Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

It's the day before the day...the day before the celebrated birth of our Savior...what a great thing happened by His birth, what a greater thing resulted for us in His death.

We went to two Christmas Eve services today. One was rockin' and enjoyable, but the second was traditional and more to my liking, but both proclaimed the good news and the fact that God keeps His promises. I loved all the music, the scriptures and the children dressed in their Christmas finery. We of course had our traditional Christmas Eve pizza and we went to the beach for a little bit. How could we not, it's 75o here, it's beautiful and unbelievable to me that it is December 24th. My friends and family back home are looking at ice and snow and much cooler temps then we are that's for sure!

The pies are baked, the noodles are drying and the sweet potatoes are candied, now all that is left is to fill the stockings then off to bed. I am ready, it's been somewhat of a tough week. The loss of a great friend and huge influence in my life has brought a bit of a heavy heart to me, but I know I can rejoice in the fact that we will see each other again. I find comfort in that and am so grateful for her Godly example to me, she was a true gem.

Merry Christmas! I hope the season has true meaning for you, that you take time to really savor the moments of family and friends no matter what your situation, it's not about the tinsel, the gifts or all that other stuff, it's about the day Christ was born, celebrate that and don't worry about the rest! Remember He is the real reason for the season!!

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Susie said...

I hope you have a very Merrry Christmas:-)