Friday, July 23, 2010


WooHoo we are in TEXAS!!!

The drive down was w/o incident! Thank you God! Though traffic coming through Fort Worth was congested and s l o w so I was glad to get out of that and make it to our destination. Our former Italian Neighbors are wonderful host!!!! We have been living large and taking in life in the great state of TEXAS!

And best of all for those waiting on pics I did have my camera with me, I did use it and I do have wireless so you are getting pictures for this outing!!!!

However, honestly, Austin does not really have that true TX feel that I was thinking of and no one has said "howdy" or "ya'll" to me nor have I seen any longhorns...but that is not to say we have not seen things! We are in Round Rock and we HAVE indeed seen the "round rock" that the town is named after, pretty neat, the story behind it and all! We also got to get a feel for downtown Austin. Loved that I was not the driver for this adventure... We checked out a crepe place that was featured on a Bobby Flay Throw Down. I had a wonderful roasted vegetable crepe that had a feta buttermilk sauce, YUMMERS! It was really super good, though I have to admit somewhat pricey, for the portion, in my opinion; then we all shared a cinnamon sugar dessert crepe amongst us. Again, yuuuuumers! And oh by the way, the prices on their webpage are outdated just so you know!

Notice the current prices...not the same as on the website :(

After our crepe stop we went to drool at Whole Foods and have gelato!!! That used to be our almost nightly summer routine while we were in Italy. Lil Blue got limone and the other two had frutti de bosco, my favorite!!! I skipped out on gelato but did indulge in a cannoli from the bakery over afternoon coffee! Again YUM!

BTW: the 7#s I was in the process of getting rid of which I had been seeing some success at may now be in jeopardy...just so you know.

All right onward through our Austin daytrip... so we circled back around to see the little place owned by Sandra Bullock! A favorite actress of LilBlue and was a quaint little bakery, cafe, flower shop, antique shop combo that had neat old fashioned bathrooms.
It was worth the detour in my opinion :)

And finally before heading back to the 'burb of RR we got to see the state capitol.

Coolio, as this IS the birthplace of the one and only MIB! What a treat to get to be here, even though we wish MIB could have been here with us...we are still having a most splendid time.

Among other things LilBlue is loving the nightly swims in the backyard pool! Again, we are also eating very well, which is ALWAYS the case with our hostess :) She is such an awesome cook and just loves to feed others :)

Signing out from the Lone Star State for at least a few more days...

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Frizzy and Bird said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. How are you enjoying all the humidity? UGH! I don't miss humidity at all. Those gelato flavors from Italy however are terribly missed.