Sunday, February 26, 2012

And there was cake...

Since we were traveling on the actual day there was no cake until was baked amongst the moving of the boxes. It was totally enjoyable. It has been enjoyed at lunch and dinner today. It has made his belly button smile. He is a cake boy, he loves his cake, especially chocolate with chocolate icing. He doesn't even care that the cake was made from a box mix and the frosting is from a tub. He is just happy to have cake.

 Happy Cake Boy :) 

It's been a very productive day and during our break from the moving we went roller skating. That was such a nice distraction from all the boxes.

Yes, it's not a great picture, but we are there!!!

We also took more donations to the Attic and we helped a traveler. That was so much fun. He had taken a taxi from the airport. Walked on through the gate to where he knew the lodging officewas, only to find out it has temporarily the other side of base. So we picked him up and got him squared away and headed in the right direction. He was a happy camper and so were we!

Back home, more boxes moved, more unpacking, little work on the surf board (yes, MiB is building a surfboard!), and then dinner and now it is back to the old house to get some "work done" before heading to bed. I am doing better today since we got some OTC meds yesterday for my sore throat and drainage. Amazing what a little bit of medicine can do for ya!

Tomorrow will be finishing up getting the rest of our stuff over to the new place, with the exception of what we will need to be able to sleep and shower at the old place. Then wait for the movers to show up on Wednesday, clean and be totally out of here, the old place, on Friday at 3:00 p.m. I hope to have the new place in order quite quickly as well and that will go pretty quick once the furniture has been placed. I hope that goes smoothly but sometimes it takes me a while to figure out how I want things or what is going to work best. So we shall see.

Hope you have had a great weekend, it's been busy in our world but it has gone smoothly and for that I am VERY thankful!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is my MiBs birthday...I say HaPpY BiRtHdAy dude! It is also Twin 2s b-day, so happy birthday to him as as well! We made the drive home today and then took in a movie, Act of Valor. Amazing and a good see, our men and women in uniform rock. This film portrays the Marines, specifically the seal teams, they are the elite, the best of the best. They do the job, they take the losses and still move forward, they are the freedom fighters. The movie was stellar, it hit home, it made me proud and made me think about how much we take for granted.

On the way home from the movie we stopped and got a take and bake pizza. Gourmet veggie with red sauce instead of the creamy garlic, it was superb and we scarfed down half of it. What a yummy meal. We had stopped at Newk's on our way home and it was MiBs first time to eat there. He definitely thought it was a keeper. I think it is a yummo place as well. I really want to try some of the other soups, I have been on Friday and always get the tomato basil soup which is super good, but I am ready to try a new one. I tried the grilled veggie sammie this time and it was phenomenal! I will get it again, I liked it  a lot.

So while the pizza was cooking we made a few trips to the new house and have all the bedrooms now moved over. This is only the "things" the movers come on Wednesday and move the furniture. Tomorrow we will move the kitchen, finish the project room and some of the other miscellaneous things and start on the garage. It is going well. I will be glad when it is DONE.

So, Happy Birthday MiB, I do love you and I know it wasn't an overly celebratory day with the drive back and moving and all but it was still a decent day and I am glad we were together this year for your special day!

Night, I'm tired and tomorrow is another full day of moving and a commissary run, wow, the excitement in our life is just over the top!!! LOL

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Thoughts...

It's much later then usual for my Thursday post, that's partly because we are traveling this week. Not to mention that  MiB is sick and I have had a headache for two days. I am extremely thankful for urgent care facilities, not at all liking redtape silliness and grateful for base pharmacies even if you aren't stationed here!

I am glad we have healthcare, I am also more keenly aware that it is sometimes hard or next to impossible to navigate it's use...especially when you are not in your "home area" and you have someone new on the line. However, after eight phone calls we are good, or on the road to good. Sinus infection for MiB. This is unfortunately a common occurrence. Sometimes he is able to get ahead of them and drown them in water so to speak. The allergy count in LA has been up with all the unseasonably warm weather and this caused his sinus situation to go way out of control. Hopefully, with the shot and a Zpack he will be good to go within 48 hours.

