Friday, January 29, 2010


I soooo forgot it was Thursday yesterday. Yeah, well, it's been a wee bit busy in my world. Took a trip "up north" (Florida panhandle) last week and internet capabilities were not readily available and the schedule was pretty full so I gave myself a pass...however, I had full intentions of getting one done for this week and lo and behold the day slipped away and I was not on the computer much at all; I turned in early and so totally missed my "Thursday Thoughts" posting moment.

Anyway, here we are, it's Friday...guests will be here for dinner this evening and we have a fancy-smancy function on Saturday night. This week has been meetings, lunches, dinners with friends from past assignments and fun stuff like that. I have also been catching up on some scrap booking. I am organizing the "undone" years and plan to tackle them in the near future. It's not unattainable so I plan to just jump in and do it!

There is change on the horizon and we are trying to map out how that will look, suffice to say we are in the know on our next assignment and the phrase I have been using is, "it's a he, not a we." For those of you that may not quite get it, that means MiB is going back to the BIG sandbox this summer for a 365. I know that is part of the life we lead so I am trying to figure out how that will look in my world. The challenge comes in due to the fact it will be a forced move from our home here since the house comes with this position and since MiB will no longer be in this position we must move. Since I must move do I want to stay here where I have been only a short time, do I want to move home, do I want to be a vagabond, do I want to live w/family, friends or what? I also do not have lilBlue to house or watch over so in a sense I have no ties to tend to and will have quite a lot of free time on my hands for the first time in, well, let's not go there, but lilBlue just turned 19, so you get the picture! Those are the big questions swirling around in my brain since last Thursday when official notification came down.

Onward to my thoughts, scattered as they may be:
  • WOW, moving again!
  • Life is ever changing!
  • I love the weather here...
  • We tried Indian food this weekend, yum!
  • I am definitely needing to get back in the gym
Just the facts...for those who are going to ask...he has to be in place in June, it is for one year, we will not be discussing exactly where he is, he is honored to go back and does not at all have any reservations about that! He is an Airman through and through and knows the job is anywhere, anytime and mission success, whatever it may be is paramount for the continued freedoms of peoples from all nations.

Have a great weekend! I think since there is rain in the forecast that will be non conducive to surfing we will be looking to take in some movies!

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Susie said...

Wow....moving again! You just got settled!