Friday, September 30, 2011


Tonight is the base Oktoberfest so it was a morning of decorating!
K.L. showing off her hanging skills!!!

And then I did a bit of shopping! Hip Hip Hooray for clearance! Oh, and a coupon! I snagged a dress, a pair of capris, two blouses, one t-shirt and a camisole for (drum roll please), are you ready for it? $60.xx

So back to the house to finish pre-weekend chores and get ready to return to Oktoberfest. We went and enjoyed the evening, The food was decent, though the pretzels would have been tons better had they been a bit warm they were still edible! The red cabbage was tasty and the potatoes were really nice. MiB said the brats were really good, the schnitzel was off the mark in our opinion, not sure but authentic it was not. However, overall the food was better then I expected which is always a plus when you go to things like this. Part of that comes from the fact that we have actually been to Germany and had the real deal so we are often a bit harsh in our review of the food since we know what it should be. MiB and I do not do beer so we gave away our beer tickets that came with our meal. Still it was a nice night with some fun folks and we enjoyed meeting some new Team Barksdale members and visiting with others that we have already met. I was most thrilled that we knew people and had people to share the evening with that we were comfortable that does the heart good!

 MiB with his authentic German cuisine!
One of my new Southern Friends!

Night all, prost!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: Quilts, Quilts and more Quilts!!!

So, there is this great festival getting ready to kick off and they have a quilt show along with it. There is a little tradition that they have with letting some of the Barksdale Command Spouses come down and judge the quilts. It just so happens I had the opportunity to go. I know right? I was not scheduled to go, but there was a last minute change of plans and I was available to step in and go. What fun. And oh what beautiful quilts we saw. Some were just amazing, some were inspiring, others were not my cup of tea, others I wish I could tweak a color or two and then a couple I wish I could have snatched off the rack and brought home. Most of them made me think of all my quilter friends. I felt very out of my league! And I think they should not have limited us to picking just one, I could have VERY EASILY given out a first, second and third...even a fourth and fifth.  LOL
There were so many different categories, small, large, extra large, block of the month, kits, etc and to pick ONLY ONE was tough, extremely tough! So we collaborated to come up with our winner. It may not have been each of our personal favorites but it was a winner nonetheless! A beautiful quilt of blues and a center focal point of Texas Bluebonnets. It was a very colorful quilt and it was well done. We agreed this was the one! Course it could have been any number of the others we each loved...yeah, did I mention this was not an easy task? It really wasn't but it was certainly fun!


I am amazed at all the beauty I saw today and again it made me call back memories of the quilter friends I have, mostly A who has gone on to be with the Lord and I'm sure she is quilting in Glory. Also T from COS and of course DF and CL from Italy. Especially them since we spent some time last fall hitting a few quilt shops on our VA road trip! Then there is my own Grandma who did a little quilting, and my other Grandma who did a variety of handwork. Also my own mother made a quilt or two back in the day. And LilBlue has made one, maybe two. I have as well, nothing like what I saw today but still I gave it a whirl and there is proof. Then there is also the quilt I always use on my own bed when the weather cools from MiMi. It's such a wonderful memory keeper and the quilt that LilBlue received when MiB deployed that someone, a complete stranger to us, took the time to make. Also the baby quilts that Aunt E did for LilBlue not to mention the one that Aunt T made her. Yes there is some quilting in our story and the stories are such great memories! That is really to me what a quilt is to me, a story, a memory!

 These were just two of the many beautiful quilts we saw. I should have taken way more pictures, but I think they thought I was a little weird for taking the pictures to begin with! HA But I did say I wanted to blog it :)

There were lots of seasonal quilts and while some were very nice, most just did not catch my eye. There were Halloween ones, several Autumn, couple Spring, many, many Christmas ones but like I said even though they were neat, they just did not catch my eye. Until...

The Christmas quilt that caught my eye!

