Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Thoughts~

As I type we are packing up and moving on north to Austin today...MiB had another surf session this a.m. and that will have to do him for awhile...though as I said I do foresee trips back to this area in our future!

We were able to get into Tinker for three nights and will be able to request three more nights on the 6th, if we get in we will stay if not we might still do one more night off base. Still unsure where we head next, MO or NE. Flooding is an issue with travel north on I-29 but we are continuing to watch it and will wait until closer to departure to make decision.

Life is good, and suitcase living is going well for us both. I've been doing it for over a year now!!! Though I think I could have brought a little less "STUFF" on this trip! I'm doing quite well living out of the duffel bag! Thanks KY for the loaner and I will be looking to use my own Vera one or get a new one since it is somewhat smaller then the one I am currently using! But I like it and think it will be my new "go to" travel item.

  • We are looking for a little land...
  • Travel miles are still being logged!
  • Cali/Idaho//Texas/Utah/Florida/'Bama??
  • Retirement thoughts are swirling in our brains!
SEE YA...we gotta hit the road, potentially stopping along the way to check out a couple car leads. That is also a prayer concern, we would like to find another vehicle. The Lord knows what we need so we are trusting in his timing and pray that we find the right deal for us. His provision is always sufficient and we know for this situation it will be no different. And a second prayer request is on the accident that LilBlue was in; things seem to be wrapping up so we need wisdom and understanding on how to deal with all the matters at hand and that all things will work out for the best outcome for our girl!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Around Galveston

It was a nice lazy start this morning...we actually slept in!!! WOOHOO It was very nice! After a trip down to the breakfast bar we did some catching up on emails and such and enjoyed having wifi before heading off to meet our local lunch dates!

We met part of the Curtis Clan in Galveston at The Spot for a really good lunch, the burgers were absolutely yummy and the sweet potato fries made my belly button smile as well as the littlest CC member! He sat with me andshared my fries I think he liked them A LOT!!!!

 My lunch dates!

After our lunch MiB and I headed out to scope the area, visit all the beaches and just check out things! We made a stop on the harborside at the Start Drugstore and since we had already had lunch we opted for dessert...yeah, about that diet, don't even go there!

 Tiramisu with toffee bits OH MY! YUM

 Hot Lava Flow Sundae

 Okay, we didn't lick these dishes clean, but we wanted to!

Yeah, it was well worth the stop and we even found FREE parking so that was a BONUS!!! We then drove to more beaches and also stopped at a surf shop and that was the jackpot according to MiB. See yesterday on our way back I had seen this particular shop so today when he said he wanted to stop at a surf shop I said I knew where one was...he was skeptical I know, but I told him how to get there and would you believe it was THE ONE. Yeah, I am that good! LOL It is the surf shop owned by the "tanker surf guy" He was in surfer heaven! He IS planning to take the tanker trip it's just a matter of when...

Pool side on the edge of the hot tub!

A quick stop off for chips and dip for dinner since we had such a good lunch and we were set for an evening poolside. We had the place to ourselves and enjoyed both the pool and hot tub and also caught a few rays! We took in two sessions, we went down, enjoyed some sun, then back to the room for "chip/dip dinner" then back down for pool and hot tub, man, life is good! Hope your summer is going well, ours is flying by and it's only been a week! Tomorrow we are off to Austin.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Texas WaVeS and a HAPPY MiB

We made the third coast today and let me tell you that there are waves (no matter that there was a lot of whitewater and no organization to them)!! This fact has made MiB VERY HAPPY! I foresee long weekends in Galveston in our future!

Oh and there was an injury...yes these killer waves caused the board to go all which ways and it smacked MiBs leg and gave him a huge booboo.  It looks painful and is tender, but I am pretty sure he will live!!!

In addition we have some wonderful friends here and had the opportunity to meet them for dinner and meet their newest addition Jasper! He is adorable and let hug and squeeze and kiss his chubby little cheeks as much as I wanted! I think he may want to go home with me but MiB said no...what's up with that?

Tomorrow it is back to Galveston to do the tourist thing and meet up with our friends for lunch, we will also go to the oldest drug store in TX on a recommendation from our Austin friend! We'll report back on that!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Playing Tourist

Oh what a FABULOUS start to our day...we had beignets at Cafe Du Monde along with coffee! Um yeah that coffee was AWESOME!! so awesome in fact we bought some to make at our own house (that is when we get a house)! But let's not think or talk about that right now let's think about how wonderful the coffee was this morning, yeah, I would say it is the best I've had since leaving Italy. I know right! It WAS that good!

