adorable at the wedding...I'm so very thankful we could be there to help out with the festivities! We had the fun of being last minute planners, decorators, errand runners and all around helpers to do what ever was asked of us! We also did some "what we thought should be done" things too! A garage was transformed! It was really neat to be apart of it! I pray for their future and happiness, I pray they stay as committed as it takes to make it work!

LilBlue caught the bouquet and of course is ready for that day in more then a day dreamy sort of way as most young women her age are...I fear that day will be hear sooner then we want! We know of course this is a natural progression in a relationship we just pray that they know we believe it should be for better or worse; should not be entered into lightly for convenience sake or any other reason then to be married and become one and work as a team on a life built together, period.

I'm so thankful for the weekend with family! It's great to be able to get together for fun things such as a wedding! Now we are in the car headed south for the long drive home and LilBlue is headed north. Prayers for all of our travels to be safe!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thankful to be together!

Today is our all day together day, it's been too long...we are just going to hang out and be us. We will do a little visiting with extended family but for the most part we are going to be us three. I am soooo thankful for this opportunity and will enjoy every second.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh yeah I am so thankful!

Today I will focus on being thankful for my family...they are the good, the bad and the ugly but they are mine, they are all I have and I love them. I am the first to admit sometimes I don't like them, but honestly I do ALWAYS love them. That's the truth, come hell or high water I love my family. I am thankful for the additions to the family I have had. I am glad we have a relationship in spite of being second go round related. It's nice to honestly say we love each other but even nicer to know we like each other too!

I am thankful for my family, oh yes I am!

Oh and it's my very own special day...yep, Happy Cake day to me! I think I am getting an awesome homemade cake from a high school friend and I am pretty excited about that :) Course, I am not too thrilled about the calories I will consume enjoying said cake but hey that's how that sort of thing seems to work!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

So today is crazy and if all goes well we will be on the road headed north...praying it all goes well!

Short & Sweet!

Thursday Thoughts:
  •  I try to understand...
  • I don't understand a lot!
  • I have a low tolerance for "things"
  • I am trying to be more tolerant of "things"
Over the moon excited we will see our LilBlue tomorrow :) WOOHOO!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This morning as I watch the news and such I am thankful I am not experiencing cold and snow in my world. I am also praying that the weather holds for our travels this weekend. We will be making a quick to trip to MO this weekend and LilBlue will be coming down as well, so I am praying for good travel weather for all involved.

I find as I mature (yeah, you can read that age if you want!) I prefer a warmer climate. In fact as MiB and I discuss retirement plans we are keeping that in mind. While we don't know where we will end up ultimately, we know if we have our druthers we will be choosing a warmer climate over a colder one to be sure. Course if the MiB has his way we will be in Hawaii and while I think that would be okay for a while I am not sure living there all the time would be thing either.

So today I sit here with a headache after a very little sleep night...not sure what's up with that. I have had a few days of uneasiness...that is usually not a good thing in my world. I am still trying to pinpoint the heart of it. I know I am juggling several things and feeling somethings are taking way too much of my time and other things I should be giving more time to, it's a balance. I still have not reached a balance here. I still do not feel connected here. I don't think that is really bothering me but maybe it is. The job here is bigger, has way more to it and I don't feel quite like I have a handle on it and the expectations are there. I know I will not be all things to all people and I have never tried to do that anyway; however, I do try to keep up. I try to keep the big picture in mind and not get too in the weeds, nonetheless, I do find myself out there, taking on too many little things that really someone else should have done at a much lower level but didn't and then it's really become an issue with someone or something. I am trying REALLY harder to stay out of those weeds...

I have a small to do list today, so now that I have had my cappuccino I should really get on to it. I hope the things I need to pick up do not prove difficult, I am once again on a mint hunt. I had this same hunt going on last year about this time for a birthday bash. I also need nuts, that will be the easy one!

I am outta here, enjoy your day. Oh, and it's an uber good friends b-day today so Happy Birthday LS!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Being Thankful...

November, being the month of Thanksgiving and all I am going to try and make daily post (I said TRY) of things I am thankful for... what are you thankful for? Even in the worst of times and situations I think there are always things we can be thankful for that we tend to forget and also take for granted. If you are living in America, you have the BIG ONE, your freedom. Too many of us take that one for granted.

That is the one I am using for today. I am thankful for my F R E E D O M and for the men and women who continue to bring it to us every day. I am thankful I am able to be around those men and women every day, they are awesome people! These folks are real heroes and they don't even act like it's any big deal, they are "just doing their job" Yeah right, but I also like it that they are modest and humble or whatever you want to call it about it. that makes them all the more cooler!

So thank you to all the men and women in the armed services, you are responsible for our freedom and I for one am VERY THANKFUL for that.

And today I also remember the birthday of one who has gone on...a neat guy, a real character so to speak! I know he is deeply missed by his family. They have carried on, become stronger, maybe a bit more tender, maybe not nonetheless they still think of you and talk about you ofter. 

RIP Papa