The one that really caught my eye was absolutely gorgeous! It was reds and creams and it just looked amazing, really rich; just a great piece! I would have loved to bring it on home with me! They do have a raffle going on for a few of the quilts I think when MiB and I go back we will buy a ticket or two, or three :) I could use another nice blanket!

So that was my day, unexpected quilt judge! I held my own in the "what appeals to me" but I honestly think they were all winners in their own right! This is just such an awesome talent and skill to have and anyone who participates is a winner in my book~

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Classic Cliche

Looks can be deceiving, I know you've heard it, I have, mostly from my Grandma. Today, it was definitely true much to my disappointment. So I skipped breakfast, though I did have my morning java! We took the CRV for a tint job, then headed to lunch. We were trying another "highly recommended" place. To be honest we pulled up and we had hope, real hope, it just had that look of a place we would like.

We went in, ordered, I shuddered at the cost ($35.00) but I thought if it's yummy, I'm good with paying for food at local places, even if that is on the high side for lunch...

We got the basket of fried pickles ($4.99) first and I had a sinking feeling as soon as I tasted them...they looked incredible, not a speck of grease and just the right color. However, first taste and I nearly choked, they were so overly salted it was unbelievable. This from a former saltaholic and a girl who still love, love, loves her salt. So I was a bit concerned but the place was filling up with a good lunchtime crowd I was still hopeful.

Don't those look great? Too bad they were not...

Food came, second clue of this might not be all I want it to be was when my crab cakes (10.99) were in something and had something on them. I like crab cakes alone not plated in sauce and nothing on them. Okay I can be open, so I dug in. Uh, no way, thick and cold (raw) in the middle. Yeah, I'm sunk.

 The crab cakes, floating in something and topped with something, neither of which was impressive according to my very own taste buds. They were also too thick...which could account for the cold/raw in the middle issues, though the outside was nearly overdone so all around a fail on this choice.

MiB did fare some better, his shrimp po boy ($8.99) was good, had a nice sauce and plenty of shrimp, on a nicely toasted roll. It really was a nice deal. I'm glad he shared with me since it really was huge and enough for two not to mention that he also ordered a side of red beans and rice ($6.99). He thought the RB&R were average. Me too, I tasted them and thought I've had better, thanks to Ms Lina!

I do give them kudos for their ice though, they had "good ice" as we call it! So there were some good things :) but feel pretty certain we will probably not be going back and still on the hunt for a great place!

Anyway, Happy Wednesday to you! MiB was off today and we just spent the day hanging out which is always fun! No more use or lose days for him which was the goal of the day off since the new year starts Saturday! Cars are washed as well, very productive day! Now on to a quiet uneventful, relaxing evening!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Today we took in two movies. It was really not what we should have been doing as there are still some sorting projects and various things that could have been tackled at the house but we threw caution to the wind and headed out the door in record time to catch the early bird viewing (read that cheapest show of the day) of Killer Elite. Wow, not a movie for the weak of stomach for sure. I like suspenseful shows but with a little less shootem up please. Then we went on over with a matinee priced ticket to MoneyBall. This was such a good movie. Based on a true story and worth the watch if you are looking for a movie to see I recommend it.

O.K. well that's it, just wanted you to know we aren't all work and no play here, we do get out and about! Lot's going on but that's what makes life!

Speaking of life, we are in the midst of another wildfire on the EastRes. MiB is fetching water jugs for those on the front lines. It irks me to receive the news that a call was made, then another call went out to set into motion the action to obtain the needed water for the firemen and various others seeing this thing through but that what was brought was so inadequate for the situation it is ludicrous. I have such little tolerance for incompetence that I am glad I was not there to witness this. The old adage proved true yet again today, if you want something done right, do it yourself, because obviously common sense just did not prevail on this tasker.  The main thing is that water was finally made available...

Have a happy Sunday all and here's to a great week. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Operation HERO!