 Enjoying a GREAT burger for lunch!!

So even if you are not feeling well, if you are the MiB you are still up for a good burger. This was a great choice for lunch especially since its been quite sometime since we have had a decent burger! It was definitely nice, next time I might go for lettuce on mine, but today I just went with my safe order of mustard, pickle, onion! MiB got the works and enjoyed every single bite! 

Full day of driving tomorrow, then full weekend of moving. Potentially there will even be some moving tomorrow evening. Monday is a goal day, thankfully, so we can continue the moving process and hopefully get it all moved over except what the movers are doing. Then on Wednesday when the furniture movers come we can be cleaning up behind them and be ready to clear the old address by Friday. We will continue settling into the new abode over the weekend but with company coming some of that settling may be put on hold. And March continues to be shaping up as a nonstop month.

I think many of my thoughts are not blog worthy today or perhaps more honestly not appropriate or ready to be put into black and white...many things/scenarios are swirling around in my head. I have lots on my mind, but for now here is what I got!

Thoughts that can be shared...
  • Oranges are so good!
  • Cinnamon Cheerios are good!
  • Peanut butter Cheerios, not so much!
  • Think my headaches might be stress related :(
I am going to watch my latest favorite show and call it a night. Last night not much sleep was had due to MiB coughing and choking from drainage. Praying for a good night's sleep tonight, safe travels tomorrow and smooth moving over the weekend!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Whoa!!! What a Weekend!

Wow, having company is ALWAYS fun, but when they bring Sprinkles it's the bomb! There were black and whites, salted caramel, dark chocolate and lemon coconut! HEAVEN is what it was. We enjoyed them that night, the next morning with coffee, the next evening with the Munsy Neighbors and then the next morning again. Yummmmmm and we aren't even going to talk about the ramifications, just let it go! I'm sooo trying, but I am having a bit of a time with it. I soooo don't like my jeans fitting tight, it's just me I know, but it's how I feel and I don't like it. Moving on...cause I am not making the hard choice to really change it, so, I am where I am and it is what it is, pftttt!

We did the movies on Saturday, twice. We also went to dinner at the Mongolian BBQ place, (after the second movie) which was not all that good, but the company was so that's how that goes! The movie was good, but the restaurant was not, just wanted to clear that up... We will keep looking for good places to eat that's all I can say! I was disappointed in the cleanliness of the place and service was mediocre, though she did have a lot of personality! Ahhhhh, but the company was awesome and we continued the visiting party back at the house with more cupcake eating and maybe a little Bailey's and Kahlua.

Also enjoyed a nice slow day with PJs on for a good portion of it, then out to enjoy the beeee.U.TE.ful weather and do a bit of computer repair. That was a BIG fun project and it is actually still in progress but hopefully be wrapped up today, cause the main computer tech is departing today! A bad fan needed to be switched out.

My personal GEEK Squad!

It's been a great weekend! This week also finds us traveling, it will be a quick trip before we return to move right next door. Then it will be getting settled in and starting off the month of March, which will bring much traveling and lots of visiting. I'm excited! 

Hope you had a great weekend, if you are fortunate to have the day off, enjoy, we certainly are! We will also continue the creative meals and using up what's on hand so we don't have to move it next door food plan! So far, so good, yesterday I made an awesome breakfast casserole using all the frozen hash browns, many of the veggies, most of the cheese and all but one of the eggs!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Welcome to day before the weekend, woohoo! I'm ready to welcome the weekend, we have some neat stuff we are planning to do and just hang out and of course, prepare to move. That's of course, the big project right now but I'm not going to let it get me down, roll with it, that's my motto for this inconvenience getting ready to happen in my world!

