Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Positive and Productive...that's my main thoughts these days. Just keep it positive and be productive. Sometimes that is hard, REALLY hard. Press on...

Been an up and down week. Lots went on and is going on. I have met myself coming and going on the EastSide road. I know this drive often causes me to internally scream, especially if I am making it for the THIRD time in one day but other times it gives me a few quiet moments to reflect on where I've just been or where I'm going. I find myself in my car rather often as of late and as long as everyone drives the speed limit I am good!

I do get a bit out of sorts if I get behind someone going too slow! It's not easy knowing the speed limit if you don't make this drive very often but those of us who do know EXACTLY what the speed limit is and where it changes. It's also crucial to my timing to go the speed limit, it can make or break me. I hate getting on the main base too early and having to kill time, but I also don't do late! I know it's nuts but someone going 40 in the 50 then 25 in the 45 messes me up.

Anyway, today finds us attending yet another memorial...I tell you, I have attended way too many of those here. I find it depleting of my soul, I find I need to really take time to replenish myself after events such as these. I also find it really causes me to pause, to not take life for granted, I have been known to make more spontaneous decisions since we came here (I know most of you find THAT hard to believe, but it's true). I have been throwing caution to the wind, not often, but I have, I guess witnessing and being exposed to more death has made me loosen up a little. So there is positive from these events if you put the right perspective to it.

  • Thirsty Thursday tonight!
  • Weekend w/o many commitments :o)
  • New hair stylist may have been found...
Hope you day is positive and productive! 


Ioana-Carmen said...
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Frizzy said...

Sorry to hear things have been difficult. Loss is never easy especially when it hits close to home. Sending you love and positive thoughts and prayers.