Monday, May 31, 2010

Wendy's x 2

It's been a great day, we, of course, beached it, went to the moveies and did some shopping. After dinner, which was some fabulous lumpia, which I did not make but bought at the "lumpia sale" last week during the Asian Pacific celebration along with fried rice, which I did make, we decided we needed frosty's. At our first attempt we waited very patiently for a large group to place their order. I know I have been 'those' people who it seems don't know what they want, in fact you would think they had never dined in a Wendy's before ever since it took nearly 12 minutes to get their order given, then instead of going ahead and waiting on us the cashier needed to help in the cooking area. Okay, got it, it's later (9:10ish) and it is not a full staff, no worries, we all have to multi-task and pitch in when and where needed, but then the clincher comes when we go to place our order which is two small chocolate frosty's, one value fry, one large chocolate frosty. The response to our very efficiently ordered order is "oh, I'm sorry our frosty machine is broken" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, not after we just patiently waited and took silly pictures in your line trying to entertain and amuse ourselves while waiting to get our frosty's!

While we waited in line behind the 'we don't have a clue what we want' people we debated who had the darkest feet...
LilBlue also took our picture, aren't we so cute? LOL

So back to the car where we pull out our 'chatty Cathy' sometimes otherwise known as a Garmin and find the next closet Wendy's. It's 2.3 miles to the North and I even called to double check that their frosty machine was indeed working before we made the trip! Dontcha just love technology! In cases like this I most certainly do!

Arriving at Wendy's #2 we make our same order as at Wendy's #1 adding a 79c after 9 p.m. drink; get our frosty's and the definitely leaves something to be desired non fresh fries, along with the sorta flat 79c special diet coke and enjoy our late night treat
I felt we needed to document the eating of the frosty's, since we went through so much trouble to get them!

While we were waiting on MiB to get a refill on the awful 79c soda LilBlue was smelling the flowers! Not really, she wasn't but they had all these fake flowers crammed in vases sitting around so I told her to grab some and she did! It was a silly thing but the picture is cute isn't it? :) Just for useless knowledge MiB tried CokeZero rather then diet Coke for his refill it was no better, we think their machine was not up to par!
LilBlue with the pretty flowers at Wendy's

It's past my bedtime! So night, night all tomorrow's another full day. Oh but before I forget on our morning walk we saw the turtle patrol out checking for new nest, they were marking one that had 156 eggs in it, a record for the day, the average is 111. It was so cool to see all those eggs, wish I would have taken my camera!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ewwww...the seaweed really stinks!

Last night as we walked on the beach we noticed huge amounts of seaweed washing ashore. This was quite a sight to see but off we went on to the movies anyway.

LilBlue being contemplative over the seaweed or maybe the crabs :)

So this morning as MiB and I were walking the beach (without LiLBlue as she was getting her beauty sleep) and the seaweed has come ashore with a vengeance and an odor, like puuuweee, yuk, it reeks!

The weed

I am not a seaweed snob, I know that it is part of the beach environment I just thought I should share that it smelled and there is a lot of it. I am still going to enjoy the beach, been out once already this morning and heading out again in just a little bit. You have to take advantage of being 20 paces or so from the beach and so we are!

Oh and in the seaweed there was this white stuff which we thought was coral, but then we touched it and it smushed up easily with the same texture of wax. Any ideas?

The white waxy stuff that we thought was coral...

Lastly, I leave you with her, she is quite a beauty don't you think? She was resting so peacefully this morning when we saw her, I hope she finds her way back out to sea. Maybe she's the one who brought in all the seaweed?
Off to the beach...I am gonna miss this...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lil Blue doesn't like crabs...

We have been spending a lot of time on the beach lately. We have noticed that LilBlue does not like the crabs, any of them, she has even taken to wearing shoes on our walks so the crabs cant get her. This totally cracks me up!

This is before we saw any crabs on our walk last night!

The BIG crab

The little crab!

She likes none of them!

On our walks in the evening we have taken to picking up trash, which there is way to much of. I guess I am amazed and disgusted at the beachgoers who just do not pick up their own trash after they enjoy the beach. It is sad to see all the left behind beach toys, water bottles, beer and soda cans and numerous other items that do not belong on the beach after you have departed.

