Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1st

I am in utter disbelief as November has somehow rolled into my world this year and I can't even begin to believe it's here, but the calender assures me it is. I think the weather has something to do with it. Last night we sat out under the night sky in 77o weather at "three doors down" and enjoyed the fire pit party. We spent the earlier part of the evening helping out down at the South Chapel Harvest Party. What a fun event, of course, seeing the adorable little ones as bees, pumpkins, Spiderman, Batman, Robin, "old married couple", Supergirl, pirates, clowns, was the best part of all, they were sooooo super cute. We enjoyed it, I think those in attendance did too since there was an abundance of free snow cones, popcorn, hot dogs, soda!

I feel like I have lost a few weeks so the quick rap is that we had a blast with our guests two weeks ago. We did long lunches, exteded beach walks, sightseeing, shopping, card playing nightly, ate lots of skittles and hot tamales, and enjoyed a lot of laughs, along with a girls morning of manis and pedis. It was a week that went by all too quickly. I miss them, I miss the closeness of family; being in NE spoiled me since it was just a short 4.5 hour drive, we are so much farther away and I feel the disconnect all too much. In fact I got an email from one of the second sisters this week and it was so sad that we have not chatted since summer. I know life is rolling along on their end just as it is on mine and our worlds have not intersected lately, it makes my heart heavy! I do try to keep up with "the littles" and I talked to them often at Gigi's and this week of course one just breathed into the phone (I was told she grinned while we were talking) and the other excitedly told me he was "tree now"! I miss them...I miss them all! I'm also all too aware that they are walking through some tough stuff as they try to tie up loose ends from Papa's passing, not an easy tasks...

Anyway onto this week, I had the opportunity to "ride along" with MIB to the panhandle this week and enjoy a few days away. What a great getaway!! I savored the few days away, just the two of us with very little commitments to see to, it was awesomeness at its best. I love getting these little taste of our retirement future!

Beach time is still high on our to do list and the agenda most days is head out after work, the weather has been so conducive for this, then home for a quick, light dinner, before a quiet evening and early to bed to do it all over again. Since MIB is in marathon training mode, runs take place in the early morning hours to beat the heat so our bedtime has moved up significantly, evening beach going helps us to wind down and call it an evening very easily. In fact, as soon as I get this post done we are heading out to enjoy the sand and surf today! So that's a wrap...and we are outta here :)

Until next time!


Frizzy said...

Sounds like you've been busy and having a wonderful time. I'm sorry you're feeling a bit homesick. That's one thing about the AF that's tough. Makes the times we're together so much more special tho. We miss our AF friends like crazy as well as the unexpected that it always had in store with each PCS season. Hang in there my friend. This too shall pass.

Susie said...

I am sorry to hear that you are homesick:-(