Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Sunrise

It was a wake up call, uh er, sound I soooo didn't need...the couple in the room next door were up and at it at 0543. And yes, I DO mean UP and AT "it". So for nearly 12 minutes, yes, I did look at the clock and yes, it really was nearly 12 minutes that they were at "it". I mean seriously, when you are making the headboard repeatedly bang against the wall don't you think the people in the next room are going to wake up and hear that? not mention the other sounds, gracious! Moving on...since we were now wide awake we decided to make the most of it and rise and shine and catch the sunrise.

What a beautiful morning for it and oh, who else do we see on on the beach? You got it the up and at it early risers from next door, oh yeah, now I have a visual to go with the sounds! WooHOO what a way to start our day!

Our feet got waaaay too cold!

 The sunrise was as always gorgeous...
 Ummm, yeah, that is a lovely make-up, windblown just run a brush through it hair and my MiB still says, "oh, honey you look gorgeous'. He's not kidding when he says his eyes are getting worse and he needs glasses! But at least I did have coffee!

Today will be another surfing day for MiB, the 8th day in a row on his 11 day trip back to the states. He is trying to make the most of his time back being near surfable waters and cannot wait for HI in March. He has even gotten a twofer day in while here. We will also join three doors down for the traditional Sunday night gathering! Mexican is this week's menu, yum, looking forward to it already, how sad is that? It's not even 8 A.M. and I'm thinking of dinner already. I soooo have those 7#s back after this trip, I just hope there isn't more then that when I crawl back on the scales! Being happily homeless these past 7 months has been hard on my waistline! I really have tried to keep up my exercise routine, however, it's been a challenge and eating seems to be the theme with whatever I am doing or whoever I am meeting up with. But I wouldn't trade it, I have had a blast and it certainly has made the time pass quickly! I am going to need to work a little harder at keeping the poundage down though! MiB doesn't help, we went to get some room snacks and he picks out a bag of Oreos and some awesome cheeses! He is killing me here with his horrid eating habits, which I am truly in the know about but usually do not not cave to them; however, this trip it's just been too easy to dive right in to the junkfood right next to him, ugh, I know I will pay for it, I already am!

Only 3 more days remaining..making the most of it and living the just doesn't get much better then this! Unless you don't like your spouse then it probably stinks to be you! I'm a very blessed woman!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh what a week!!!

It's been glorious, it's been busy, it's gone by waaay too fast...

 There's been lots of surfing!!!!!

 We have hit all the local surf shops to drool and dream!
 More time at the beach...surfing for MiB, soaking up the sun with a good book for me!

It's been so much fun to be together again! We have enjoyed the time...spent lots of it catching up on our different worlds the last seven months, lots of dreaming about retirement, some time thinking about our next assignment and what that will look like, where it might be and a bunch of time just being...
We have had some wonderful lunches catching up with good people we knew, a few dinners with others and just chance meetings with some, also some stop ins to see others! It was lots of fun! We are so blessed to live this life! 

Today has been a week and oh what a week it has been... I am so thankful for the air I breath and the life I lead. Enjoy your weekend, I know I am going to enjoy mine!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

G L O R I O U S...

This week has been just glorious, how fortunate we are to have this time together and after the last 7 months apart it was soooo welcome! Thinking about the remaining time apart and knowing that our next together time is just around the corner in March then reuniting for our next chapter in June puts the realization that we will soon have this assignment behinds us! I know it has been a rewarding time for MiB job wise and he has felt very much involved in a "real mission" but I also know he has struggled as have I with the family separation which is what we always realize is the real drawback to this whole military thing (at least for us)! Anywho, getting back to reality, we ARE on the downslide and it is only roughly 20 more weeks til we are done once we go our separate ways after this mini reunion and 2 of those weeks we will be together in HAWAII!



  •  I have missed the ocean...
  • Love gettin' my FL vitamin D!
  • Have really missed "three doors down"!
  • Weak coffee just isn't worth it...don't do it!
  • Thank you Crown P for having a nice gym :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

He's here!!

Pretty sure this was THE BEST HUG I have had in quite some time... 