In addition to being trash picker uppers, we have been hole filler inners. See it is sea turtle nesting season here and when beachgoers did big holes in the sand (which is fine) they just need to fill them in so the turtles won't get caught in them when they come in to nest at night. We have also been knocking down some of the really big sand castles (which again are fine) but they can be a hazard to the nesting turtles. There are signs everywhere requesting beachgoers be mindful of these things but I guess beachgoers have too much sunscreen seeping into their brain and therefore cannot read said signs.

Filling in one of the craters

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh what a week!

It's been soooo much fun this week with LilBlue here and we have been busy going to and fro and I have been meaning to take my camera but then it just doesn't happen, so boo on me! So much has gone on this week I will just fast forward to last night.

Sooooo last night it was the Asian Pacific festival, which was a luau type event and a lot of fun, there were dancers, lots of dancers and there were a group of drummers from Epcot they were really cool. MiB got to 'perform' with them!

MiB drumming...

The "real" drummers drumming :D

The different groups of dancers did not ask him to dance with him...I think he might have done better at that though as he is a great dancer! The Hawaiian dancers were my favorite, so elegant and just beautiful and natural looking in their movements.

But one of the other groups (and please forgive me I do not remember their native county) that performed several dances were so fun to watch, they were older and had several different outfits and were just fun!

It was really an enjoyable 'mandatory fun' with some tasty food, great entertainment and two of my favorite people on either side! The bonus for the night was LilBlue won the last door prize given out for the evening, which was neato in our book!!!

Tonight we will try to 'go for launch' with that Delta rocket again...

And lest they be forgotten we must do Thursday Thoughts
  • I like Asian cuisine!
  • The good byes train starts tonight...
  • It's getting really hairy around here...
  • LilBlue does not like crabs on the beach!
  • Living ocean side is pretty darn suuuuhweeeet!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What a day!

LilBlue arrived last night and it has been nonstop. We went straight from the airport to a welcome home celebration for the 45th Space Wing Guardian Challenge team who took FIRST PLACE in the competition they were in these last few weeks. Today we went boating on the Banana River, left there and went to get take out from DaKine's eating with a great ocean view I might add, took a walk on the beach, had some ice cream and now I am pooped and ready for the bed!

This is the gang coming back from the beach walk.

Tomorrow I hope we get a breather but it may be a passing fantasy to think that, it's going to be another big week on the space coast, we'll keep you posted!

Friday, May 21, 2010

The latest...

Reading is one of my favorite things to do. Lately I have had the time to do a lot of it, I am beyond thrilled, this is my pile for this evening. I usually do the paper in the a.m. but because I was trying to get out the door this morning it had to wait. I love to read the newspaper! Last night I finished a paperback library swap book that I picked up last week at Hurburt. I am about to start another one I also picked up there and I got the rest of these today where I volunteer. I also have last weeks AF TIMES which I always enjoy reading. It let's me catch up on the latest propaganda around the Air Force. Then I picked up some other freebie magazines to occupy me this coming week while LilBlue and I are lounging on the beach. Should be fabulous. Oh, I am one happy readin' girl!

Then there are the oranges...they are my latest go to fruit! Aren't they pretty and uh, orangey! LOL I "take spells" as my grandmother used to say, cause ya see I don't think I really have a favorite fruit but I do really like fruit and I like it a lot and it seems I get onto a fruit and I eat that a lot for several days even weeks on end then I don't really eat it again for awhile so that's why I said I 'take spells' see? Anyway, that is what is happening with oranges as of late. Before oranges it was strawberries. I love strawberries! does the body good!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Thoughts!

Here it is Thursday again...I feel like time is just slipping by. I guess in reality it is and it also has something to do with my new nomadic lifestyle so I should get ready to feel this way a lot over the next 15 months or so! It's like I didn't even know the date, and for a few minutes this a.m. I was not completely sure of the day of the week...yeah, okay, so that isn't so odd for me after all!

