Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trip Thoughts

The reason for this trip was really not at all pleasure. It was a trip of unknown when we began, there had been an illness, hospitalization, home health and hospice interaction. We really did not know what we would find or what to expect. Many prayers had been lifted the last several weeks as Grandma Wheatley faced some health issues. 

Thankfully, we were so pleasantly surprised when we arrived that she was much better then we had anticipated. PTL! It was still not an easy sight to see her so unable to complete the simplest of task and we knew the situation needed remedy. The decision was made to get her into a skilled care nursing facility in a neighboring town. This would allow her to receive better care and physical therapy that will help her regain her strength so that she can start to care for herself again. And maybe, just maybe allow her to return to her home. Of course that is her deepest desire to continue to live in her home. Keep in mind she is 87 years young and her two older sisters are still in their homes, one right next door and the other located in the town she will receive skilled nursing care in! They are incredible women, they are!!! Stay tuned for more on this journey...

In other thoughts:

Good clean hotels at a reasonable price are not easy to come by...however, we found such a place!  I would recommend this little family owned, friendly motel any day of the week! They definitely met our needs, they were reasonable AND still gave us a military discount. I'm a happy stayer for sure. Did I mention it was CLEAN? Well, it was and that is a BIG PLUS in my book. 

Last night we were at the only place in town we could find a room! While it was clean, and I am VERY thankful they had a room and gave a military discount, the other aspects were not so appealing.  Last night was noisy, there was a bus full of loud people, late arrivers and early leavers along with paper thin walls...while sleep was had it was not without interruption. So this morning as we checked out we were hunting new accommodations. Lo and behold right across the street it said vacancy so we wheeled in and have found our home for the next three nights!

One drawback was the corners of the bed being tough on someone's knees! LOL

Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm in UTAH!

Yep I'm on the road again! After flying into Denver over the weekend and enjoying the mountains, we headed to Arizona, but JUST barely. Fredonia, AZ is really, really close to UTAH and so I'm visiting family in AZ but we are staying in UTAH! It's a lovely beautiful state and lots of nature to see!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Arizona...Oh MY

We arrived AZ and went straight to the house, not really knowing what we would be in for we prayed for the best...you see this trip was really not at all for pleasure. It was a trip of unknown when we began, there had been an illness, hospitalization, home health and hospice interaction. We really did not know what we would find or what to expect. Many prayers had been lifted the last several weeks as Grandma Wheatley faced some health issues.

Thankfully, we were so pleasantly surprised when we arrived that she was much better then we had anticipated. PTL! It was still not an easy sight to see her so unable to complete the simplest of task and we knew the situation needed remedy. The decision was made to get her into a skilled care nursing facility in a neighboring town. This would allow her to receive better care and physical therapy that will help her regain her strength so that she can start to care for herself again. And maybe, just maybe allow her to return to her home. Of course that is her deepest desire to continue to live in her home. Keep in mind she is 87 years young and her two older sisters are still in their homes, one right next door and the other located in the town she will receive skilled nursing care in! They are incredible women, they are!!! Stay tuned for more on this journey...
Since we did not know what we were in for we had not made hotel accommodations, so we found ourselves at nearly midnight and needing a bed for the night. This is what we found. Note the pictures are in the light of day...looks okay, but at night it looked a whole lot better...hey, at least they had wifi! Don't think I have stayed anywhere like it EVER and hope to never again, but I must say the bath towels were clean and the shower was hot.

  Our little cabin! It was a duplex...the people next door watched TV late into the night!

Seriously this place has soooo much potential and with some tender loving care it could be a great place, oh and let's not forget several cases of pine-sol pretty sure it would need that as well, but it does have much potential with the right management!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Back in the Mountains!

How lovely to see the gorgeous Colorado Rockies again.

I have such an amazing life...I walked on the beach this morning and slept in the mountain this evening, I love my life. This is another benefit of life in the blue, what a joy! Enjoy your surroundings!

