Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday Thoughts...

Another week, another blog entry...maybe I should do more...maybe I should do less. There is so much more I could do...but so much less I get done...

Fall has officially arrived everywhere but here, we are still quite warm; however, they say we will be getting a cold front from the midwest soon. We'll see, but I am not thinking there will be any frost on the pumpkin, mold maybe but not frost!

Our traveling adventures will begin again now that cooler weather is around the corner. In fact, we start off with having company in a couple weeks and will do some local things in O and here around our area with them. Then MiB and I head to the Panama City area for a few days where I am just the tagalong but will enjoy the surroundings! After that we have a few days at home before we head out to California for two weeks. I am really excited to get to go back to Cali where we will spend a week exploring the southern part of the state before heading up to L.A. for our conference. I wanted to go across the border but there are restrictions on MiB preventing us from doing that so we will be skipping it this time. There will be plenty of other things to do so no worries!

This week has been busy, but good, with lots of sand between my toes time so life is good!

  • Pumpkins make me smile!
  • Pumpkin coffee is a great treat.
  • Pumpkin pie is a favorite of mine.
  • Pumpkins just scream F A L L in my book.
  • Pumpkins are orange (couldn't resist the obvious)

Until I write again...