I took a long overdue beach walk this morning. It was with 'three doors down' and it was very good indeed. Something I really needed since I have been lacking with my workouts since we returned on Saturday night. We definitely got our heart rates going that's for sure! I am still trying to shed those 7#s we have already discussed. Heck, it could even be 10 now since all the travel eating I have been doing, oh me, oh my, heeeeellllp! I cannot eat like this for the next year...I have to get a better plan for dealing with maintaining my weight (well, actually taking off the extra I have, first).

Thursday Thoughts!

* I really like green beans!
* USPS is on my non favs list!
* LilBlue will be here in 48 hours :)
* Ocean views are one of the best!!
* There is NOTHING to love about 'love bugs'

Take care, I hope you have a terrific Thursday in your world!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Awww love bugs. . . ummm yuck!

So, who knew that Florida gets inundated with love bugs, not me that is for sure! Snow birds I know about and they don't bother me, in fact I think they are kinda cute! However, these love bugs are somewhat of a nuisance. I was not here in May of last year and I am thinking that is a good thing. They don't fly real well and there are usually two of them. I have found out that the female flies forward and drags the male (who is attached to her) along for their journey...not sure where they are going, maybe the mall. Makes sense to me and that might be one reason the male is being dragged along backwards, he doesn't want to go to the mall! And just for the record I personally think they stink a little, as in smell unpleasant, not an overpowering odor but an odor, unpleasant one IMO, nonetheless!

A "mating pair" of love bugs...

Oh well, what I also learned about these lovely bugs is that they are actually a type of fly, they are not destructive and usually are only a bother for a couple weeks a couple times a year. They are also very acidic so I really should get my car washed ASAP since they etch your paint. I am seriously thinking there is NOTHING to love about these 'love bugs' I mean seriously, they do not have a lot of redeeming qualities. I know it's not everything you need to know about the Florida love bug situation but probably more then you ever wanted to know about it/them :P

NOTE: And oh BTW blogger is being really, really, really cantankerous tonight; posting pictures was quite a task but I finally got a couple to upload

Monday, May 17, 2010

Word of the day

disillusioned [ˌdɪsɪˈluːʒənd] adj
  • having lost one's ideals, illusions, or false ideas about someone or something; disenchanted

For today I am disillusioned. It is hopefully just a temporary condition. I hope I will return to my former self tomorrow.

Let's just say that the inadequacies noted in yesterday's post were not well received. They were not seen as valid concerns and frankly I am deeply saddened that the men and women who are supposed to be taking care of our USAF Airmen, America's best so to speak, are not interested in these issues.

Me oh my, I need some sleep! Yes, sleep will help me to think and see more clearly tomorrow...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Soooooo disappointed!

We returned to "our" base last night, I'll admit I was cranky, it was a long day in the car. I am thankful that when we are in the midst of a PCS (permanent change of station) that we are able to stay in what is called TLF (temporary living facility). They are like little efficiency apartments and always remind me of our college days, simple, yet effective accommodations. But I was just TOTALLY unprepared for this...

I started laundry and as I began the dryer portion there was a lot of "stuff" blowing around in the area and it was getting noticeably warmer while I was starting a second load in the washer. Ahhh, the dryer hose was not attached to the dryer and it was obvious it was NOT something that just happened hence the photo showing all the lint. Okay, MiB is on it, while not fixed it is usable and a work order was called in, they will be here on Monday to fix it.

As the evening continues on, we are relaxing a bit in front of the screens (laptops/TV) and it sounds like we have a little babbling brook right in our room, I like water features, I really do, but this just didn't seem right. It wasn't...

The AC unit has definite issues. Since I am not an HVAC person I cannot tell you what they are BUT I do know this isn't right and hasn't been for quite some time. Another work order was requested.

You know how it is once you have an issue then everything else is fair game for more scrutiny and that is just the way my brain works so I checked there, sick, I know.

Behind the fridge...

Utility closet ceiling...

In the bathroom...

OBVIOUSLY, there are some real issues in this unit. And seriously, I am not a clean freak, however, I think the standard for this room is sorely lacking or non-existent to put it mildly, in addition routine maintenance and upkeep has been/is missing IMO.

I am not thrilled...this won't be solved in a day but for those who will come after me I hope something will be done...sadly, since we are on our way out I don't know.