Friday, May 27, 2011


What a treat to be with good people! It has been great fun to hang out and get to know the extended families of "three doors down"! They are fun, real and have family stuff just like we do, I think that's a good thing. Getting to be around people who are people, people who don't try to put on airs, that's a good time! They were honest to goodness people who had tales to tell, stories to share and memories to recall. I would like to think they made new memories and will tell stories after their visit to FL for the retirement of one of their own as well. They are a close knit family and like most families do not get to spend enough time together since they are all spread out over several states.

Since we were such a large group and we had lots of things going on around us it was easy and simpler not to go out for meals. I mean we were all right there close to the magnificent "SurfSide" with a fully equipped kitchen so why not whip up some food for the hungry mouths to feed. It was not gourmet but it was good, we had lots of snackies, lots of veggies and lots of fun. We enjoyed the kitchen time, the patio time, the beach time, the porch time. Tonight was my last night with them and we were privileged that cousin T was doing the cooking and I was honored to be her prep girl, I held my own with her in the kitchen, I mean after all she wrote a cookbook! However, SisterS was in charge of the fruit salad and make an awesome fruit salad she did! It was super yum!

Isn't she cute? She's from Minnesota dontcha know!

Though she lives there no more, she's a NAVY spouse so she lives wherever the ocean blue sends them!  

I leave for Denver in the a.m. I will not say goodbye, only farewell for now...I know we will be seeing them again, sooner or later! Thank you extended family for allowing me to be one of you these last few days I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: RETIREMENT

Bittersweet is the word that comes to mind...I mean it's a new chapter in your life but it also means you are moving on, and that means leaving. Leaving behind friends. It's tough, but it is a part of the life in the blue. I know our day will come and it will be exactly that, bittersweet. It's been a great ride for three doors down, but the ride is over and a new chapter is beginning and how exciting that is. It's a whole new world out there outside of the blue suit, it's a great big world as well, I know he will thrive, they will relish the new opportunity they have been afforded, they will grow deeper roots, become homesteaders. I still wonder whether that will happen in my world or not...maybe...then again maybe not. I think MiB does not like roots, we'll see!

Anyway, it was a fantabulous retirement ceremony, full of family, friends and co-workers, it was a celebration and there was humor to break up the emotion. I am thankful for humor!!! It was such a tribute to the man who has been such an exemplary Airmen. I am soooo proud to know him AND his family, to be associated with such a great leader. I am also proud to be his friend, to be considered in his circle. I am so thankful our paths crossed, I am honored to have been able to have "helped" with things... While they may think it was "something" I am honored and feel privileged to have been able to have been called upon and trusted to carry out such "things"! These "people" are people who have made a big impact on our life, have helped us to grow and to be better and to continue to want to serve and yet. also have made us ponder...But in the end, in the big scheme of things it boils down to the fact that they are FRIENDS and we love them dearly and wish them all of life's best and hope to be crossing paths for many, many days to come!

Ultracool surfboard Three Doors Down received at his retirement, how cool!!!!

  • Florida again!
  • Lovin' the salt life...
  • I have missed SteinMart and Bealls!
  • R E T I R E M E N T is coming for us too!!!
Goodnight, I'm beat!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm back on the beach!!!

Oh what a great 24 hours!!!! Being beachside again is awesome. I think I am totally agreeing with MiB we may need to be near water when we retire!

So it's kind of unbelievable the connection we have had with these wonderful friends in the Blue. I mean they ARE family! And we are so incredibly blessed. I am so honored to be invited to this ceremony and more then a bit sad that they will be retiring out of the blue; but I know it is the right thing at the right time for them...however; selfishly, I will miss them!

Three doors down is retiring tomorrow and the USAF is loosing out. I firmly believe in this case we are letting one of the best get away. Stellar man, outstanding leader and rocket scientist, what more could the Air Force need, we keep all kinds of others with less skills and abilities and we have this amazing guy and we let him walk out the door...SPACE X you are gaining one great guy!!!

