Monday, July 26, 2010

Blue Bell Creamery and the C-Clan!

Before you get too excited there were NO pictures allowed on the tour, and YES, you DO get FREE, yes, FREE ice cream at the end of the tour. On top of that you can buy cups of ice cream for only $1.00. YES, I admit I did have my sample, homegrown peach, and it was YUMMMMMMY, but I just had to try the triple caramel and it was yuuuuuuummy as well! And LilBlue shared her butter pecan with me and it was very, very yummmmmy, too! So if you are ever near one of the three Blue Bell creameries I highly recommend the tour for the free samples! And I know you are thrilled that there are some pictures from the meet up! So enjoy :)

It was so fun to meet up with the C-Clan. Even if the dad didn't make it and we were minus 2 of the youngsters we enjoyed seeing the ones who were there and the mom, who is in production on the latest, yet to be named C-Clan member! We do know it will be a boy though! And if you have lost count it will be youngster number 8...this is one amazing family and one super mom!

Super Mom with kids (-2)

The famous "buddies"

Mom of One and The Super Mom :)

So in case you were wondering Blue Bell is the 3rd largest ice cream vendor in the U.S....and homemade vanilla is their number 1 best seller followed by cookie dough. Neither are my favorites but they do make others that I like lots :)

What a fun day, it was awesome to see them and I am so thrilled they drove up to meet us! Our children were friends in OKC and we have kept in touch since!


Susie said...

That sounds like a perfect day:-)

Frizzy and Bird said...

It's always so much fun catching up with old friends and family. Looks like a great day.