Speaking of which I really need to call the internet people so we can switch that over, then I need to get a change of address form from the USPS so that will be taken care of (I bet this can be done online, hmmmm) and then once we are in new said house at new address I will go online and do all the changes of addresses for our accounts. This will just rock as I just finally got one of our investment accounts straightened out on the current correct address for our tax statement mailing and now I will get to call them and give them yet another new address. Yeah, I think they will LOVE me, NOT!

What is going to make this move so much fun is that we are traveling the week before. We return and we have a week to get moved and then have company the following weekend; then we will be out of town the next four weekends. So the reality is I have no idea when we will be settled but we will be moved by 2 March. WooHoo, please feel the excitement in my words, it's there really.  Okay, notsomuch, but I'm trying to embrace it, it's just really not working for me, I'm losing my touch. I think it is age, I am getting too old for this...especially since we are moving ourselves with the exception of the furniture. I know right, don't even go there, it's not even a compensated move, yep, I know, let it go, cause I can't believe we are doing this!

  • White Russians :)
  • Littles, I do miss...
  • Love half priced chocolate!
  • Love me some FREE boxes :D

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Doing my part, sort of...

Since you know we are moving I am trying to use up as much of what we have on hand as I can. I am only buying perishables, well that and snacks for WoW. When we get to move in a few weeks we have to go 14 steps to our new home and I don't want to carry any more than I have too. So far the freezer is looking pretty good and empty...

 I guess there really is still quite a bit in there but trust me it's not near like it was. 

It will continue to dwindle down as we still have a little over a week or so to work on its contents. before we go out of town, return and move. Then there is the fridge, it's bit harder...but we did finish off a ketchup bottle and the caramel and chocolate syrup bottles are almost empty as well! There is only one sour cream on the top shelf but still two margarine's! Though I don't know if we can make it w/o ketchup until we move. There is a new bottle in the pantry so open or not it has to be moved!

 The door shelves are what I notice the most as they are not crammed full!

And yes there is only ONE 12 pack of soda in our fridge and YES that is 5 half gallons of milk on the top shelf. I'm having a party tonight and we need milk for the drinks. The contents of the shelf under the milk are all leftovers and will be consumed tonight and tomorrow. Also the veggie bin contents will be gone before the weekend is out.

Then there is the pantry.

 Not much there, but still nice choices. Going to be fixing some pudding and jello over the weekend! And green soup and hopefully polish off some cereal if I have milk left after tonight.

 Little more to deal with on this side. YES, that is three cases of green beans, I like green beans, a lot; there is also a case a peas but it is nearly empty! Yep, that is two BIG boxes of saltines; MiB likes those a lot and with a can of diet Coke on the side usually at night after I have gone to bed!

I definitely see a major commissary shopping trip soon after the move, we are way down on the choices in the food department but we are getting by and no one is starving that's for sure. I feel like I am doing a pantry challenge of sorts, where you shop your own pantry and try not to go to the grocery store. For weeks now I have only been buying perishables and necessities in preparation for this move. Now that we finally have a date I just really wish it was over already. I'm not real overjoyed in this whole move thing in case you were not clear or wondered.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Like it or not it is 14 February. It's not just a day for lovers, it is a day to celebrate love. We love our families and friends, show them today. Last year at this time I was not with the love of my life, like that has NEVER happened before...but anyway I did happen to be with the Littles, whom I love dearly and they made my day awesome. We played and ate m&m's most of the day then we went to eat my favorite, Mexican food! It was a good day even without MiB.

Make the best of where you are today, do for those who mean something to you, appreciate those in your life who make a difference that is what I think of when I think of Valentine's day.

My Little Echo sent me a BEAUTIFUL handmade card that she signed all by herself, now THAT my friends is LOVE in the most precious form. And those are thumb print hearts :) Love that girlie!

 Then this morning I got a picture as she was leaving to go to her school party!

She is growing up so fast, I can't wait to see them again next month. I will need my refill on hugs and kisses from theLittles! It's been too long :(

And not to be overlooked I also got a Valentine from my LittleB.

