Thursday, September 24, 2009


That is my personal ORI ending slogan, which is ORI backwards and I could not be more glad...while the ORI is a great thing, it's also a tiring thing and so, again, I am glad It's Really Over! If you keep the BIG picture in mind, ORIs are great, they are beneficial, they tell us what we are doing right and wrong, they show us where we get it and where we need to improve, they show where the process is working and were the process is broken...we had some broken processes, we aren't doing it all right and we need to improve, this is a truth for any organization if they take an in depth look at themselves,;so this should really be no huge surprise and it wasn't to those who look at things with open, honest eyes. However, the what happens next is the real cliffhanger. Will we continue to carry on or will we admit the errors of our way and make changes to "do it right"? Will we blow off what the Inspectors said we need to/should do or will we incorporate their findings into our new routines? Will we become even better or will we just continue to maintain? It's really up to the individual in many respects, but it is also up to our leadership, to continue to follow up on these "findings" and make sure we are all reading on the same sheet of music to move forward to being better! Only time will tell if we "do it right" for the future, but here's hoping we do!

Today the celebratory picnic is going on, then tomorrow is a reward day off, I hope everyone takes advantage of this and spends some time with their families, who probably feel somewhat neglected after the last several weeks of inspection madness. But it is now over, time to regroup and recharge and start on the next chapter of life here on the space coast. It's all good, we passed! We got the best score to date in our command, we are rockin'!

We are also trying to get another rocket in the air and at first the weather was not cooperative, now it's a fuel line leak, so here's looking to tomorrow for our next successful launch! The space business is definitely booming here!

So thoughts of this Thursday...
  • Days off are NEVER overrated.
  • My MiB is loving this surfing gig!
  • Cheesecake is a favorite of mine!
  • We are trying out a LifeGroup on Sunday...
  • I love to read and have been getting in some pages lately :)


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Susie said...

Cheesecake ROCKS:-)