Friday, July 30, 2010


The family I married into is is always very much an adventure, especially when we are together, even more so when MiB is with us but tonight we had our own BIG adventure. It was definitely one of those M moments.

We had just had a SUPER fantabulous dinner at BJs where we happen to know the kitchen manager. We had stopped in downtown Norman for some OU garb and we were heading home for a quiet evening of some DVR watching. Did I mention I am getting spoiled by staying with people who have this DVR thing, it is pretty much the most awesome thing for TVs I have seen!

Anyway, let me tell you that before we headed down to Norman, which is, oh say, 21 miles away, that the low fuel light was on and the low fuel beep went off, but G assured us "we're fine". So after driving down to Norman, eating, driving around downtown Norman and then heading back to the house we....are you ready for this...out of fuel! Yes, us, a carload of 5 adults in 97 degree weather on a Friday night in heavy traffic on Sooner Rd at an intersection IN the turn lane ran completely out of gas. The truck died and we were going nowhere fast!


We were definitely causing a back up!

We turned on our hazard lights, started working three cell phones, calling Triple AAA, friends, family and pulling up the yellow pages looking for the closest gas station that sells diesel. Did I mention it's hot, we are backing up traffic, trying to stay good natured, joking and working through it when everything came together at once.

Calling Triple AAA

In a flash G spots a guy with a lawn mower on a trailer stopped at the light going east (we are heading north), and notices a yellow container, ah hah, diesel he runs over and asks could he borrow it, sure thing, he brings it over and at most it is a gallon and a half, still no start, so we return the container to the Good Samaritan, who refuses our offer of monetary compensation saying "help me if I need it or someone else in need" and we continue to try and start the truck, still no go, family help is still on the way, and Triple AAA has called back, but another try of the engine and it catches, roaring to life, we run the red light to do a U-turn and head back south to the closest station that sells diesel fuel. WHEW, what a interesting situation, less then probably 30 minutes or so, that went from bad to worse to A okay! The family motto of "adapt and overcome" definitely ruled, we came through it and have another memorable moment to recall and laugh at in future years (or hours, since we have been joking about it ever since)

Gas from the Good Samaritan

Gas from the pump

I think that G will be gassing up before it gets to 1/8 of a tank from now matter we love him!


SUZEL said...

OMG. I worry about that all the time~

Susie said...

Yikes!! No fun:-(

Man in Blue (MiB) said...

Everyone here got a kick out of the latest adventure. So Funny!!!!