Wednesday, January 6, 2010

She's gone...

A quick change in flights had lilblue leaving a day early...our girl is quickly preparing to start on another semester of school in MO. The weather in Omaha, her stopover for a few days, is not good today, so yesterday we switched her ticket to get her in before the bad weather hit. Now she has a few days in the big O before flying back to KC on Saturday and driving back up to school on Sunday to begin classes on Monday. The weather is suppose to be clear for the Saturday flight and on Sunday it is looking fine for her drive back to school as well, though I will still be praying until she is safely back at school!

It was delightful to have her around the house these past weeks, it just added something to everyday to have her bounding down the stairs each morning (well, okay, honestly, sometimes it was afternoon before she came down). Still, we will miss her smiling face, her laugh, her hugs.

Hmmmm, how many days til Spring finals??? Okay, let's not wish our time away. She is taking quite a load this semester to include calculus and discreet math, glad it is her and not me! I am not a math girl but that is not to say I can't do a mean to the penny balance on the checkbook :) I certainly can, thank you very much!

Upcoming in our world is the WDW marathon, updates to follow!

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Susie said...

I know exactly how you feel! It was awesome having my oldest here over Christmas.