Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Hmmm, I've been pretty quiet lately. No real reason other then life and living it. I find that the holiday season starts earlier and earlier every year and this year is looking like no exception. I am quickly penciling things in my December calendar and even November is pretty taken up. I am also making sure I am keeping some down time I think last year I neglected to do that and this year I plan to schedule it!

We finally have been able to enjoy some cooler weather, it actually feels pretty nice most afternoons but the mornings are a bit nippy, I like it, sort of! I am not so big a fan of the the cold but I do enjoy the cool. The evenings have been so nice, we have really enjoyed that! I love sweatshirt weather as I like to call it! It's definitely got that crisp feel to it!

  • Thanksgiving - one week away!
  • Ready for some pumpkin pie for sure
  • Ham will be the meat of choice we don't do gobblers!
Hope you're having a great week and keeping it real in your world!

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