Thursday, December 3, 2009

DECEMBER...and already the 3rd!

Well, December is here, believe it or not...I enjoy the Christmas holidays, but seems like they have come quickly this year.

I do have all my shopping done with the exception of picking up a few more stocking stuffers, all gifts are wrapped minus one, which is waiting on some attention from MiB before proceeding and the house is decorated except the main tree which we will do the night lil'blue arrives so it's not an issue that the holidays are here, it's that Decmeber is here; it just seems like the year has gone by too quickly.

I am super excited for lil'blues arrival in just 16 more days-(not that I am counting or anything :), we will have her for 15 short days, so much to do, share, create in so little time...but we will be living each day to the fullest!

Thursday Thoughts!

  • Lots to do in so many areas
  • Being pulled in ALL directions
  • Everyone seems to want some of me
  • I feel a lil' teensy weensy bit OVERWHELMED
  • I'm so thankful we celebrate the true reason for the season


Susie said...

Gosh, I have like 3/4ths of my shopping left to do. My older daughter is coming home from Spain on the 13th so, I have to have it done by then. Wish me luck:-)

Frizzy said...

Take a deep breath! You've got the hard parts done already. LOL I wish I were as together as you.