 Love the hand print butterfly!!!

Well, I am off today with a HUGE list of errands, I have sooooo many stops to make and I am going to brave the commissary as well. I hope that with it being the day before payday, even though it is Happy Heart Day it will NOT be too chaotic. Oh, I think I have high expectations, but here's to the best! I will be out most of the day. I have to see about getting a paper notarized, printer ink, shoestrings (brown), light for my oven not to mention the commissary list! BUT then tonight it is an evening with my love...we will have dinner, accompanied by a bottle of bubbly, I know, I am soooo excited. The plan is to get a take and bake veggie pizza, make a nice green salad, open the bubbly and enjoy the evening together at home. I have learned after many disappointing dining out experiences that going "to dinner" is not a good plan on BIG days such as this. So I opt to stay in and have NEVER been disappointed yet. It's win-win in my book, especially since you know how much I abhor poor service when I dine out.

So I gotta go, daylight is burning and if I can snag some Albertson's tulips I am going to do some day brightening for some of the specials in my life today as well, so Ima outta here!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

The big annual whoha went well. All pieces and parts fell together and there were no major crisis which is always good, even if there were lots of little things that caused a few moments of insanity throughout the day and evening, overall it was great!

 Awww, don't we all clean up nice? It was a good evening and spent with some good people!

 The winners are top notch and now move on. It's always more fun when you know the people and even more delightful when you know the winners! Really though to make it to this level they are ALL winners!

 Volunteer of the Year!

  Honor Guard Member of the Year 

Ccoolio they are awesome folks! The Honor Guard guy got his mess dress at the Attic! How cool is that?

Airmen of the Year nominee, such a sweet girl!

 Munsy neighbor and I; she's sportin a cute new do and I need one!

Saturday was quite cold for here, we took in a movie. It was one I do recommend, Safe House. I guess lots of people had the same idea we did since we got to the theater and the showtime we had intended to see was SOLD OUT! We took the next one, which sort of kinked up my afternoon but it all still worked out. Home after the movie to have awesome veggie fajitas, then a rug giveaway, off to church and then firepit gathering with the neighbors. Only we weren't in the neighborhood, weird, right! We trekked to main base (well we just dropped in after church) to gather at our adopted EastSiders home. You know Ms SpeechWriter? Yeah, they are honorary ES so they hosted the firepit on main base and while it was on the CHILLY WILLY  outside we still had a great time, loved the fire! Came home smellin' like we had been campin'. Of course, that meant clothes in the wash as soon as you walked in the door and into the shower before bed!

This morning was an a late start in our world which is always nice. There were no overnight calls which is always wonderful! It was blueberry pancakes and sausage links for breakfast for MiB which of course made his day and now we are sitting cozy with the fireplace going and considering a movie this afternoon...we shall see! I'm pretty comfy right here in the chair curled up beside MiB :) It's a good place to be!

In tooth news, I have a tooth of them is causing me pain. Very sensitive to cold liquids. It is the bottom right second from the back, yeah, I know you wanted to know hence the reason I added that! So you know I am thrilled to have this development, NOT. I have NEVER had dental issues and I am not a happy girl about this. For those of you dental types its #30! Ima be calling that dental guy first thing in the a.m. grrrrrr

Friday, February 10, 2012

Say YES Tim!

This is soooo cute!!! I do hope he says yes!

Of course this is cute too!!!

MiB w/LiLo

There is so much cuteness on here, let me scare you! 

 These two are trouble from the word go!
Tonight is the annual whoha. Busy week, busy, long night, it's 3:45 and I'm having a soda, so you know I'm going to be up late and need the caffeine to help get me through as I am a no soda after noonish kind of girl!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Cell Phone Flushing :/

Cell Phones + Toilet = Maintenance Call

Should I say more?  Need I say more?

