Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ahhh Thursday!

Since it's Thursday, that means tomorrow is F R I D A Y :)

I mean who doesn't like the weekend, right? MiB has been gone this week to "the Hill" and returned today, yeah!!! It was a good visit from the emails I got and I am sure I will hear more about it when we get to sit down and have dinner or lunch or coffee on the beach together this weekend. However, I just returned home and found MiB laid out in the bed...not good, he is feeling crummy, he is nauseous, severely nauseous, along with a headache. He doesn't have a temp to the touch but he says he is having episodes of sweating, then feeling chilled. Lord, please don't let it be the flu, especially the pig kind...while I don't want him to be ill at all, I pray that it is just a gastrointestinal viral bug that bit him and nothing more and it will pass on by quickly, very quickly. In Jesus name, AMEN. And really, I do not think at all it is the swine flu, but everyone seems to think that is what someone has the minute they hear anyone is sick. His symptoms at this point would lead one to believe it is a classic stomach virus.

I have many thoughts swirling around in my head this afternoon...this morning I joined others from the community to pay respect to a fallen soldier from Satellite Beach. It was a humbling, sobering experience. We held out our flags as the breeze made them wave while the black hearse made it's way down South Patrick Drive. They were waving goodbye. While the southbound lanes were closed, northbound lane drivers immediately pulled over and came to a stop when they realized what was happening. Some drivers even exited their vehicles to stand in silence as the family cars along with the Patriot Guard made their way to the funeral home. There was a long procession of vehicles, it was painfully silent as the cars continued to file by.

This makes me sad, he was so young. He paid the ultimate sacrifice for his country. I am so proud to be an AMERICAN, I am proud to be a military wife. I think about the fact that this time last year my own MiB was serving in the same country that this young soldier died in. It seems to get more dangerous by the day, I am thankful, I am grateful for those who continue to fight to keep our country free and to help others seek freedom for their countries as well, we are a great nation and today many were reminded we are a nation at war, a war that is deadly, a war that is costly in human lives. I am sad that many people in our country do not seem to realize we are at war. We live our lives with such careless disregard to this fact, it is not like the other wars we have been in, it is a feeling I find hard to describe.

On a different note here are my Thursday thoughts:

  • Tomorrow is F R I D A Y :) TGIF

  • I ordered more blueberry coffee :0)

  • The youth group pumpkins arrive tonight :p

  • I like dried cranberries, walnuts and raisins!

  • There is a pink flamingo party this weekend!

Hope you have a fantabulous weekend! I plan to!


Susie said...

We are a patriotic family and we take every opportunity to pay tribute to those who help to keep us free. Since we aren't a military family, we don't get as many opportunities as you do. It must be sobering.

Mrs. Blue said...

Thank you Susie, our country needs us all to be patriotic :)