Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

Oh my, I have been busy, busy, busy. What you say have I been doing? Well, I have been working on my scrapbooks again. It's really an obsession I have. Right now I am cropping pictures from a trip to Rome in 2005, oh the memories. I just finished our 2003 book, that is the year we moved to Italy. I am yearning for my Italia. It was such a great place to live even if there were maddening times.

In addition to finishing 2003 I also completed 2010. That was awesome. I have yet to begin 2011. And I still have to do my Vegas trip from 2010 but it is going in it's own little "trip album". The same will be true for Hawaii, however, "little" might be stretching it! LOL And then I am also going to do an album for my dad's 80th birthday. Since Walgreen's had a print sale I now have all of the birthday, Vegas and Hawaii printed but am still searching for the right size albums. I do not wish to do 12 x 12 so I am trying to decide what size to go with, I have located a CM 8 x 10 and I already have an 8 x 8 and a 6 x ?? but I think it is too small to do any of my current projects. I am in process that's for sure, I am focused and I am getting it done!!!

  • I love to scrapbook!
  • I have much to do before I move!
  • I still do not know where I am moving!
  • I am ready to know where I am moving...
That's all hope you have a wonderfully, fabulous, productive, rewarding day!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Memories :)

 LilBlue and I after church

Grandma hiding the eggs

 One 'the Littles' with her eggs!

 LilBue hunting eggs!

 LilBlue and I after the hunt!

It was cloudy and a bit cool but the rain held off so we did get to have the egg hunt outside. The kids enjoyed it. This will be LilBlue's last year of hunting...she will be 21 next year, I guess you have to draw the line somewhere, I'm choosing 21. I'm sure we will continue to somehow spoil her though cause she's ours :)
Hope you made some memories yesterday too! I know we did!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

"God sent His Son, they called Him Jesus. He came to love, heal, and forgive. He lived and died to buy my pardon. An empty grave is there to prove my Savior lives! Because He lives, I can face tomorrow, because He lives, all fear is gone! Because I know He holds the future, and life is worth the living just because He lives!"
 This is one of my all time favorite hymns. I certainly hope we will sing it today in worship time!

I hope you enjoy a wonderful, peaceful day. I am so thankful I celebrate a living risen Savior...

This little write up sums it up really well:
3 men, 3 crosses, 1 hill. One man cursed, one man prayed, one man promised. One died condemned, one died forgiven, one died innocent. One died in sin, one died to sin, one died for sin. One was held by death, one was released by death, one conquered death. One lost life, one gained life, one was life! HE IS RISEN!!! HE IS RISEN INDEED.  
We will gather at the folks today to share a meal and the 'kids' will do an egg hunt. While LilBlue was coming up we didn't focus on the chocolate, eggs and bunnies on Easter we tried to keep the main thing the main thing. In fact that is why she gets a Spring Basket on the day before so she will not think it's all about the Easter Basket. It's just our way of trying to keep it focused on the Risen Savior. Even at 20 we are still trying to impress upon her the important things, things that matter. I'm sure you have things you do to make your beliefs and values known to your children, I think it's important. I think it's personal, I think it's wonderful. I still pray for her many, many times daily to seek after God, to seek to please Him, to seek his counsel. I want her to want to be in fellowship with other believers, I want her to be connected in church. Church is a good thing, it's not a perfect setting, it's full of sinners but at least I like to believe it is full of sinners who realize they need God. Catch is, she has to want it too...I know when I was in college church was not one of my top priorities, but I always knew it was there and thankfully, I never totally left it out of my life, this is what I pray for her too. She may not be actively engaged right now, but I pray it's not always that way and that it is important enough to her to reengage again. I know she works on Sunday, I know it's easier to sleep in, I know, I know and I continue to pray. Pray that God will draw her, put people in her life to help her, to encourage her. 

Wow...sorry for the ramblings, thanks for letting me air those deep thoughts and HAPPY EASTER to you and yours!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Basket!!!

Lil'Blue was all smiles after seeing her Spring Basket...she was thrilled with all the caramel candy! Of course she thought the cash was nice and loved the new Vera bag and also thought the new eye liners were totally cool too!

HAPPY EASTER!  I hope you have hope in the Son! We are so thankful for the death, burial and resurrection of Christ!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Nearly over...

In about 8 weeks give or take a day or two this chapter of living 'happily homeless' will come to a close. I have some bittersweet thoughts and feelings swirling around in my brain. I find that much of life is bittersweet. I've had so much fun being with family! I have been able to see friends from years past, I've also made some terrific new friends! It's been an amazing time. I know had Lil Blue not been in that unfortunate crash I would have been out and about more, but I am most thankful for her safety. I'm so glad that I had the flexibility this year to be where I wanted when I wanted and even though I was in the Midwest a bit more then planned it's all good!

