Tuesday, September 7, 2010


11 March 1919-2 September 2010

MiBs grandmother passed away last week. The funeral services were today...MiB was unable to attend due to his year long tour in that undisclosed location in SW Asia.

The woman buried today was one who saw many things in her lifetime and she also witnessed lots of changes throughout the course of her life; she was a modest woman, simple in many ways. I remember her husband, MiBs grandfather passing away 24 years ago. It seems so long ago yet not really. Time is a strange thing like that.

I know she talked about not having a car, no TV, let alone not just a color TV, no TV at all. She had an old fashioned phone, the ringer kind when I first went to her house, they had cows and fresh milk. No air conditioning, no ice maker, no garbage disposal, no computer, this was just how she lived, it was not a problem in her life.

MiB has many childhood memories of visiting this Grandma at the farm when they would come back to visit. One such memory is that she didn't have indoor plumbing til the mid 80s, that she worked at the best restaurant in town and that they loved playing in the barn. He also remembers playing football in her front yard, trying to ride the mini bike and being caught by Uncle H and just overall exploring and getting into things they probably shouldn't!

Many of the grandchildren were there today it was a fun time to reconnect, it had been a while for most, it's too bad it takes a funeral to bring families together.

I have rambled, I am not sure this is really what this post should be, it's been a long busy week, I am sooooo weary. I am ready to be rested, I hope that physical rest comes soon for me. I hope those who are not sure of real rest and their eternal resting place settle that, the gospel was presented at the funeral today, I hope there were some seeds planted or watered.


Susie said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I hope after today, you can start healing.

Frizzy and Bird said...

I'm here if you need me. What a crazy few weeks for you. Sending you all love and prayers.