Being back on the SpaceCoast is always a treat and this trip is no exception. I am loving seeing all the work going on around the beach. It's long overdue. The military beaches are prime real estate and for the entire time we were here MiB petitioned and lamented on their neglect but his song seemed to fall on deaf ears. Well apparently someone has finally heard and taken action and lots of improvements are in process and it's awesome!!!!

Probably doesn't seem like much to you, but this is 2nd Light and we went here lots. This area is closed right now and they are totally reworking it. The picture shows the old shower area, which is where MiB took his own shovel and dug out several times during our time here. It looks like it's going to be pretty neat when they get it all done, they are also replacing lots of timbers and walkways!

After a long day I am off to bed and hopefully I will get a nice morning run in on the beach before doing a few odds and ends prior to the big retirement ceremony. YIPPEE and good night! 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Joplin Tornado

Wow, how a moment can change so much. We know it, but usually it's "somebody else" this happens to, maybe someone related to someone we know, someone we sort of knew, you know, but not someone we really know! Because this, this was close, so very close, close to family and friends, people we know, people we really know, people who are more then just a face. This is J-town. The town we went to in high school to see the latest movie, to pick up the latest releases in music, to go shopping for back to school clothes, to go to dinner, it was THE town!

So last night as the graduation party was winding down and the news of the devastating storm started trickling in we went home and prayed and we were glued to the TV coverage of the storm. The ravaged town that we know so well has been hit hard We are praying for those who have suffered such huge losses...we are giving and participating in the supply gathering efforts around town and still waiting to hear that some are okay. It's tragic; it's terribly close to home.

Praying for you JOMO...as you are near to our hearts!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

She did it!

My beautiful, smart, extremely talented niece graduated today! We are all soooo very proud!

The celebration was awesome, so fun with bright colors and lots of family and friends of all ages to celebrate with her. The cake was YUMMERS, the food was delicious, chicken anyone, we had PLENTY! Loved the cheesy taters! Orange salad was great too, oh my, who am I kidding it was all fabulous! So thrilled I was able to be there!

Showing off her new VERA bag that LilBlue picked out for her! She got several cute things and some nice financial contributions towards her future :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

I'm knee deep in graduation season...what a great time to be able to be with family, graduating from high school was an awesome time in my life, you are so eager, young and excited about the next step in life. It is also a time of transition as you move into adulthood. Most of us "go off to college" and it's not easy, I know for me I was pretty homesick. I also started to realize my parents were a lot smarter then I had originally thought!!! I know I never had a really rebellious period in my teen years, and I stayed out of trouble, but I'm sure there were moments when I wasn't pleasant to live with. I know I thought my parents did not have a clue as to my life and what was important to me and what I wanted to do. Somewhere in my college years though things really clicked and I thought, wow, my folks are pretty smart! So I think that makes this an exciting time for families. What I am also loving is that I think LilBlue is at this stage...I love it, she is maturing and growing into such a lovely young adult, she has taken on responsibility like a champ, she is still learning and she is still growing into this world of adulthood, but she is doing great so far and I know she will continue to plug on and do her best. It is nice to see, observe her maturity at this stage. I like it way better then the mid-teen years and am thankful we made it through them and they are over!!!!!! PTL

  • There is no Aldi in LA :(
  • There is Hobby Lobby though!
  • Church choices appear to be plentiful!
  • Double feature at the movies last night
  • I'm pretty much ready to be in my own house again!
Hope you are having a good week. Since it's been so unseasonably cool here, I'm wondering if we will see any Spring at all; we may go straight into summer! In fact it's been cool enough here that the heat has  kicked on the last two mornings. Somehow that seems wrong for mid-May!

Monday, May 16, 2011

One of those kind of days...

Wow, very seldom do I have "one of those kind of days" but today IS one of those...I will say little, but think much. What I am thinking is that I am a little disappointed in "the system" that I believe so much in, I am somewhat disturbed by choices of others and I am a wee bit disillusioned with life in the blue today...but no worries, tomorrow will be a new day and I will be back to my usual self and it will all be good!