To date I have logged 14,486 miles in the air and I have traveled 13,925 miles by vehicle. I still have 8 weeks left!!!

Lil'Blue is here Life is Good!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

Oh yeah, it's Thursday! I am Whiteman AFB, MO.  I was here last summer on a Midwest visit as well and this time instead of giving me a visitor pass (which I thought was so stinkin' crazy, HELLO, I have a miitary ID), they "put me in the system" so now I feel all so special! I am officially in DBIDS, I officially don't have a clue what that means but the young Airman who scanned my left and right index fingers and took a urine sample and put me in "the system" seemed mighty I figure I might as well be too!

So since I drove up last night I got to have high speed internet and man did I feel like I was livin large! I was surfin' the net for a good portion of my evening while I watched, well, let's just say I tuned into something other then FOX news...

  • So thankful CC got me here!
  • This trip brought back MEMORIES!
  •  I'm praying today is productive in every way!
  • I've  had Mexican food three nights in a row :)
  • College students are sooooo young nowadays!

My college days home after a year in the dorms! I was in unit A the one on the far left!

I know I mentioned last year when I passed through the Burg that my college now has an over the road crosswalk. So yesterday as I was driving by I snapped these two pictures! They are not great, but I was driving ya know so they are what they are. Anyway I think it's really cool and I'm glad they finally did it cause I remember it being quite dicey somedays to get across there.

And speaking of college, our college girl is doing real good and I'm so excited I will see her before this day is over, whoot whoot! She will get to be here through Sunday afternoon. She was very excited yesterday when I talked with her because she finally got to meet with an academic adviser who could approve and plug in her transfer classes, she is much closer then she thought to being done. She is also taking summer classes this year to move even closer to that goal of being done! She's doing good and for that I'm soooo thankful, I just pray that her body continue to heal and recover from the crash last fall, she is still in treatment but we are hopeful she will continue improving and being back to where she was before this happened!

I gotta motor, the clinic awaits me...let's hope I am "CLEARED"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Road Trip

Going on a road trip today...just a short one but still gonna be a fun one, heading to my old college town and then out to the nearby base. The base I got my very first overseas medical clearance way back in 1986 and most likely this will be the last military related medical clearance I'll need! Kinda weird to think that, this life in Blue has been going on so long now it's all I know! REDTAPE and all  : /

So I decided to go up today since the appointment is early and it's a drive and this way I will be fresh and ready and get to have a little road trip adventure to boot. I'm likin' it!

See you tomorrow for Thursday Thoughts!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dentist Visit!

Plain and simple I do not like to go to the dentist...I had to go today. It was not painless, they are not brutal but gentle does not come to mind either. It's uncomfortable, I don't like it. It is also so intimate, I mean I could hear his stomach growl and he could probably hear mine!

However, the report, as usual, THANK YOU LORD, is good, no cavities. I'm good for another year or two! Yep, you read it right, even though we have wonderful insurance and I could go every six months, I do not. I try to get by with at least a year and like this time two! I know, I know that's bad, but hey, it could be worse, I mean I am only skipping a dental exam/cleaning for pete's sake! Any I am the cavity free queen so it's no big deal in my book!

I have a little jaunt coming up and hopefully I will be able to blog while gone. I think there will be internet so that makes it a good possibility that you will get to hear about it! I am making progress on getting all the required mountains of paperwork completed so MiB can get his orders and we can get on with the business of preparing to go North. Yep, that's right NORTH where there will be lots of snow and cold. Ahhhhh, I can't help it even though I do not like the snow I am excited! Talk about an adventure this will be one as we are driving the 4000 so miles up! What keeps lingering in the back of my mind though is the fact it could all change with one phone call, so stay tuned to see if we actually end up in Alaska or not!

Carry on and enjoy the rest of your day....yes, we are slotted to go to ALASKA!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

Hmmmm, I have a lot of them, but not very many that can go into words since they are mainly thoughts of what if, what next? It's no big deal, I am not 'worried' just pondering and thinking when, where type things? That's my thoughts...

  • Are the tomatoes ready yet?
  • What will the Easter menu be?
  • I am winning on the #s staying off :)
  • I like warmth but I may have to brave the cold.
  • I'm really going to miss being so near the family...
Have a great weekend...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Woes or WOWS

I feel like woeing (is that such a word?) but I am going to keep a positive attitude and go with WOWS...I am once again WOWED by the Blue!