This is just wrong on so many levels, so I am going to sign off without any further comments, the pictures speak for themselves.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Today I ...
  • did the elliptical
  • read a book
  • mailed a package
  • bought a Christmas gift for LilBlue
  • had Crystal Light lemonade
  • went to the hotel pool and hot tub
  • had leftovers for lunch
  • had a shower x 2
  • went to Target
  • had oatmeal raisin cookies
  • went to the library
It wasn't a very big day but it was my least what I remember of it :P

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Thoughts!

The week here in FWB has been fun! We were sad to learn that our friends grandmother passed away so she had to head out of town as we arrived...yeah bummer! and she won't be back before we leave! But I am still enjoying the area and just having a slow pace without any commitments, it's pretty nice, actually... it's really nice :)

I have been "cooking" for us in the room...yeah, I am just that good with just a microwave! Baked potatoes one night, then different chips and dips another night and not just boughten jar dips, homemade ones! We love that, I prefer using veggies over chips to dip but either way it's yummers! I am trying to do every other night in the room, so on the two nights we ate out we did Mexican and Italian. The two places we tried were touted as "local favorites."

The Italian place came highly recommended by friends who used to live here. We were NOT disappointed!!! It was very good. Give Tradewinds a try if you are ever in this area, and ohbytheway, you WILL need to make reservations, they were packed from the time we arrived until we left. I was able to make same day reservations, but I wouldn't count on that so plan ahead. I ordered a margherita pizza, MiB had all veggie calzone (not on the menu but more then happy to make it). We also had an appetizer of brushchetta. The brushchetta while not presented in any way like we had in Italy was totally awesome! The tomatoes were diced and had been combined with basil, garlic, sea salt and cracked pepper then placed on top of toasted ciabatta bread. On top of that was diced mozzarella, (and while not buffalo mozzarella still very good!) then on top of that a smattering of more basil, cracked pepper, tasty indeed, the bowl was also rimmed in olive oil, more garlic, sea salt and cracked pepper!

The Mexican place was nice. MiB got fajitas always a favorite for him and he thought they were above average. He prefers the meat more seasoned but still said they were very good and an extremely generous portion. They had hotter then I like salsa but since I was trying not to eat the chips/salsa I did not even check to see if they offered a milder one. Our favorite place, Francisco's, in Melbourne offers a milder version if you ask. Anyway I had a tamal and it was average, the corn mesa surrounding the pork was a little too "formed" and gelatinized if that makes any sense, but the pork was nice, it was well seasoned and nicely shredded though I little skimpy on the amount. The enchilada was really good, it was beef and while I normally get chicken, I was happy with the beef. Usually in an enchilada it is shredded beef this was ground, nicely seasoned and not dry, I enjoyed it and the sauce on top was quite good as well. I enjoyed the rice too, I like a drier rice and this was, so if you are ever in this area and want something more local and not chain related these two places are definitely worth checking out!

We will also be dining at our all time favorite, Fat Clemenza's, before leaving town; this place is totally authentic in our opinion! Again, I would call for a reservation just to be on the safe side as they are very busy but oh so worth the wait if you do go without a resy! Most likely I will again have the pizza :)

Enough about the food already, geez, I am never going to get rid of these 7#'s at this rate!

Thursday Thoughts!
  • I love pizza!!
  • I don't like king size beds.
  • Days are passing too quickly...
  • I am thankful for such dear friends!
  • Death is such a part of life but still not always easy.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Hillary called today...this is the first time we have not been together on Mother's Day since she was born, I wasn't really sure what to expect - especially since we are on the road again. But she called and it made my day (insert HAPPY DANCE here)!!!

Ironically, it was 7 years ago on this very day that my own mother passed away... the relationship I had with my own mother was somewhat odd and not at all what I would consider a traditional mother/daughter relationship so Mother's Day has been/still is a little different for me. That she died on Mother's Day weekend 2003 has always made me feel, I don't know, strange.

