Thursday, October 15, 2009

YouWho it's Thursday!

In just under 48 hours the plane will touch down with our guests for a week, we are so excited to finally be having guests. I know, I know, it is HOT here in the summer and no one wanted to come, but the truth is there was a big blue/green/gray/brown/silver ocean to cool you; it was awesome to be at the ocean on those sweltering days. I know we will get some ocean time in next week as well!!

It's been steady this week, just enough things in the day to keep me out of the house for at least a few hours everyday, which made it somewhat challenging preparing for our visitors. But there are no worries, I have most of the cobweb downs and rearranged the dust so it is all good! We have a lot more room in this house and it is not uncommon for me to not even go upstairs for several days at a time. Really, before I went up to clean I cannot even remember the last time I went up there...hmmm, I bet it was when I ran up there to retrieve something off the printer; that is really all I go up there for! That's bad...I hope to start spending some more time up there as that is where I have located all my scrap booking supplies. Anyway, when I did go up there this week to spiff things up I was not thrilled to find several dead bugs...yeah, one dead wasp, two dead flies and several dead earwigs I think that is what they are called and one very alive silverfish, YUCK, I am not one who I would consider afraid of bugs but I still don't like them, especially in my house!

So on Saturday night we will be dining at Cheesecake Factory, yuuuuuummmmy! I cannot believe mySherry has never been. This I found unbelievable and made it my mission to be take her while she is here! Then on to our hotel for a relaxing/restful evening with some pool time I imagine and then Sunday, it is "SEAWORLD, here we come"!

Then we will head back to Cocoa Beach and spend the week beachin' it, shopping, long lunches out, late night conversations and games I am sure it will be mucho funo! Looking forward to it! I am sooooo excited! Of course, we will do some touristy things in the area as well but mainly just hang out and relax.

Thursday Thoughts!

  • I love my MIB
  • It's raining and I love it!
  • I miss my family most this time of year.
  • It's hard to be so far away from family...
  • I got a $2.49 pumpkin at Aldi this week!!

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Susie said...

Those are some great plans:-)