I am always impressed with ingenuity, willingness and "can-do" attitudes...I am always amazed by never done that, can't and I don't think so. I prefer to think that when a unique situation presents itself you do what you can to make it work out. That is what I do! Should you not know or are presented a unique/new situation you reply with let me see what we can do I've not had this type situation before but I'm sure we can work together and get it done! As far as rules (or Air Force Instructions) I don't think rule breaking is fair for some and not others, I am a rule follower and I think we should ALL follow the rules. I do think that when you are trying to accomplish items you work within the guidelines. Enough said on that as I'm sure you get the picture.

The situation is that we do have a placeholder is not in the lower 48...therefore it is considered an 'overseas assignment' and medical/dental clearances have to completed. Got it. Work with me people...I'm healthy overall, have a minor outstanding issue that needs followed up on (and after a second opinion, I have no concerns and think the radiologist is cuckoo, but that's another story, so let's stay on task here) but check my medical records, I'm good, trust me. My military medical record is very thin after nearly 25 years...seriously, trust me on this! I have seen others, they've been in a lot less time and have two or three files full.

Anyway, getting all these forms filled out for the "all go" on orders is proving to be quite the challenge, one that is workable. LilBlue's paperwork is being worked on, no issues. Thank you OFFUTT AFB for working to get her scheduled and making it happen. My base, notsomuch. I use 'mybase' losely because really I  do not have a base? I mean I have been on the road or in the air on average 14 days each month since MiB has been gone so I don't really claim any base! Granted I am not at "my base" so to speak, but this can be made to happen with a willingness to work within the them, they address being geographical separated from 'your base'. I know you need to follow the AFI. I would expect nothing less!  Cause trust me my husband is an AFI stickler and I appreciate that about him! I think we all should follow prescribed let's do it. Let's make it happen! I know we can :)

If your brain is going, hmmmm, so where are they going? Well, there are only two states not in the lower 48 (I know you knew that but I sometimes like to state the obvious) I just visited one and we are going to the other. NOW, before you get all excited over this news, that is where we are going today, it could literally change tomorrow. This is because of the current position MiB is in. He could be 'picked up' to continue to do the same type job but if not we are headed North and I will probably be wearing my Uggs all year round! But I'm good with that, in fact I will probably need to get another pair...or two :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baseball Season

I like baseball. I don't LOVE it, but I like it, I always enjoyed going to watch the KC Royals play when I was younger and I still remember taking LilBlue to her first Royals game, it was fun no matter if I traipsed up and down the stairs many times to change/feed her! However, I do not remember that the games seemed to go on forever. Maybe they do not. But my experience in the past couple weeks with high school baseball has been L O N G and what seems like at time never ending!

It's been great to see T play, he is a pretty good ball handler. I have watched him over the years in the summers when we have been back and able to catch a game or two or three or a tournament here and there. I have seen him mature as a ball player; of course not to the extent "the locals" have but I have certainly seen it! There is something to be said for sports and helping mold kids into more well rounded adults. I think that is very true. I know when I first saw him play I was a bit surprised, I mean he was a great kid but you put him on the field and if he "missed" a play or things didn't go quite right, well you better watch out this little guy could have major attitude/temper. In the high school playing I have not seen anything other then a great solid player who does try very hard. Yes, he has struck out, so did Babe Ruth, and he has missed some balls and plays, but all players do that and will in this sport. The difference I see is that he is learning to shake it off, keep going and try his best not to repeat that particular event again. THAT is the awesome part in my opinion, he's learning, he's maturing and he's being a team player! YEAH!

I would like to also mention that the weather for the games I have attended has been really crazy. The first game it was COLD and windy, I mean really cold, next game was really great weather, the way they should all be! The next one was warm, I got 'dewy' but it was not unbearble, just a bit warm and thankfully there was a great breeze and I had a nice cool diet coke with me :) Last night the weather was windy and a bit on the chilly side though not terrible. The second game I found myself in the comfort of the vehicle and still had a great view and I think I made a smart decision there! I just wish it would not have been a 9 hour odyssey. I knew the drive over was 1.5 hours but I was under the impression there was just one game, much to my chagrin there were two and again, 9 hours later we are rolling into the driveway after a double-header. They won, they actually smeared them. It was almost embarrassing.

So that is my baseball adventure to date, it is not over yet. There is another game Friday night, it is a home game so travel time will be in under 5 minutes! Hopefully, I will only be attending one game, we'll see. I hear there may be some pitching in his future, which is not a new talent just one that may start to be tapped for this team. I hope so, I think it would be good for everyone!


