Friday, January 1, 2010

How did THAT happen?

Oh me, oh my, here IT is, 2010. I am in awe, I mean I never really thought this year would come, it seemed soooooo far away not so long ago. Say even in 1980 something, I just thought, this was not a time I would ever see and well, here IT is and so am I. I am not sure what to think...

So HAPPY NEW YEAR, Happy twenty ten!

I hope it's a great year. I really don't have any "resolutions" to offer from my world. I would say I would like to continue to be happy and healthy, I have no real expectations for this new year, kind of depressing really, when I think about that. But as I am growing, uh, wiser (read that older), I am learning to sort of roll with it, well kind of. That is a huge change for the organizer, planner, somewhat of a control freak in me who is usually in a dither over the continual "holding pattern" we have lived in the past 23 years. Seems we continually deal with an upcoming move, tdy, deployment, etc, not really knowing from one year to the next where we will be, if we will be moving, facing a deployment, tdy or any other form of change in our life. However, I am not thinking about that right now, not that any of those things is an option, they certainly are, every single one of them. I am just choosing to not think of it so much right now. It is what it is. Denial maybe? Not sure!

We rang in the new year movie watching, after an evening of ice skating and dinner with "three doors down" We followed that by coming home to celebrate the arrival of 2010 with a flute of bubbly, laughter and toasts all around, a low key, in house evening that was enjoyable and not amongst the streets of possible DUI drivers! Today was sleeping in, another movie, a check of the waves, cinnamon rolls, quiche, fresh strawberries and just relaxing about the house. There is another movie on tap for this evening and some fajitas for dinner - with guac of course! It's been great having lil'blue here and I am keenly aware that her time with us is winding down. It's been fun, we have done lots of family stuff that we have missed out on these past few months, but there is no way to really catch up on the missed time together so we are trying to make the most of the moments we have with her now!

I recently read this quote and really liked it, so I am sharing it!

"Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future."
- Paul Boese



Susie said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT New Year's! That's awesome:-)

Frizzy said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to ring in the new year. I too am in a bit of shock over the year. Feels like just yesterday we were all in a panic over the possibility of the world ending in 2000. Where have the past 10 years gone? One things for sure, I can look around and see all the wonderful friends such as yourself we've made during those years. I feel blessed after doing that. Happy New Year!