Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Going South

We are heading out to TX soon as LilBlue is ready, I am hence the time to post...I am already ready, loaded the car and now waiting, waiting, waiting oh her to load up so we can mosey on down the road. We have about 6 hours in front of us.

We enjoyed an awesome dinner with friends last night, the plan was for Italian but the little place was closed for vacation so we opted for down the road a bit and ended up at Ted's. It was Mexican, which I rarely turn down!!! Plenty of food, good service and great conversation made for a nice dinner. It was good to do some more catching up and share some laughs, some never before stories were also out for those Imperial concerts!!! What a time.

Looking forward to our TX time and definitely know I am making some more time on my calendar to get back to OKC, this was a great time so I would love to come back and have more opportunities to see and spend time with those that are here.

I think one of the highlights was the dropping in on Ms D. she used to keep Lil Blue in the nursery and it was a delight and a joy to stop by to see her. Unbelievably she looks just the same and is as spry as ever, more talkative then I remember her and just doing wonderfully well!

Hopefully, getting on the road again soon!

I will desperately try to post some pics, I know I enjoy seeing those that others post so I will keep trying to do better at posting some of my own!


Frizzy and Bird said...

Hmmm an Italian restaurant closed for summer vaca? I've never heard of such a thing. LOL

Brings back memories of our time in Italy from the end of July through early September. Did you guys ever eat at the Beer Angel? Craving it right now. Yum!

Mrs. Blue said...

YES, yes, yes we ate there...and I would take anything from there right now!!!! I have to admit we have found some great places in the USA but nothing totally compares to being there and eating the food...ahhh, the memories!!!!