Whew, that's better, I just had to get that out. I want to shout out a whole lot more, but I won't/can't/shouldn't/wouldn't so that's it, have a good day, I will but it will have to be tomorrow!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

As "Official" as it will be...

So the assignment has been re-determined...are you ready for it?

I am and I am still thinking, "This is the Air Force and my life, so don't get too used to it yet, cause ya know it could change before you actually get there!" 

HOWEVER, as of TODAY, we will be at...drum roll please...

Barksdale AFB in Shreveport, LUUEZEEEANA, or for you non phonetic types that is plain ole Louisiana, our 18th state. Yes, I know that because whenever we are going somewhere new I try to become somewhat smart on the area and scour the internet for any and all things in the area! This is just how I operate! The 2nd Bomb Wing will be our new home. This is a wing full of history and a lot of air muscle, we are excited to join this mission.

So sometime in July I should be back in a house with my MiB surrounded by lots of boxes of things I haven't seen in over a year! We will make our home in the south once again. We will be 8 hours from our family, only 3 hours from Dallas, and a long way from any surf; which saddens MiB but we will still plan to make the best of it as always and we will make several trips to the coast area while there I'm sure! We also have wonderful friends in TX and plan to connect with them as soon as we can! Not to mention many other things I am sure we will discover while we are there as we always do :)

So if you have a desire to visit this area plan to come and you will have a place to stay! I have been told we will be in "historical housing" which will be a huge change from the brand new housing we had in FL. I think it will be awesome no matter! Looking forward to being a "bomber" LOL

Y'all come see us ya hear :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

What a wonderful week I have had...but of course the WONDERFUL has left me. I enjoyed having LilBlue here but I knew our time together would come to an end, it did and now she is safely back to the BIG O and will be starting summer classes next week. I'm so proud of her for taking on a summer schedule. She will take two classes from 16 May til 24 June. She will be done just in time for MiB return's and then we will reunite for a time.

BTW WE ARE NO LONGER GOING NORTH...kinda thought it would change, it did, so Alaska is no longer our new destination. At this point I hesitate to mention anything but think south...cause unless someone with stars makes a decision about MiB we are headed south. I like the south, but really I am not sure this location truly qualifies for that designation! Of course, this information is subject to change depending on the stars :)

  •  Loving the sunshine :)
  • Ice cream for 5 days straight...
  • Days are going by so fast, yet not!
  • My little girl is a lovely young woman!
Think I will stop there, hope your Thursday is full of thoughts! Remember to make the days count, NOT just count the days!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


SOOO I know it's been a day or two since Mother's Day but I wanted to put a picture of our drink cups up. Aunt Turtle, my oldest second sister, is super talented and she took the time to decorate our cups for the day!
These are LilBlue's and mine and I thought they were too neat not to share! Everyone had a cup that was tailor made just for them!

That's all...carry on!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Pretty Toes

Mark this date down in history my second sister painted her toes and let them out for air...

This is day two for air and probably the first time in over 20 years they have seen polish! For real!

I'm so proud of her she has taken some steps in her life to become healthier, she is eating better and taking care of herself to the tune of dropping over 50#s in the last 5 months.

Way to go Vic!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

It was an awesome day...so nice to have LilBlue here with me this year! What a treat. Over the weekend we celebrated with MiBs mom and Uncle G. What a double treat. Course I didn't get the best steak in the country but some felt as if they did so I guess that is good :) LilBlue and I then shared Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, lemon, I had not ever had that kind! Yes, it was good!

Today we celebrated with my side of the family after a town ride this morning. After a great lunch of various and I do mean various smoked meats from salmon to deer, which were both AWESOME, thanks Uncle Jimmy!!!!! Then we spent the afternoon visiting on the deck in some gorgeous sunshine! Aunt Vic even thinks she got a tan...LOL! To round out our evening we took a country drive with my favorite chauffeur, Aunt Shari :) These drives are family tradition when we are together!