The event of the day was Operation HERO. This is a base wide event for the children to get a feel for what their mom and dad go through before they deploy. Thankfully the local community does the financial backing and every child in attendance gets some really neat take homes!

 The day kicks off with a mission brief...HAVE FUN they are told!

The "shooting station" was popular! Paint Ball guns are coolio!

 Processing line stations were amazing...MiB test out the "drunk googles"

 MiB and I

And while the end of the day did not go quite as planned since there was a random wildfire close by that caused an unexpected evacuation it was still a good day! Some of the days events were not executed as prepared but perhaps there will be another day for that. The volunteers were awesome, I think the children really enjoyed it, I know I did and wow have MREs come a long way or what? They even have vegetarian options and the names of these Meals Ready to Eat sound pretty tempting to me...or maybe I was just ready for lunch :)

Later in the afternoon we were to a "shirt" BBQ. What a nice time we had and it was fun to get together with folks outside of the working environment. Met several new families and there were some really, really yummy cupcakes...I had two, one of each! But hey, some people had THREE and it was NOT MiB! LOL While the chocolate were tasty, they even had a raspberry filling, for my the wedding cake white will always win!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Late Thursday Thoughts

Oh my, where did my day go, geez where did my week go?

It's been busy and it's not something I see an end to soon. But this is what makes our life right? Today I left the house for Bible Study and just got in a few minutes ago. We ended the evening stopping by the Club for "member night dinner" (free food, what's not to like?) of grilled burgers and dogs with french fries or onion rings along with all the fixins. It was definitely fun and the kids loved the bouncy castle and FREE prizes. A great way to end the evening!

So quick thoughts:

  • I'm trying to pace myself...
  • I'm meeting LOTS of new folks
  • I'm NOT liking "the drive to the wild side"
  • I'm trying to remember LOTS of names and faces!
  • I sooooo enjoy the Airman's Attic, best place on base!
NIGHT! Tomorrow is another full day, life is good!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: A TOUR!

Today we did an immersion tour for our "higher ups"! It was fun, we got to hang out and take Mrs W around our installation. Most of the things she saw she has seen on every base she has ever been on, however, we gave her the "bomber spin" and I think she was awed, informed and educated. It's amazing what you learn on these gatherings. I'm glad to be in a great group who just seem so real with no pretenses. It is a good feeling.

I wish I would have taken pictures and I really don't think anyone would have minded, but honestly, it would have been awkward so I didn't. Maybe another time. The "priceless" moment was lunch in the DFAC. Big salad, grill American cheese sandwich on whole wheat with an iced tea, total cost $2.65. Yes I did just say two dollars, sixty five cents. It was great! I really love a real grilled cheese sammich, one done on the grill.

  • We had sprinkles today!!!
  • Tomato basil soup for dinner :)
  • More books gone through today!
  • Game night with the new girls tomorrow.
  • MiB will also be back in towm tomorrow :)
Enough from me, I got some decoratin' to get done, I am soooo ready to just be and not continually of these things like what should I put on that wall? Do I need more oomph for that area? Is that a good combo for that area? Where is (fill in the blank)? Did we get rid of (fill in the blank)? Should I move that? Is that really where I want that? And my brain just goes on and on and I go to bed thinking about it and I wake up thinking about it, usually around 2:38 a.m. but I know it will eventually all come together and I will not be so preoccupied with making it all work. Until then, enjoy what you're doing, I am!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Travel Widow

These past two weeks I am a travel widow. MiB has been jetsetting to DC as of late. This week he is running about the NCR in this cute little number!


Ironic that he would get to drive one of these this week as we looked at buying one this summer. They are cool, they hold four people pretty comfortably. It helps if you are on the smaller side if you are going to sit in the back seat though; which means it works well for me :) But MiB wanted to keep the SMARTie so we did not get the FIAT. But I still like them and they bring back good Italian memories...
AWESOME VIEWS...I'm somewhat jealous as I have not yet seen the new Air Force Memorial!

