Saturday, July 18, 2009

My little Surfer Boy...

SURF's UP dude...
The new board!

Putting the fins on!

Loading it on the car for the ride home in it's very own travel bag!

A week or so ago MiB was able to go surfing with a "new friend" who we will now call LAUNCH...mind you he has wanted to do this for years...well, he got up and rode a wave and now he has the bug and a board. So there are many surfing adventures ahead for him and his "new friend" :)
More surfing pictures to follow as I plan to go witness this new venture for myself in the very near future with camera in hand! In the meantime the surfboard is very nice looking and will even get to hang on the wall inside our home if he gets some nice looking hangers for it!


Frizzy said...

Hang ten for sure! How cool is that? When are you going to join him on the waves?

Susie said...

Dude...for sure:-)