Tuesday, January 11, 2011

C O L D : /

While the sun IS shining and I am soooo thrilled and thankful for that, it is in NO WAY providing any measurable warmth. It is C O L D, really, really cold with a steady wind, so you know what that means, the windchill factor that makes me really, really dislike this winter weather.

Currently, it is 10* and with the windchill the feels like temperature is -5*. At least I am not farther north, LilBlue is dealing with a bitter windchill and a feels like temperature of -25*! That's rough!

As beautiful as the white snow is...as clean and fresh as it appears and lovely looking with the sun shining it makes for not such beauty when there is a wind with it. Sooooo my plan is to wear my Uggs 24/7, cause there is nothing worse for me then cold numb feet, and I will keep a scarf around my neck along with continuing to wear my cuddle duds and not plan ANY outdoor activities. Works for me and hopefully this time next year I will be in a less wintery climate!

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Susie said...

I hear ya! I have to go out and plow the driveway right now:-(