What the heck! LilBlue, while no longer at home, still knows how to keep our life INTERESTING. Yes, it was a phone call from "roommate" so immediately my heart falls, I mean we exchanged those numbers in case of emergency situations. I guess it was an emergency but at least not the kind that makes you dizzy and almost pass out. LilBlue had flushed her cell phone down the toilet...yeah, I know. It was an accident. Anyway, I don't want to think about any heroic phone saving actions but suffice to say she did try to retrieve it and it was too far gone.

The throne awaits the man, maintenance man, that is!

I'm not holding out much hope for recovery success on this but stranger things have happened. I've told her to have the rice ready. Yes, supposedly you can take moisture exposed phones and plop them in a bowl of rice and the rice absorbs the moisture drying out the phone. I think this is usually for instances that don't include "prolonged exposure" to moisture, but we'll see. No harm in giving it a shot with only a bag of rice to lose, right? Oi vey

Ironic thing is she called my Sunday saying "my phone is glitching really bad" GReAAAt, this kid is REALLY hard on I was on the hunt for a get her through filler one anyway. I would like to make it til September when her contract is up with what she had, or one we can obtained from NOT AT&T! Well, now I'm mailing her my older Samsung and hopefully she can make that last until upgrade, switch plans time in September cause I really do not want to be beholden to AT&T for two more decades!Seriously, we will be doing something different come fall when our time is up with these people!

  • Cell phones=love/hate!
  • New fridge in the house :)
  • TEXAS beaches here we come!
It's ATTIC day, it's gotta get some errands done day, it's ALS graduation tonight, it's I needa 'nother cup of  coffee right now kinda day, it's get off here and get movin' right now! So seeeeee ya, wouldn't wanna be ya, cause Ima glad be'n me and I gotta go :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I've already been on the tour, had lunch and am getting ready to Par-tay. You wish you were here today cause it's been pretty fabulous unless you don't like touring and lunch, then you would not have enjoyed my day!

Our tour today followed our calendar meeting which was short and sweet but heavy in burdens. We pressed on to the Veteran's Transitional Living Center. What I always find on these field trips is that there are still really good people in the world trying to do good, really good things. That is exactly what is happening here. The ones who have served and are still serving sometimes need a little extra help in life. These folks are here to help. They run a tight ship and are seeing some success stories and for them that is what keeps them going. They are a great bunch, they are committed, they are concerned, they are in need. They need others to join them, they need things (pillows, toiletries, towels, etc) and as with many organizations they need money. It's a big job they are doing and yes, they get some money but as the guy told us there is always a "gap" in what comes in and what they need to do all that they can.

Some of our tour group and Chuck the guide.

After the tour we trekked down the street and around the corner to a quaint out of the way little place. The food was good, IMO, I had the veggie panini and it was full of wonderful veggies and of course the moz cheese! YUM! Lilah's is not just a deli, it is a bakery....I know, I know not in my best interest to be there but I did not pick the establishment! Anyway, I DID NOT order a sweet treat, though many did. I did however, have a SMALL taste of the King Cake they had for sampling. It was nice, not over the top for me and it was even blueberry filled, which I thought was going to be ohmygod good, but it was not fresh blueberries, it was canned. Again, it was still very nice! I would definitely eat here again!

So tonight I am heading out to a girls night out that is Valentine's day themed and there will be much to test my will power, but I am hopefully going to stand strong in the midst of those temptations! I will let you know how that goes! We will have fun I know that! And then tomorrow is WW or as Ms Speechwriter has dubbed it WoW, which I think I will not adopt as well!

Have a great evening all!

Monday, February 6, 2012

GIVEWAY (on another blog)

I like to read. I read a lot. I check in on several different bloggers. Some I know in real life, others I don't. Of the ones I don't I sometimes feel a connection of some sort or obviously I would not continue to read/follow them. We might share common interest, similar likes, etc. I look in on this blog regularly because she is a fellow military spouse :)

Well, right now she is having a nice giveaway. You might want to check in on her too! She does some really great recipes. I have tried a few of them. If you remember when I did the cauliflower pizza crust I linked her blog then too!