So after our fabulous start we went on to stroll the streets and just take in the sights! I have to also mention the smells. No offense NOLA but you have an odor... And frankly, it is offensive! It's a combination of garbage and BO, seriously, it really stinks here!

After our strolling we rode, yep we boarded the trolley and took a ride on the green line out to the Garden District. Saw some really old gorgeous homes along with churches that were gorgeous! We also saw Loyola and Tulane Universities, which were neat! We bought a couple snacks for the ride back and then had lunch. Since lunch left something to be desired I will not be labor the fact our choice was not good and it was even recommended. Oh well! Better luck next time I hope! The service was really poor and the food was not great and cold so it was a triple whammy!

However...all in all we had a pleasant day in NOLA! Tomorrow we take out for Galveston.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


We are in NOLA for a few days. Already feel like we have entered another era...and wow I thought people in Vegas were colorful! Vegas ain't got nothin on these folks...I saw a young woman with a "painted" shirt walking down the street, then I saw two women in their under clothes in the doorway to a "club"! There were also lots of "happy" people on the streets today! This town has it all and it wasn't even dark yet.

I'm going back in the morning for coffee and beignets! I've heard it will be the bestest I've ever had of either! I'll get back with you on that and keep in mind I'm tough!

We are staying at Jackson Barracks... It is a Navy joint and while we weren't expecting much we were quite pleasantly surprised! It's a historic base for sure and the old homes and buildings are neat. Most have been restored and they are working on the others. We are in a really neat old building that has been modestly appointed and certainly meets our needs! We are thrilled cause it's a hidden jewel! I love my military travel guide!

More tomorrow from NOLA!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oh what a night! And day!!!

We hooked up with our NICE friends this evening! It was a lovely time! So much fun to catch up and see each other. There was extended family as well and that added to the evenings fun. Always wonderful to see G&R but there were also more from the Toledo clan. Pure joy to meet and greet new family!
We went to Fat Clemenza's for dinner. Great food as always but can I tell you it was a crazy loud joint...those tourists! Heavens how they are everywhere! Not sure I would venture out much with so many of them on the loose!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Gator in the road!!!

Holy moly after the movies we decided to drive by our old church. On the road there we met a gator! Shikey's he was little but plenty big enough! MiB wanted to get out of the car but my smarterthenthat senses prevailed thankyouverymuch! We circled around the street a couple times to get really good looks at this little dude then went on our merry way to dinner!
Tomorrow we are heading out. Though we thought we were pulling out today we opted for another lazy day on the beach, it was awesome!! We also tried a neat little lunch spot and had really yummy Philly cheese steak sandwiches! It's probably a good thing we didn't find this place until now!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

I'm still over the moon that my MiB is back...there is really nothing else to say!

The reunion has been awesome, doing life together again is wonderful. I love being by his side and hanging out with my best friend. I am so thrilled we are able to spend this time together and at the beach no less, I could not ask for more! Tomorrow we begin our trek north, we will be hooking up with our very good friends from Italy for a few days in the Destin area before making our way on to N.O. From there we will make our way to GALVESTON, stop in Houston to again see friends, then head north again to visit friends in Austin before progressing north where we will stop over in OKC to see good friends and family as well.

We are good, life is good!

  •  I love packing light!
  • Time zones are screwy.
  • Grocery store eating is fun!
  • Still awaiting homegrown 'maters!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MiB is BACK!!!!

What a wonderful day in our world! MiB is back in the USA! First things first, he hit the waves! It's sunny and warm and we are going to enjoy some sun and surf before we start our road trip north.

Life is good! Thank you for all your well wishes and prayers for his safety, it is good to have him back :D

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sisters at Yellowstone

 That's us with Barbara!
 There were LOTS and LOTS of bison in the park!

We saw them up close and personal from the vehicle...the babies were sooo cute!