This travel has given me a small amount and I do mean small in the tiny, itty bitty sense of the word to get some things done around the house. It is starting to gel, we are starting to learn where everything is and figuring out what works for us. Course I still feel it is not quite "pulled together" but I'm working on it. It's just the chunks of time I get are just that chunks, seems I have to go here, then there and run do this and then stop here and did I mention we are in the sticks out here. Yeah, it is literally 20 minutes to the main base so road time is the pits and causes me a bit of angst at times. But I am learning to plan accordingly!

So hope your week is going well, mine is flying by and tomorrow is another big day. I hope I will have a picture or two of our "immersion tour" for the ladies of the 8th!


Monday, September 12, 2011

FruFru Coffee

I like coffee, I love the bold flavor and I enjoy drinking it all year, hot or cold weather.  MiB likes frufru coffee. We have a new coffee machine that does's a win-win.

It's a BOSCH, it's awesome!

 MiB with his frufru drink :)

It's all good in the House of Blue!

Oh and I'm thankful to LilBlue cause her BX3 discount kept some green in our bank account :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget

Hope your day was good but I also hope you reflected on the day.

It is a day that cannot ever be is a day that we will forever remember. I cannot put into words all the emotion that goes with this day just suffice to say let's all remember, we must never forget.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy to be RECONNECTED Thursday!

Wow, I feel like it has been FOREVER since I have blogged (I WILL be going back and doing some back blogging now that we are online). We are in the house and while the boxes are for the most part unpacked and things are stored away, we are not settled. We are settling in though and it is fun to be amongst "OUR" things again. Some things we have already realized we can do without and we are, two loads have already been hauled to the Airman's Attic and another box is being filled to take in soon!

This house is easy to fill, there are a good amount of closets which is fun, I will have a project room and that is going to be a lot of fun, I am soooo ready to start in on my scrapbooks. However, I have made a deal with myself that I will not do that until the house is more in order. We still have pictures to hang and books to find a home for (I think I see a bookshelf shopping tour in our future) and shelves to organize along with making sure the kitchen is in good working order before I start in on the fun stuff!

So on to the thoughts of the day...
  • It's not in the triple digits today!
  • Our house in BIG but small at the same time...
  • We are readjusting to being under the same roof!
Gotta run, lots to catch up on and a meeting in just a bit!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekend Guest!

J&T are down for the weekend and yesterday we did a fact finding mission, but today we went back and did the official Casino Crawl! Oh MY! It was educational, interesting and well, I don't have words for what else it was...

 We had the lunch buffet at BOOMTOWN! 
And actually, this is from Saturday!

On Sunday we started with a run through the BX, where I did find some Labor Day sales. Got a couple Christmas gifts down which was exciting! I love a good clearance sale with an additional % off as well! SCORE!
 Big boys who still like toys!
Then we headed to a FREE buffet lunch at SAMTOWN'S cause MiB and J won them there yesterday when we were checking things out. So that was tasty and did I mention FREE. Yeah, okay, cool! After that we headed to the ElDorado, which was nice. We enjoyed watching roulette, it was interesting and totally mind blowing the amount of money we saw won and lost. I am NOT a gambler I know that. Our next stop was Harrah's and MiB and I immediately checked out the ponies and went to watch. There were two races left, we placed our bets and waited. Race 9 was a wash, pony 9 won and then they scrubbed the whole race, bummer! Then race 10 our pony placed and we won a buck 40. Not bad I suppose since it only cost us one to bet. I wasn't THAT impressed though, too long between races.

A lots of $$$ too bad no I knew was taking it home!

That stop ended our Crawl and we headed to the house for some grub and conversation before J&T leave in the a.m. They are going to explore a new way home and make a quick pit stop in OK. Hope it's a good new route as the 71 just isn't cutting it.
Happy Labor Day weekend to you and yours!