She blogs life just as many of us do, she is a cut through the chase kind of girl IMO and she just keeps it real for sure! Check her and her giveaway out here.

Today has been a getanewfridge kinda day! I am really happy about it, but the new one is only new to me in the sense that it is not new but the ice maker works. That was the problem with the old one the ice maker was broken. However, there seems to be some seepege in the door we will need to keep out eye on. Now, before you ask, yes, I can live without an ice maker. I have been for over a month. HOWEVER, we pay rent here and I don't expect to have to live without an ice maker. So, today they swapped me out. I will live with it until we move. Yes, you read right, in case you missed the earlier news, we are moving! Yep, but don't get too excited it is just next door...I know, I know crazy but it's the way it is. We have to move and that's that. So the last week of this month we will be moving. Thankfully, Munsy Neighbor has already said she would help :) We will move the small things ourselves and then the movers will come to move the big, heavy things. I am glad, since there are stairs in the new house!

A few pics from our SB Gathering for your viewing pleasure!

 The ones you better watch out for!!!

 Silly girls!

 The hair is growing back in nicely Sir!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The bag is back!

In late breaking news, the bag is back...I know you were waiting on that so wanted to get the word out.  Jimmy, the baggage delivery guy, after calling at 8:40 A.M. on a sleep in kind of day called to say he was on his way. At 11:42 A.M said bag was in our possession. I am not sure where Jimmy came from as it is less then 30 minutes from our house to the airport. We met him at the industrial gate as he would not have been able to do a doorstep delivery as they promised seeing as how we live in a "gated community" LOL You like that? We live in a gated community! I like that, I'm going to start saying that, I live in a gated community!

So anyway, today is the SuperBowl, not sure who you will be cheering on but I will be cheering for the Pats, I like their colors, I know I have told you this before, but sometimes you forget things! Maybe you will be cheering no one, maybe you are not SB type, whatever floats your boat. I happen to like a little football!

The neighbors are gathering for the game. I have a pot of veggie chili simmering and made a veggie tray along with some yummy pineapple cupcakes. The cupcakes were a new recipe and they are a keeper! SOOOOO super easy. There will also be soup, queso dip, pizza and another yummy dessert!

This is the cupcake recipe. Combine a yellow cake mix with a can of 20 ounce crushed pineapple with juice. Mix on medium speed for a couple minutes. Bake just as the box states for cupcakes as far as temperature but for much longer then the box says. I think in total I baked mine for almost 30 minutes. I had to keep resetting the timer cause I knew they weren't done. The first batch is a little less done, but the second batch I think is spot on!

Mine are not frosted yet but I am going to cream some cream cheese with cool whip and add a little bit of very well drained crushed pineapple and smear that on them. However, they are delicious without frosting, not that I ate one or two already!

When I make them again I am going to use a lemon cake mix. I am also going to try it with a spice cake mix. The whole grand idea behind using the pineapple and not the eggs and oil is that it significantly cuts the calories. They are less then 100 calories per cupcake this way, that is a win in my book!

If I remember I will take a frosted picture too!

Hope you enjoy a very happy Sunday, I plan too!


Frosted Cupcakes

They were a hit. No one even suspected they were low calorie!! YUMMY for sure...SAD that the Patriots did not win, but that's the way it goes. Not everyone is a winner, the end!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

He's home and BAGLESS...

Dear Delta, 

If we had choices we would NEVER fly w/you.. ever.

I do applaud you as your customer service is consistently poor. You chose to ADD more people to an already full plane and pull baggage from the flight WITHOUT telling the passengers. That is such a great plan. Next time when you offer the incentive to take a later flight and no one jumps on it you might want to let them know that their bags will not fly with them. You might get a better response when that little tidbit of info is known. 