LilBlue took time out to rest twice once on Aunt Turtle's couch and then again at Aunt Vic's, after all, she is still in recovery from being toothless! When I ran out to pick her up from Aunt Vic's where she stayed during the country drive she wanted to stop for ice cream on the way home :). We did! Oh yeah, how much better of a life can I have? Well, it would have been over the moon had my MiB been here but still, trust me LIFE IS GOOD. I am such a blessed woman and I think I need to pinch myself after such a great day (weekend) as this!

I pray that your day was good...I know many who have a hard time with this day...choose joy is my thought for you, CHOOSE JOY in life no matter the day on the calendar. I believe you make your own happiness and if you aren't happy, I sincerely believe you are not only hurting yourself, but those around you. If you have lost your joy take steps to discover it once again, do not let those around you steal your joy, EVERYONE deserves to live life and only you can make the choices that allow you to LIVE it. Is my life perfect? HECK NO, but I choose to see it in a positive light, sometimes that is a second by second choice. And I choose to be positive most days and NOT BE a Debbie Downer. I choose to not take out my frustrations on those I love, your loved ones are NOT the enemy. I also choose not to hinge my happiness on a person, place or thing, I choose to choose joy; to love Jesus, who is my joy and is the only truly unchangeable asset in my life. More money will not make me happier, more things will not make me live longer...I think I got on a soapbox here...sorry, back to my original thought. I had a great weekend. That's all...
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 2

She is doing awesome!!! Having oatmeal this morning. Stitches were bothering her so we trimmed them and that has helped a lot since they were poking the upper wound sight. Recovery is coming along very nicely PTL! Pain is manageable and thankfully she hasn't even used the script only on OTC stuff!! Life is good!

Friday, May 6, 2011


The wisdom teeth are G.O.N.E! She did good under the general anesthesia; we are now home and she is spooning down a chocolate milkshake and waiting on grandma's matzo ball soup to be done! She was a tad bit lightheaded upon arrival home but seems to be doing pretty good now! As soon as she gets some food in her we will poke her meds down her and then settled her in the recliner to rest! Oh and we can't forget the peas, we have to ice pack her jaws with bags of peas!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...

Oh my mind is deep in thoughts today...

  • Mother's Day is Sunday!
  • LilBlue will be here today :)
  • I think I love sunshine best of all!

Ummmm, I know that is short and sweet and with my current state of thoughtfulness I think that is where I better leave it.  I hope your Thursday is thought provoking! Mine certainly is.

Tomorrow is oral surgeon day for Lil Blue and I am praying it all goes well when that remove her four wisdom teeth at 8 AM!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Flower Girl

Little #2 brings me flowers!!!

I was on Little duty this afternoon. Since it was so nice and sunny we had some outside time...I got "flowers" but even better I got lots of laughs and hugs from the Littles, we had a delightful afternoon together.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's May!

Can you believe it's MAY, I cannot!!! But it means JUNE is next and that is when MiB will return to me. WOOHOO!!!

It is hard to believe it is MAY because the weather does not seem to be MAY. It is COLD today, seriously, I have on long john's. I am so cold I am wearing them to not be cold, I have on two shirts and a hoodie. I have had two cups of hot tea, I am cold, it is not fun and it does not seem like MAY to me. I hope that we will have Spring like weather soon, I fear that we are going to go straight into Summer (and HOTNESS) and while I do not enjoy the cold, I do not enjoy being HOT either. I like some warmth, I enjoy the sunshine, but I do not to like to perspire unless I am working. I like a nice sunny day where there is plenty of shade and preferably water! Maybe I am high maintenance regarding my weather requirements, it could be worse...

I hope you are enjoying your MAY DAY wherever you are, as for me I am staying in on this cold and did I mention rainy day? Yes, on top of this cold, it is also rainy. Welcome MAY, so far you disappoint me :/