 Had to stop and see Old Faithful again. Though my niece does not think he is shooting up as high as last time she was, I don't remember, so I believe her :)

After the graveside services we headed to West Yellowstone and took in the beauty of the area. We also did some shopping last night after we arrived! Yeehaw for sales and bargains, I got a new hoodie! On the drive in we saw mountain goats, on the side of the mountain even! LOL Also the antelope were out and about. It was a great drive over but today's adventure's were magnificent. Lewis Lake was still mostly frozen and there was still snow. The animals were out, we saw many elk and lots of bison as noted above. We went out through the Grand Tetons and were shocked at how much snow is still in that area, of course it made them even more gorgeous! We had a picnic in the Jenny Lake area and even though we did encounter a few sprinkles we made the best of it and enjoyed our lunch! The air was so crisp and clean I loved it, I love the mountains!

We started our journey home and have made Laramie, Wyoming our stop for the night, love that the motel has free wifi!

And for the record the sister's were joined by one niece and one nephew, we had an awesome time, also a cousin and her family was there and it was a time of lots of laughter and catching up! Sad how we only see some family when there is a funeral...I think we definitely made the most of seeing the others again though!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Thoughts between here and there...

I am now in Idaho! I am in between here and there..."here" being Arizona and "there" being Montana. Once again I'm on the road and come Tuesday I will be in the air.


Lovin' the mountain landscape!
Still have my travel enthusiasm!!
Ready to see in MiB in five days...

Gotta go they are making Dutch oven potatoes for is tonight and that is a special treat I'm told! Also got some of the best coconut macaroons ever!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Birthday PARTY!!!

The real day was yesterday but TODAY, today was the party!!!

The Bell wasn't sure if she wanted Tinkerbell or a Princess Party...the Princesses won out.
We met at the appointed time at the park and had some awesome cookout grub then got down to business. Cake and presents! She was ready for it all and looked too young to already be three! She is growing up waaay to fast!

The was her own personal little cake...guess who she shared it with? Yeah, me! Aren't I soooo special? She loves me lots! AND well I might have told her how much I love white cake!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday I-S-A-bell

Happy Birthday my "little echo"!

My "little echo" turns THREE today! She is a treat, she is so full of sass but not in a naughty way, she has a time with her brother, lately, she is somewhat more mother then sister even though she is younger. They are the best of playmates and love, love, love each other to pieces. 

She is a girl with many identities in our family, she is G-Pa's sweetie pie, she is most often referred to as "sister" by her mother, "sissy" by her brother and of course she is one half of "the Littles" to many as well as my "little echo".  In addition I began calling her I-S -A-bell several months back so we could start learning to spell her name. She can "spell" it saying her first three letters, I, then S, then A, then completing it with the word "bell". It works for us for now, we will learn the rest later, she is only three after all!

Some things I love about this little one: her hugs are the absolute best...truly she is a great hugger, she is a "good manners" kid and will ask you if she is being good, she is a self entertainer if you have her by herself and when she is with her brother they play well together. She has a sense of humor, she loves Looney Tunes and that puddie tat!  She laughs when she plays with her babies and talks up a storm to no one in particular. She is little, as in petite. She wants to be apart and in the middle of what you are doing even if you aren't really doing much. She loves to ask questions, she repeats nearly everything her brother says, which is why I call her "little echo"! Those are just a smidgen of the many things I could tell you about her! She is a true delight! (NOTE: I may be a little biased on this...)

There will be a "princess in the park" party tomorrow complete with a buttercream iced cake, cause this child loves icing! We will celebrate and it will be all about her. There was a time that we were not going to be able to have this party you know? Yes, that is correct! You see you cannot turn three if you wear a diaper...I know, I know you may not have been aware of this rule and neither was I-S-A-bell but we had to inform her. At first we weren't sure she was truly getting it but we were persistent and told her we were going to be sad if we did not get to buy her presents and eat birthday cake with her so she needed to learn to use the big girl potty and get rid of those nasty, wet, stinky diapers. There were several good days then it was back to the diapers, a good day here and there but still back to the diapers; then finally it all seemed to click with her. She has been diaper free for over three weeks now with only an accident or two. Yes, I know this is HUGE and we are all sooooo happy and thrilled we will be having a BIG birthday bash for her tomorrow. It's just grand! I'm so proud of her and all the bags of M&M's we bribed her with, err, I mean rewarded her with! She's a true BIG GIRL NOW! And just for the record I DID NOT start this rule of having to be pottied trained before turning three, nosiree, that my friend I do believe came from Aunt Turtle!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Grandma Wheatley

It is with sorrow I share that Grandma Wheatley passed away today…

What a blessing and a treasure our recent trip was. It is good memories. Memories that will make for happy recollecting! The visit itself and the going and coming will be lasting good memories they will. . .