As far as a picture to accompany the post, well ya know how it is a fenced or screened in area for the protection of the spectators? Yeah, well that also means no decent photos...especially with a cell phone! Maybe another time!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Let me start with  this whole “PROMenade” This was new to me and I will just start off with saying I don’t think it bad but I’m glad we didn’t do it when I was there. The Prom goers “arrive” and by arrive I mean they come in all manner of transportation. Some were in muscle cars and trucks, semis (minus the trailers), Hummers, Escalades, traditional limo’s, BIG stretch limos, Hummer limo’s, convertibles of all types from mustangs to VW bugs, new vehicles, not so new vehicles, daily drivers, once a year...if that rides, some that shouldn’t be driven at all, a dune buggy, a T-bucket, a Porsche, a BMW, corvettes, golf carts, a moped and even a red SMART were in the lineup. And I do mean lineup; as this whole arrival thing last over two hours. It was a warm day, these girls had to be melting in those dresses cause some of those modes of transportation did not have A/C!

My niece was privileged and VERY honored to be able to drive Uncle Jimmy’s Rumble Bee. You may not think this is a BIG DEAL but it was, oh trust me it was. Not only is it a very coolio truck, it is probably Uncle Jimmy’s most prized procession. This truck has never seen rain, snow, sleet or hail…obviously Uncle Jimmy is NOT a postman! LOL She arrived in style, all smiles and was thrilled to be able to have the use of UJ’s truck!

There are several things that were unique this year for NHS that gave me even more fodder for the whole “that’s certainly NOT the way it was" when we were there storyline! I mean can you believe that they bussed them on charter buses to Ft Scott for the Prom? Well, they did! Unreal, we had ours in the gym, we decorated for days to transform the gym into something magical! We ate our dinner in our school cafeteria and the underclassmen served us, it wasn’t grand but it was the way we did it. Now they eat on their own.

I guess change is good; it’s just not the way it was…

I hope they are all safe and everyone has a good time!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Heavenly days I don't know where this week went...I felt like last week was dragging by and then today when I realized it IS Thursday I don't know what happened.

Over the weekend my dad and I did a little plumbing and that was a day I hope not to repeat. We thought we were in for just a little repair job. Five hours later, $100.00 at the home improvement store, lunch at DQ and we have a new kitchen faucet that puts out water so it's all good!

I have spent most of this week organizing pictures from HI. I just got an order back with some really great prints, there were so many things to photograph and we took A LOT of pictures and I still wish I would have taken more. I have another order coming later in the week and I am getting really to place another one today! I also got the prints back from the underwater camera and was not impressed at all, not sure if it was our photography skills or the camera but they are lousy.

It's baseball season here and while the first game I attended I nearly froze to death I am hoping for better weather for the future games. Tonight if the weather holds we will head to a tournament down South, should be fun and some great family time.

I know my time in this area is quickly drawing to a close and I feel like the moments have to be maximized so I am trying to fit many things's great but also forcing me to make hard choices as well! I think it's going to be an adjustment living away again, and it's looking like it will be far, far away....still unable to give more details on that but there is definitely action on where we will be going next, I will share as soon as we have something certain (which is really funny cause is anything ever certain with the USAF? I think not :) but we love the blue anyway!)

Okie dokey here's the thoughts flowing today!
  • Ready for flip flops!
  • Ready for warmer weather!
  • Ready for the farmer's market!
  • Not ready for summer, let's have Spring!
That's all I got for today, it's a busy one, I'm trying to wrap up 2003 in my cropping world, I have all pictures down, just need to journal it. I have every intention of  finishing 2010 prior to the end of the month. Hopefully, I finish getting it printed TODAY...cause I certainly need to the pictures before I can go much farther in that album. Then when I go to Crop at Katie's on the 30th I will be eady to start 2011. Of course I will have to make sure I have those pictures printed...hmmmm, I better get busy! I am so thrilled with the HUGE strides I have made in catching up on our albums, it's so fun to look through them and see all the neat things we have done! We are very blessed!

If you read this far you deserve a picture :)

At the Hale Koa Luau

Friday, April 1, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

My thoughts are  not coherent...maybe I should not post. I need some sunshine, yesterday it played with coming out, it was more in then out, today will be better (I HOPE), if not I will need to get some vitamin D as the sun has been hiding itself since I returned from Hawaii. That just rubs me wrong and makes me want to go where the sun is shining...

Days are passing, I hope they do not pass too quickly, I still have much I would like to do before the MiB returns, though I am ready for that day to come. It was sooooo good to be together for 16 days!!!


  • I got a haircut...
  • Is it really April???
  • I like sunshine, a lot!
  • Ready for fresh produce :)
  • I'm hungry and would like cheese pizza w/black olives...
That's all I got, nothin' really, I have not slept real good since my return, hoping my body gets back in the groove soon! Also would like to be having some warm weather so I can get back outside and get some fresh air and exercise! 

Take care friends, I'm thankful for all things! I really am...