Friday, September 28, 2012


 I'm gearing up to go 31 days...hold on it might be a wild ride!

I think I made that button up there correctly...if I didn't you could see it change. Making a "button" once over a year ago does not make me a proficient button maker!  

So I'm playing again this year...yes, I'm committing along with the Nester to posting the entire month of October and it's going to kill me be so much fun! REALLY, really, really it is; it's going to be fun! Last year I did it for the first time and it WAS fun and hard and exhausting and rewarding and crazy all rolled into one. I really did plan to have a better 31 Days planned out this year. I even made a document and named it 31 Days 2012 during the 31 Days last year. I even put down some thoughts and ideas. However, I JUST opened that up and looked at it last week. No since getting in a hurry or anything :)It is a good start, I just need a little R&D or more like T&C (TIME & COMMITMENT) and it's good to go!

Anyway, my 31 Days will be simple, I hope! I'm just going to be documenting my ordinary life and know the normal everyday ordinary daily stuff that most do. I may find out that the title is not really spot on but it's what I'm going with! There are lots of other way more talented, creative bloggers participating in this challenge but I am still signing on and plan to enjoy it! I will be linking the Days below as we go along, enjoy!

Day 1 - Exercise
Day 2 - Morning Coffee
Day 3 - The Scales
Day 4 - Calendaring
Day 5 - Celebrations
Day 6 - Eye Wear
Day 7 - Prayers
Day 8 - Laptop
Day 9 - Voting
Day 10 - Cooking
Day 11 - Cars
Day 12 - Friends
Day 13 - Neighbors
Day 14 - Reading
Day 15 - Favorites
Day 16 - Blogging
Day 17 - Purses
Day 18 - Shoes
Day 19 - SBC
Day 20 - Movies
Day 21 - MyFamily
Day 22 - Bare Escentuals
Day 23 - Fall
Day 24 - Military - MiB
Day 25 - Notso
Day 26 - Temptation
Day 27 - Wedding
Day 28 - Football
Day 29 - Death
Day 30 - the BIG R
Day 31 - D.O.N.E.

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