The Littles do give me awesome hugs and I LOVE THEM, but there is nothing like the hug from the love of your life!!!

There is not a lot I can say that will convey the wonderfulness that I am you can pretty much guess that I am sooooo thrilled he is here and we are able to have this time together.  We have enjoyed each moment of our time together already and we cannot believe how quickly the time is passing... We have been able to share great moments with "three doors down" already! It started with his own airport arrival fan club, then on to dinner at one of MiBs favorite local eateries, followed by a dawn patrol surf sessions with some of the guys and lead man at "three doors down" on Sunday a.m. Then we spent the day just hanging out, checking out the surf shops before heading over to a very tasty home cooked meal at....wait for it..."three doors down" yeah, we feel abundantly blessed.

 Airport Fan Club!!

Today MiB is off to class, the official reason he is here and I am hanging out at the hotel which is very nice. We are in a top floor room with quite the view. I am feeling very spoiled!!! I can hear the ocean waves and even though the sun is not out right this minute it is still a lovely 66* here and I am soaking in the warmth. Yesterday it WAS sunny and gorgeous with just a touch of breeze! A nice day indeed and the company was THE BEST!

Our view from the room!

Sunny skies in your world today!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sunny Thursday Thoughts!!!

I'm enjoying the sunshine state for sure!!! Gorgeous weather (though there appears to be a wet change in the near future, the temps will still be warm so it will be tolerable!)...enjoying great company and just chillaxin' for sure!

MiB will be here shortly...I'm over the top excited!

  • I do miss the weather here...
  • I have certainly missed the ocean waves!
  • I do miss the people here (okay, some of them I do not, LOL)
  • I am such a blessed woman and cannot believe this is my life!
Gotta run, the beach is calling my name! Enjoy your day...take time to count the blessings you do have! You know they are out there just remember to be thankful for them!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !!!!!

A new era begins in our world today as LilBlue enters the 2’s.  What is unbelievable to me is that it was really 20 years ago today that she made her grand entrance into this world. What is even more unbelievable to me is that her daddy is back in the same “undisclosed location” region still in the fight. Not much has changed yet so much has changed. I guess that is truly l i f e at it’s best!

From this...

To this...
We have watched our girl grow and it has been such an adventure…we have seen her spread her wings, sail in the wind and sometimes have a few bumpy landings as she progresses into and onto her own. We are extremely proud and fearful all in the same breath. Life is tough, choices are all around and we know the struggles we face and still face and have concerns for her as we know she will be facing more then we have. We pray for her constantly, we continue to try and be a Godly example to her with our warts and all hoping she will continue to choose to be a Godly woman herself.

It is her day today…again we are apart…she is growing up…we are so proud…we are excited to see what her future holds…and most days I do feel exactly as my dear friend said just a few days ago, “I've heard it said that letting go of our children is like watching our hearts walk around outside our body”

Daughter, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you are a joy and we hope your day was very special just like you!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

And the beat goes on...2011 is in full swing, I am planning our sightseeing and excursions for HI and looking forward to FL next week, that's right NEXT WEEK at this time I will be in sunny F L O R I D A.  I am sooooo looking forward to getting out on the beach to walk and just take in the peaceful yet fierce power of the waves. I know the time will just fly by and I want to enjoy the time with MiB and see those we knew, it will all be good, I know!!!!

  • Yogurt is yum!
  • Avocados are awesome...
  • Crunchy is my worst craving...
  • My poundage has to go down :(
  • HI I will love you, I just know it!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

C O L D : /

While the sun IS shining and I am soooo thrilled and thankful for that, it is in NO WAY providing any measurable warmth. It is C O L D, really, really cold with a steady wind, so you know what that means, the windchill factor that makes me really, really dislike this winter weather.

Currently, it is 10* and with the windchill the feels like temperature is -5*. At least I am not farther north, LilBlue is dealing with a bitter windchill and a feels like temperature of -25*! That's rough!

As beautiful as the white snow clean and fresh as it appears and lovely looking with the sun shining it makes for not such beauty when there is a wind with it. Sooooo my plan is to wear my Uggs 24/7, cause there is nothing worse for me then cold numb feet, and I will keep a scarf around my neck along with continuing to wear my cuddle duds and not plan ANY outdoor activities. Works for me and hopefully this time next year I will be in a less wintery climate!

