Sunday, August 2, 2009

ER Visit for LilBlue

We had a very pleasant day yesterday, just a laid back chillaxin day, stayin' cool and out of the heat; then movies last night, all was well in our world. When we left the theater the day had cooled down so we went for a walk on the river. It was very dark since it is the turtle nesting season and all exterior lighting must be turtle friendly. That is a wonderful thing; however, turtle friendly lighting is not very bright. So LilBlue took a spill while going to fill up the water bottle and we ended up in the ER for five hours. Thankfully, her ankle is NOT broken, but very bruised with a good sprain and extremely sore!

An ICEE makes everything better :)
So we will be out of commission for the next few days and takin' it real easy, then we have to get some things accomplished before she is off to school...


Susie said...

Oh...poor thing! I hope she gets on the mend soon:-)

Frizzy said...

Yikes! I hope she's feeling better now and she can walk on it again. No fun!