I really didn't/don't know what to think about the correlation of her dying the same weekend as Mother's Day, maybe there is none, it's not like I think she had any control over her death and the day she died. I mean she was quite ill. It does still cause me to ponder from time to time but I do not dwell on it. My father was mostly responsible for raising me and that is just the way it is, she wasn't really there much. However, I am very thankful for those who treated me as their own and those who took the time to mother me. I know there are others out there who are thankful to my mom for doing the same for them, she was a person who liked to help others. There are memories, good ones, some not as good, but she was still my mother, I tried to keep her in my life when I got older, it was not so easy, I think I could have tried harder, I think she could have as well. We will leave it at that.

Anyway, Happy Mother's Day! To me a mother is way more then a woman who gives birth, she is a woman who nurtures, loves and teaches a child, she is a whole host of other things as well, I could make a pretty much endless list and would still leave something off so that is enough of that. Signing off now!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


The surprise appearance was priceless! Talk about a shocker...his wife was able to keep it from him that we were coming, ziiiing, gotcha :)

The graduation was good, the speaker shared from her heart, the pinning was long but oh so worth it...these folks have worked long and hard to make it to this point so to take a few moments to let them relish in it is only fitting.

The cake was hilarious, and yummers. It was a spice cake, which is truly one of my all time favorites so I was in for having a piece, I might have had two but then remembered I am trying to rid myself of 7#s so I did not, but it was good enough to make you want two that is for sure!!!

What a hoot this cake was! Loved it! Tasted delicious as well :)

Congratulations to Troy State University's newest nurses and especially our friend!

Thursday Thoughts!

I have had such a good time in AL this week, it's been great to see everyone...what a tremendous blessing!

Plans for tonight include a very special surprise for a good friend who is getting pinned for completing their nursing degree. They have nooooo idea we are showing up, isn't that neat? I can't wait to see his face! He was one of Larry best buds while we were stationed here.

O.K. this has got to be short and sweet since it has been a full day and this evening is booked as well. I am doing a load of laundry and grabbing a bite to eat then heading out to the pinning. But it is all good cause there will be cake following the pinning like I need cake, but I would like some! But only if it is good cake cause I don't want to waste calories on yukky stuff!

Thursday Thoughts:
  • It's sooo hot in the south already!
  • I am sooooo blessed with so much.
  • Friendships are sooooo very priceless...
  • So, notice how much I am using so? LOL
  • Sadly, food seems to be involved in nearly everything we do!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Random Dozen

I "borrowed" this from her...and yes, I really do know her in REAL life, so I feel completely sure she is totally cool with me "borrowing" it and she will probably comment that exact sentiment! That is just how cool she is!!!!


1. What was the last thing about which you procrastinated?
Returning a phone you know how much I dislike talking on the phone? I did get the call returned though so it's all good!

2. How long does it take you to fall asleep, and do you sleep through the night?
It really depends on how tired I am, but most nights not that long, 20-30 minutes maybe, if I read quicker
. I sleep through the night for the most part, but I do usually need to get up and take care of a nature call and sometimes I have a hard time getting back to sleep, you really didn't need to know that did ya?

3. Which decade would you choose to exemplify your favorite fashion styles?
Oh who knows, I am not what one would call a fashion conscious person, I do try to look presentable at all times but being fashionable is not one of my strong traits, I try to dress solid rather then trendy, I am rather out of fashion most of the time I do believe, oh well, I am presentable that is what I am!

4. What is your personal best dish to feed a crowd?
Poppyseed chicken :)

5. Are you an impulse shopper? What was the last thing you bought on impulse?
No I am not a shopper, period, I do not like shopping, like I really dislike shopping, so I am NOT a shopper. Maybe this has something to do with me not being fashionable, we are onto something here! My last impulse purchase was key lime yogurt when I was only buying salad, and I usualy buy blueberry yogurt, ha!

6. What is one wish you have for your own funeral?
Umm, yeah, about that, ya see, I have a sheet in the BIG red book stating my wishes for just this occasion, I know I am way weird but hey, I figure it is better to have it down and take the guess work out of it for those handling such desire for this day would be to have a celebration of the life I was able to live. I have lived a life that has been full and to not celebrate this would be a shame so while some may grieve I pray they do not mourn, I will be with Jesus. I also have a list of songs I would like sang/played and certain scripture verses read, I call it advance planning, and it sort of falls in line with my very organized self!

