Monday, September 20, 2010

Harpoon Larry's for Lunch

This week I am in Hampton, VA. My fun friend and I took a road trip, we are hooking up with other friends from is way cool so far. Not only are we hooking up with Italy friends I am going to meet some of her Langley friends as well, now that is cool!

While driving up I heard all about Harpoon Larry's and his crab cakes from her so today we made plans to eat there for lunch. Can I just say AWESOME? Not like, okay, those were really good, I mean like, these ARE the bestest crab cakes I have ever had, ever...seriously, I mean no filler, just crab meat, onions, some great seasoning and grilled, oh divine!

Please note the goofy van in the background with the lobster on top...what can I say about that...well, nothing, it had no effect whatsoever on the wonderful taste of the crab cakes!

THE crab cake!

My Fun Friend letting her daughter know we were eating at Harpoon Larry's!!!!

If you ever happen to be in Hampton, VA I highly recommend you truck on down Mercury St until you happen upon Harpoon Larry's on Armistead St!

This type of thing fills all the walls and I just could not leave without photographing it :)


Man in Blue (MiB) said... glad you and your Fun Friend are having a great time traveling to VA! Couldn't be happier for you two!!!!


Frizzy and Bird said...

How have I missed so many posts? SERIOUSLY!