I can already recall in my mind her calling out requests to me to do this or do that. She was feisty! But she did not use the same tone with me or the other grandchildren as she used with her own offspring. No, it was a gentler summons when she called for one of us. But even the more firm calls for her own children were tinged with a love in her voice, a trust for them to come to her bedside when she beckoned for them.

One thing I recall from this last trip to see her was calling her from my cell phone a couple times while I was sitting right there in her room. I started talking with her until she realized it was me…the first time she hung up on me, smiled mischievously at me and laughed! By the third time she was giveing me the ornery eye, calling me a “poop” but still laughing!

RiP Grandma Wheatley 1924-2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

Well, I'm not as swift as I thought I was...surprise, surprise!!! The cord I ordered for my laptop to be back in business is a total match EXCEPT the "connector end" Yeah, who knew there were sooooo many sizes and I had no idea I got the wrong one until after it shipped, so I will hopefully be able to return it due to IE (idiot error). I THINK I have found the correct one now, but I am going to wait and let someone smarter then me make sure.  So I am still out of commission. Oh well, such is life. I am able to "borrow" time on family members computers. Guess I shall live!!!

 A picture of the &#%@ end plug that I failed to realize makes a huge difference when ordering a new power supply until I had ALREADY ordered one and it is the WRONG one...oy vey!

Short and Sweet thoughts today!
  • I am so ready for good summer produce!!
  • I have a love/hate relationship with technology
  • TWELVE-only 12 more days = MiB back in USA!!
Have a fantabulous day, make the most of whatcha got and catch ya when I can :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Have you noticed I'm MIA? Well no worries if you haven't but I have missed you and posting. However the power cord to my laptop is broken which in the big scheme of things I'm happy about cause that means my laptop is still working! At first I thought it was going to be the power cord plug in which would have been a bit costlier and not able to be done here in the backwoods of MO. So when the troubleshooting was done and it was only the power cord I was overjoyed!! A quick visit to eBay and $21.00 later and I should be back in business by Friday!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Last Day

Our journey home began today and these are some pictures from this morning before we departed. She was so thrilled to have been able to get a shower today, a real shower, not just a bed bath. This was only possible because they know how and have the right equipment and facilities to help her do so, we could have never provided this to her keeping her at home.

Showing us her muscles with her new stretchy band from the physical therapist!!!

 Looking sassy with her hair all fixed and ready for lunch!

Tonight we bedded down in Gallup, NM bound for OKC tomorrow!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

ZION Thoughts on Thursday!

Ummm, yeah, well, know how spectacular I told you yesterday was? Well, believe it or not today was even better! I know, I know hard to imagine but it was. Maybe it was just me but I thought Zion was even more incredible. It was just unreal, and believe it or not I drove and the switchbacks were crazy. But once we got there, we got to ride in the shuttle to tour the park. We even did the Riverside Walk hike! Yep we did and we did it in flip flops, just call us crazy! If I go again I would do the Grotto or Emerald pools hike not the Riverside Walk. It was beautiful and all and we saw neat stuff but the grotto hike would have been my first choice.

 Hiking boots are for BOYS!

A beautiful Columbine wildflower!

Just an amazing view!

After this little day trip we came home through St George, Utah and treated ourselves to SONIC not once but twice before making our way back to Kanab. It was a lovely day and we enjoyed the beautiful weather and sunshine!!!

  • I enjoy diet cherry limeades...A LOT!
  • Little towns are nice but I prefer medium size.
  • Seeing God's creation always makes me reflect on his greatness!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


WOW, seems unreal that it was 25 years ago I married the MiB and this GREAT Adventure in Blue all began. I am still in love with him today and live a very blessed life. I honestly cannot believe how good my life is, I'm livin' the dream I tell you! It's amazing and I know it will continue to be so, thank you Lord for all your blessings and watch care on our marriage and family!

Today we took a little drive to see some spectacular sights, we drove to Bryce Canyon. It was something to see! I had never even heard of it until we went. If you ever go to UTAH you should try to make this side trip, it's well worth it!

Enjoy the view...