Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Thoughts!

Oh my, cooler weather has arrived and that is after we were on the beach in 88o weather yesterday. It's been rainy more then not this past week, it's like one day it's warmer then usual and sunny, then rain sets in for the day. Weirdness, maybe this is winter Florida style. It's the dampness I am not fond of and we have had plenty. But the warm days thrown in make it doable...especially since my NE friends have just had THREE snow days and it was -9 at 10 a.m. this morning, yeah, I am not complaining :)

Even lil'blue had a snow day yesterday.

It's already after 8 and it's been a week already, so I am thinking early to bed this evening. We had the honor of being able to attend the retirement ceremony of MiB's brother on Tuesday. Wow, ARMY STRONG, he's been all over the world, he knows five languages and went from green to gold and served our country proudly, he is now a retiree. Seems unbelievable! He's a great guy and was an asset to the USA, he will continue to serve but will no longer wear the rank of a major; he will be serving in one of the "stans". He will continue to make a difference, we are proud of him, thanks for your dedication and service MM!

  • I like lemon bars!
  • I really need to watch my eating better...
  • LilBlue will arrive in 10 days :) if you were counting.
  • Hmmm...retirement, maybe not as far off as I once thought!
  • I am thinking sand is not as bad as snow, but snow is prettier!


Susie said...

The snow is really pretty! The view in Wisconsin is like part of the decor in our rooms:-)

Frizzy said...

Missing all our military friends right now. Not long til your daughter comes home. I bet you can't wait!