7. If it's true that joy is found in the simple things in life, what does your joy look like today?
In a word: contentment...being content no matter the circumstances...Philippians 4:11 says it something like this I have learned to be content no matter my circumstances, that is how I keep my joy.

8. What is your favorite type of bread?
The "Weeds and Seeds" kind, in other words, anything whole grain, I love the healthy hearty stuff!

9. What trait do you fear developing the most? (Laziness, greediness, grumpiness, etc.)


10. What trait would you like most to develop?
Public speaking, I would like to be a little more polished in my ability to communicate in public instead of having my knees knock and voice crack, is that really a trait, I'm not really sure, but it is something I would like to do better at, maybe I should join toastmaster's or something.

11. Which room in your house best reflects your personality? Why?

I have no house...because I am homeless...however, before I was homeless I would say it was our bedroom, it was a sanctuary, it was comfortable, it was quiet, it was our space that we shared with no one, it was us.

12. How do you maintain balance in your life regarding, work, family, church, other organizations and activities, and blogging?

Balance smalance...keep God first, then do what you love, love what you do and don't fret about the rest!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Breaking Bread!

There's just something about getting together and sharing a meal, doesn't really matter the food, it's the company I most enjoy. Good food is a BONUS though :)and really who cares if it is the whole meal, coffee is good, or dessert works too!!! Since arriving in AL we've had the opportunity to break bread with so many of our local friends; it's just been awesome. It makes us miss them all the more, we love to catch up, share stories, old memories and make new memories. That's what we cherish, our times together and somehow there is usually food involved or when it involves R&J blueberries and/or ice cream as well!!

Anyway, I was so thrilled and honored to be able to get together today with some of the women who were "in my circle" so to speak when we lived here. It was a great bunch of varying ages and it was just comfortable like I had never left...that my friend is friendship! I am so thrilled that each one came, that they took time out from their life to spend some time with me! They are such a great group from my neighborhood friend, to my WOM buddies, to my four byw gals, (which one of those happens to be my "precious" friend, which seems a little like favoritism but it isn't, you see she just uses the word "precious" and thereby gets that extra notoriety for it!) There are other defining things and words I could use for the others such as my B&BW friend, my volunteer addict friend, my real southern talking friend, my Auburn crazy friend, my talkative friend, my minister's wife friend, my tender heart friend and they would each know who they are but I won't use those :0)

So anyway, that was my fabulous lunch today, it just doesn't get much better then that! An added bonus was that a real young'un joined us as well and she is soon gonna be a momma herself! She is close to LilBlue's age so if that don't make ya feel old I don't know what does! But it was a treat that she joined us.

Now onto dinner...what's not to like about poppyseed chicken? NOTHING absolutely nothing, I think it is a southern staple and it is GOOD! Miss J makes the bestest and not only was there the poppyseed chicken but we had all these great things to go with it! Like green beans, cranberry salad, oriental salad and brown rice Then there was this wonderfully yummy layered dessert, which of course involved blueberries. See Mr R grows his own and therefore there is an unlimited supply. We were joined at the table by b&b which is always a treat.

We are so thankful for such wonderful friends, we still lift them in prayer, give praise when they are happy, pray harder when we hear of their heartaches, we love them dearly, we are so truly blessed!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy MAY!

Can you believe it is MAY already? I cannot, time just seems to be flying...

As for us we are now safely in Montgomery, AL for the week. I am so excited to get to go to our former church in Coosada, AL tomorrow! It will be so fun and great to see those we knew when we were stationed here February 2003-October 2005. We already have lunch plans with some of our great friends and I can hardly wait!!!!!

As for the trip over we met up with some of our friends at a neat mall and broke bread together at this yummo place! Had we had more time I might have done some serious window shopping as they had some of my favorite stores!!! Hard to do "real" shopping when you are "homeless" Still, it was a great stop. We did go venture in the Apple store to play with the new ipad. The line to purchase said ipad in the the just released 3G model was incredible! It was a long line that snaked throughout the store. While we liked the ipad, we just aren't sure it is "the" buy for us right now. It was cool though, really cool!

Long day, fun day, ready for bed, night!!!!