Monday, March 16, 2009

the Zoo

Since we have family in town we went to the was a great day for it and we had a fabulous time. A few pictures to share our day with you!

Second mom, Nana, the bud in the backgroung, along w/III, Aunt Shari

the bud, Mal, III, HoseB, second mom, Nana, and Nate

My dad and I and "sister" at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo
The Littles!

the bud, lil'blue and me!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Already!!

OH MY, it's been a whirwind week, I am so glad it is over...the house is SOLD, the deal is complete and we are no longer homeowners. I was ever soooooo relieved when the phone call came in on Monday evening around 5:45 p.m. that everything was signed and sealed with an offer to deliver the paperwork, but I said I would just pop in their office on Tuesday to pick it all up rather then them deliver, I was on my way to my lifegroup meeting anyhow.

So Thursday Thoughts...
  • Uber excited, family is coming to visit until Tuesday!
  • I had a lean cuisine pizza for supper and it was yummy!
  • I hope not having a life doesn't get boring, so far, so good.
  • I have been cropping to my heart's content the last two days.
  • The temp quarters are becoming more homey to us every day.

Off to help LilBlue finish that pesky senior paper that is due tomorrow...I will be glad when that is done, but I have learned a lot about the poet, Percy Shelley, mainly that he was a liberal nut case who traveled around a lot and cheated on his wife. Who knew?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Pictures from our new living quarters for the next 9 weeks or so...

LilBlue was under the weather our first day here...she had been up all night long at the house hurling every hour on the hour, then suffered through very noisey packers/loaders most of the day; then when we finally got to go to our new living area she quickly settled into bed for some rest.

We have fabulous storage!!!!!

A great area for TV watching and relaxing and eating!
And our own little dressing nook, with even more shelves and dressers for more storage! We also have own own bathroom, but I forgot to get pictures of that. They actually just put the bathroom in and it is fabulous!

And a nice comfy bed!

We feel very blessed and well taken care of, like I said we also have a microwave and frig at our disposal and just up the stairs is anything else we could possibly want or need!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Settling in...

We have now moved into our very gracious friends basement...we are settling in nicely. It is a very generous area and we have a refrig and microwave right in our area; we also have "kitchen priviledges" anytime we would like. Saturday we all broke bread together for the first time, our friends have three little girls, it was a fun, full table and wonderful fellowship. The girls still can't comprehend why there are people living in the basement :) Sunday evening was make your own pizza and a movie night, what a delightful time. We have just started on this new chapter but it is already precious to be in their home and quickly become a part of them!

While we consider ourselves pretty low maintenance it is still a huge thing in my mind that these kind people have allowed us to come into their home like this...I am humbled and feel extremely blessed. I am going to post some pictures soon of our new space!

The closing on the house is this evening at 5:00 p.m. or so. The new. soon to be, owners did their walk through last night and we didn't hear anything so I am assuming everything is still a go...I know I will continue to be a bit antsy until it is all finito.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Thoughts!

WooHOO the movers are here today!!! I am so happy to be packing out even though moving is not that fun, this is exciting. The closing on the house is Monday, things are progressing, we are relieved, yet still anxious for it to be a completely done deal.

  • I am totally ready for SPRING
  • I have way to much scrapbooking stuff
  • Ziploc bags are your friend during a move
  • There are dust bunnies even in a clean house
  • Moving is always an adventure, this one will be no different

As they are here packing out all our worldly possessions I am a bit overwhelmed, but it is going well. I do not really enjoy being a "one man show" but that is my lot today. The movers have been good, we have a team of three, they are already done on the upper level, the main level is done with the exception of the kitchen, which always seems to take the longest and the lower level is coming along. So that only leaves the basement and garage which are pretty light but could be stretched if you don't want to be sent to another job; we'll see. I had hoped for a pack and load all on one day but they said, nope, so we will be loaded tomorrow and I hope it will all be completed by noon.

Since this was our first home to ever own, I have many different emotions swirling around in my brain today. I am proud of all the things we did to improve it...laying tile, putting down wood flooring, adding a bathroom, cabinets in the garage, landscaping, etc, but I am also ready to be out from under it. The costs of ownership really has been no different then anywhere else we have lived, we have done the same type of maintenance and upkeep as we usually do, however, the some of the projects have been a little more costly but well worth it. So as we move on, I have many memories of this home that I will take with me, mostly good with atleast one exception. The reselling process; which leads me to of today I don't care if I am ever a homeowner again. My realtor says I will change my mind and that is quite possibly true, kind of like when you have just had a baby and say never again and then you do bring another life into this world. Not exactly the same but sort of in my world!

Anyway that's a glimpse into my thoughts today!