Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days of Military Life ~ DAY 1

This is a challenge I saw on another board (or two) that I read/lurk and honestly I didn't "officially" link up/sign on or anything but I thought it was a neat idea so I am going to give it a whirl. Basically, I am going to attempt a post every single day this month. S C A R Y cause I'm committing to a post everyday but I will attempt to relate it to the everyday happenings of our world in the military arena. Yeah, I know, it may be boring as all getout on some days cause really we have been doing this so long it no longer seems out of the ordinary but hopefully it will be a neat little deal.

EDITED: WooHOO I did figure out the whole linking thing! I have a button (thank you soooo much NESTER!!!) on the other page with everyone else :) Oh, and I will hopefully remember to update this post to link each day!

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Day One - Mandatory Fun.

If you've read my blog you may have heard this term. I think it is a little misleading because anything is what you make of it and we have always looked at it as a way to spend some time together while MiB is working. Call it what you want but I will take any and all time with him pretty much regardless of circumstances. So my thoughts on mandatory fun aren't the surprise there, my thoughts on most things are not the norm! LOL

Unfortunately, the view of mandatory fun from the majority of blue suiters is not favorable. It's look at as having to attend a function when you'd rather not. Seriously, some events are more fun then others but supporting your fellow Airman regardless of the event is the heart of the situation. We have all gotten those civilian invitations that we would rather not accept but we do it out of respect for the sender or a relationship of someone close to the sender. The same is true for mandatory fun. Graduations, promotions, retirements, revenue producing activities, civic mixers, holiday gatherings, cook outs, pool parties, and the list goes on and name it they happen every week in this business, sometimes every day! It's pretty much the sameo sameo but the individual/groups change and should they be shortchanged just because you have already done this for 685 other Airmen? NO! Each and every one deserves that same level of commitment from you and/or your work center/squadron/group. As we say, "it's the right thing to do"

Too many blow it off, too many punch at 5ish and never return until duty the next morning or take off on Friday afternoon and totally ignore their blue suit until Monday a.m. again. That's just not the way to go about living this life IMO. Because it IS a lifestyle and if you or someone you love is choosing to do this you need to embrace that to make it the most it can be. And if you can't/don't perhaps you need to reconsider your career choice, just sayin'...

So in a nutshell that is my thoughts on mandatory fun. This weekend we have three events that fall into this category. One last night (OKTOBERFEST), one tonight (Wine&Dine) and one tomorrow night (Civic Leaders Mixer). Let the socializing begin :)

Wine & Dine Event

 Our wonderful table mates for the evening!
KFay and Col F - V's

Mrs & Chappy along with CV, sorry JV I cut you out of the pic! :(

MiB and I

What a fun evening! The shrimp kabobs were really tasty and so was the strawberries w/pound cake! The club did good on this one! 


Frizzy said...

I miss the mandatory fun. Esp the fundraisers where we get to watch our hubbies have pie smeared in their faces. Always a good time! LOL Gotta have a little fun now and then right!?


Pattie said...

So glad to "meet" another USAF wife :)

Leslie said...

Cool! A Military 31 day poster! :o)