Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Worries...

It is THE call you do not ever, never, ever want to get...

"Mom, I've been in accident"

The call came in late Sunday evening, I was dazed after receiving it, knowing I would not reach her til morning and praying for God's provision. She was wearing a seat belt, and not that it really matters but it was NOT her fault. Her airbags did deploy, she is burned as a result, she is battered, she is bruised, sore and out of sorts; she has whiplash, a mild concussion, facial lacerations, a huge swollen black eye but she is alive.

She is sick over her car! Her first "new to her car" that was bought with her in mind less then 30 days ago. It is totaled, it is scary to look at, it is fortunate that she came away with only the injuries that she did. We are praising God for her! Cars can be replaced, she however, absolutely cannot ever be replaced. PERIOD

There were three vehicles involved...all had to be taken from the scene by wrecker, LilBlue was the one transported to hospital via ambulance. No other injuries were reported. She was the farthest from the driver at fault...she had the worst injuries, her car sustained the worst damage. Tell me I am not praising God for her being alive? I am, she is so blessed to still be here with us.

I am taking it moment by moment as we start navigating through the insurance issues. I have taken several insurance phone calls, dealt with TriCare daily, made several doctors appointments, dealt with referrals, radiologist and countless others already and I will be for days, weeks and potentially months to come. They think my 19 y/o LilBlue is an adult...yeah, right, legally, age wise but seriously they want her to navigate this on her own...I don't think so, WE will be working this together so get used to it people, I AM the MOM, that trumps it all.


Susie said...

Anyone would need help navigating through such a hugh trama! I am glad to hear that her injuries were not more severe!

Frizzy and Bird said...

Praying for you and for your sweet daughter. SCARY!

Man in Blue (MiB) said...

You tell 'em Mrs Blue (mom)! Let know if they want real pain, to mess with 'lil Blue and I'll bring it to them. Glad to see you all tonight and missing you more. Keep her safe until i get home.