Saturday, August 21, 2010

For the birds!!!!

It has been a treat watching the hummingbird feeder as of late! It’s been so hot that it has made the feeder a very popular spot in the neighborhood! We have had as many as five trying to feed. They chase and play and dart this way and that they are so fun to watch. I was finally able to catch a few snap shots of them yesterday and this morning. I love to sit on the porch and just watch them, what utterly amazing little things they are!!!

Hope you are taking time to enjoy the beautiful things in your world! I think I am doing a better job at this with at this point in my world!

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Susie said...

It is funny you should write about this today. We just saw our first hummingbird out our kitchen window this morning. It was poking around a hanging pot of impatiens. Very cool:-)