Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Summary...

I don't know about you, but I have been having mucho difficulty getting "in" to post, on some occasions I have not even been able to view my page. Not sure what is up, but I don't think it is just me because I also tried to read other pages and had trouble as well, I even tried on our desktop and MiBs laptop no go. So anyway, I am in now and going to try to get a post posted :)

It's been a great week in our world, lots going on and it's all been good! PTL! We finally have all the changes done on "the street" and we are gearing up to WOW some higher ups with our exceptional Airmen here; blow them out of the water with a launch experience and then show them how we do all other facets of our mission right! It's going to be long days, longer nights but a rewarding end when it's over...

In other news of note, I have been cleared to enter the "I Dream of Jeanie" building! :) Not sure of the date and of course I doubt I will have pictures since it is a most secure facility but I will share when I do. I really do not know what they do in there, but I know it is very important, their motto is "In God we trust, all others we monitor!" I am honored they are going to arrange for me to enter :) Thanks LAO!

Highlights from the week:
  • MiB used the new surfboard!
  • LilBlue tried surfing...remains to be seen if she likes it!
  • Poolside was lovely this week
  • The "shirts" here are an AWESOME bunch
  • I got a haircut :)
  • Housing privatization is not as great as they try to make it sound :(
  • New SNCOs have big shoes to fill...
  • Brunch x2 with the "street ladies" was so much f u n!

I tried to upload some pics from this week to no avail...oh well! Life is good, God is great!


Frizzy said...

Pretty cool that you have security clearance like that! I'm impressed!

Mrs. Blue said...

LOL, I am really not that impressive and have NO clearance...they are just going to let me in for grins and sanitize any area I might get to go in :) I am still excited though!