Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fun Friend Creations

I am soooooo in the presence of creativeness...yeah, I know, it IS incredible! I have such creative friends, what happened to me. Okay, I know I have my little bursts of creativity but they feel few and far between as these women I have been around lately well they are off the charts creative!!!

She makes these incredible book covers. Or she can do a pad holder...or whatever she has the whim to do she does...yeah, I know, exquisite! They are all so neat and so much neater in person, trust me! It's amazing, really, amazing! And she has them in all shapes and sizes, done in all sorts of ways, it's truly a sight to behold!

She also makes panels that will become bags or purses, yeah, I know, incredible!!!!

She also cross stitches, not just on that regular counted cloth, oh no, she goes to town on linen...I know, she is AMAZING! I mean I KNEW this, but when I look at her things I know it all over again!

 THIS is going to be n incredible Spring wall hanging! (RIGHT? I mean we set a deadline on this being finished, so by next spring this will be hanging in her home)
One of her many pieces of fall decor!

Another beautiful cross stitched work of art!
 Fabric that is just BEGGING to be worked with and turned into something extremely wonderful!

This has been such wonderful treat for me, it's been inspiring, I have been truly awed by the works. I am even thinking of trying my hand at quilting again. I think I am going to attempt a wool applique project (a kit, this time). I am excited, I hope I find something doable because I HAVE been inspired and I want to act on it!


Susie said...


Frizzy and Bird said...

Go for it! Now is the perfect time to get started. R u looking forward to Vegas soon?

Mrs. Blue said...

Oh yeah, VEGAS in just a few weeks!!! I am going to jump in to wool applique (via a kit)! Looking forward to it but not sure when I will find the time :)