However, to go ahead and fly the passengers (at least five of them) without the bags and then think you will not compensate, well, that is wrong on all levels. I do appreciate so much that you have 1-800 numbers with people who cannot help at all and that you provide internet interaction that will be attended to in a timely manner

Do not worry we will be in touch on MONDAY when your corporate offices open again. 

Another unsatisfied customer : (

Yes, it's awesome to arrive on a Friday night and get the runaround on your baggage not being on the carousel only to phone in and be told nothing can be done until Monday. What is even better is to be told by the baggage guy at your destination that your bags were booted because the plane was overweight. Hmmmm THAT is a great way to do business. Seriously, that is what I call a FAIL DELTA!

Perhaps I am a bit biased as we have a long history with Delta and lost baggage not to mention their ALWAYS stellar customer service. HA In 1987 when MiB flew to our first duty station they lost his bags, we've had a great relationship since. Oh yeah, I love me some Delta! NOT!

And let's not forget they are the ones who were jacking the fees on military travelers so that of course does not help their image in my world.

ARGHHHH, welcome home MiB, I'm thrilled you are here, even if your bag is not!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Thoughts!

MiB will be back tomorrow! Happy Dance! Happy Dance!!!

I will be thrilled to see him again and catch up on all the details of the trip. He gets in somewhat late and I am sure he will be tired so I imagine a sleep in Saturday then perhaps just some hanging out! My kind of day. He did a great job keeping up his blog so I feel pretty up to date but I know there is more and I want to hear alllllll about it!

This weekend is the SuperBowl. Even if you are not a football fan you can appreciate the getting together and eating part can you not? I can. But I do like football as well. I will cheering on the Patriots, I like their colors, RW&B. So go Pats! Looking forward to another neighborhood gathering as we talk, eat and do a little game watching. Making a big pot of veggie chili to share along with some pineapple cupcakes!

And if you are wondering the teeth are waaaaay fine, like back to normal. I'm also trying to be a better flosser. It's the little things!

Thursday Thoughts
  • Loving the weather here!
  • Ready for some pizza on Sunday.
  • Still undecided on spring break :/
  • Snowmen have been put up for the winter...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I be all green!

MiB made it safely to the BigO and indeed did see LilBlue. I be green with envy...she fixed dinner for him. Well, okay not really, but it seemed like it! Wednesdays are "family night" and she and her roommates plus or minus a few others always plan to have dinner together. I love it! MiB got to join them! I don't know what they had but the pictures looked yummy!

I don't know why he chose to take one of her driving unless to show me she is still gorgeous no matter what she does...and make me notice she is wearing classy pearl earrings. She do take after her momma!!!

Pretty sure these are their dinner plates...looks uber yummmmmm!

I'm thinking this is after they ate, but I could be wrong. Since I got NO commentary with the photos I'm jus guessin here!

This is at Orange Leaf where she took him for dessert! Should of talked to her about that...he really don't need no dessert :/ This travelin' and eatin' the past two weeks is killing his girlie figure!

Anyway, I think they had a fab time and I am REALLY, really happy that his schedule allowed (even if he ditched dinner with his colleagues to see her) him to spend some time with her.  It was about a month ago we put her on the plane to go back to the BigO

Lest you think I was alone and having a pittying me party I was not, it was WW and we had a fabulous time as always!

And we took us a picture too, so phffff! And we missed YOU, Ms SpeechWriter!

 MiB also got to reconnect with some of our Offutt buddies!

This is a "boy" we knew from our first assignment! We were in the same squadron as his parents and now he is all grown up wouldn't ya say? His birthday is tomorrow...he will be only like 10 or so cause we haven't gotten any older since that assignment 24 years ago or so!

So off to bed it's waaaaay past my bedtime and I gotta get me some sleep so I can be at the Attic all day tomorrow! Not to be confused with IN the Attic, we don't have an attic, well, we do it is on the base, but it's not an attic, we just call it the Attic. I know you completely understand this now... NIGHT!