Monday, January 10, 2011

S N O W...

While not a "snow day" for us here it was for LilBlue in NE...she was uber thrilled, I was just thankful she made it home from work last night with no problems and she is safely tucked in for the duration of the storm. While I am thrilled she took on getting a job, it does cause me pause when she has to be out in weather such as this. I prefer she not have to but I also get that life is happening and she is a participant in it and this is part of life. Letting her grow up is rough...

Today, it is just snowing and snowing, looks like north of us and south of us are scoring a heavier layer of the beautiful white stuff but so far this is enough to make it look pretty here as well. I hope it doesn't cause too many issues for those who must be out in it. I myself was out first thing this morning before it was accumulating, however, by the time I made my return trip it was coming down heavier and starting to get just a bit slick. I was doing fine, going an acceptable speed, leaving distance between myself and the other vehicles on the road however, some of the other drivers were not and one was sliding around the curve and another was playing bumper car with the curb...slow and easy on days like today for EVERYONE people and you will still get there!

I think my beverage of choice today is going to be mugs of steaming hot tea!

Friday, January 7, 2011

And she's gone...

A parting shot...or two!

Delivering a kiss from her daddy!

Ummm, yeah, she looks a little like me!

Surprise.... you are going to HI!!

Yesterday we celebrated LilBlue's birthday just a little early...she was here with me and we were on Skype with MiB and she got a pretty good big surprise. For her spring break she is joining MiB and I in Hawaii.  She was thrilled...she knew we were trying to work it out for her dad and I to meet there for his mid-tour R&R. We thought it was going to be in February and there would be no way for her to get to come too because she has school. Since MiB and I get to see each other later this month we pushed the mid-tour to March and made the trip coincide with her spring break, we will ALL be together in Hawaii! WOOOHOO

 I think she was happy about that surprise!

Checking out her ticket info!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

It's been a quick week and I cannot believe we are already on the first Thursday of the new's 2011 for those of you who might not know it!

Here's what I know. I have an awesome daughter, we have had a good week just hanging out and indulging in everything we want from Mexican food to salad with avocado (a whole one each!), to DQ Blizzard's, to White Grill, to shopping I said it's been a good week!

Tonight we are having dinner with the family at the newest Mexican restaurant in town, I know the conversations will be fun and laughter will be often and time will pass too quickly as we do a little Merry Birthday celebrations with LilBlue.  A Merry Birthday celebration is in order since the Aunts have not had opportunity to "do Christmas" with her and we all want to celebrate her birthday before she goes back and it is in 10 day. Lil Blue actually coined the phrase "merry birthday" and it stuck since that is usually what happens when she is here for the holidays we end up celebrating both while we are here.

I'm looking forward to the surprise of the evening, so stay tuned for that.

  • New year, no regrets.
  • Continue to Keep it Simple
  • Take time for the little things...
  • Live within our means and don't worry about the Jones'
Hope your new year is off to a great start and if not remember that each new day is a fresh start, treat it that way and continue to press on...

Monday, January 3, 2011


We had Christmas #1 with LilBlue yesterday...she is now a Wii owner thanks to Uncle G! Fun, but don't you dare let those studies slide or it gets confiscated!!!

Stopped to see mySherry and that garnered some COOLIO gift cards!
Then is was over to the grands for a little more gift opening!

She was pretty darn pleased with her gifts! The boots were a huge hit and she loved that she will now have internet on her phone plus all the other neat little things she got and the new pizza pan was a welcome addition!

Fun stuff and more to come...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

She's on her way :)

LilBlue is making her way south on the COLD morning! I know this was HUGE for her to get up and be on the road so early so I'm really proud of her for doing that! Uncle G is on his way too! He will only be here for the day so we will be maximizing our time! It's going to be a fun day...we will celebrate her being here all week! We are going to lunch and do Christmas with her as well while he is here!

I am just antsy waiting on her arrival...she can't arrive safely and quickly enough for me!

More later on her visit I'm sure :)  Happy Sunday to you.