Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Runners!!!

Okay, they are new running shoes, but let's face it since it has been so hot I have been doing more walking then running...nevertheless I needed some new shoes, so while I was in the big O I went to my favorite running store and procured a new pair! They are my favorite brand but this time since I am doing way less running I did not go with the wave creation I went with the wave rider. It will serve me just fine for the walking I am doing much more then running. I like the color this year as blue is one of my favs!

I did use them the past two days and they are not as cushoiny as my creations but they work good, I even ran a little in them, they work well for that too.

MiB also got new running shoes and I sent him some new inserts and while we are not running together, we really never have as he is on a whole different level then I, I always think about him while I am running or walking and pray for him, his day, his leadership, his Airmen, her everything. I also pray for my family, friends and all that is on my mind. I am most often a solo walker/runner and it provides me with a great opportunity to pray.

Enough from me, I'm rambling, just wanted to show off my new runners :)


Frizzy and Bird said...

Did you got to Vegas like you said? I thought you mentioned you would be going in Aug.

Susie said...

There is nothing better than a good pair of workout shoes:-)

Mrs. Blue said...

Vegas is mid October :) I am sure there will be some posts on that!!!