Friday, May 4, 2012

G>B>O> day

Today is Gall Bladder Out day for LilBlue. 

 Uncle G and LilBlue

Uncle G was with her in pre op and was always making sure they knew we were here for gall bladder removal...he wanted to draw a bullseye around her belly button for the doctor but since we had not met said doctor yet we thought maybe not a good thing...but you have to admit IT would have been funny!

I am still amazed that she needs to have this little organ removed but she does. It's only functioning at 5% according to the HIDA scan. We have been putting this off til after finals and I know she is ready to feel better. This has been a real pain, literally, for her and she sooooo wants it to be done. So we headed to The Tower this morning EARLY for gall bladder removal.  

 With Lately our intake nurse and me too in this one :)

 Dr B and LilBlue :0)

After meeting him we think he would've gotten a kick out of the bulls eye around her belly button! 

 Emerald the OR nurse was a keeper!

After they took her away we went in search of ... what else? F O O D  I know just what we needed. However, who knew Don & Millie's is not open for breakfast? We do now! Back to the "store front" since the cafeteria is under renovation. They did have Starbuck's coffee, but it was a pastry for MiB, muffin for G and I stuck with a cereal bar from my hospital bag! Along with our second dose of the day caffeine we were good to go!


Before long she was out of the OR with a success report...gall bladder is gone! We finally got to see her in recovery after what seemed like forever but in reality was around 90 minutes. She was good...that lasted, hmmm, til the apple juice. A few setbacks, change of the Rx, some walking, tinkling and finally just over 12 hours after surgery we were cleared to leave. She was doing well.  

 While waiting for the "good to go" MiB caught a few Zzzz's

She is currently resting on the couch, the Bud is here and we are all pretty much chilling and ready for some rest. I know I am sooooo ready for a good night's sleep, here's hoping that happens tonight :) Also soooo thankful for answered prayers, prayers of others and a Great Physician that we can count on!

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